Thursday, July 23, 2009

Countdown To Disaster

Well Zelaya is intent on screwing this up. He didn´t wait or even ponder the last offer because it conditioned his return with immediate revocation of the deal if he even mumbled the word constitutional assembly and because it conditioned it with allowing a reconciliatory government which meant that his goons wouldn´t be part of it...and didn´t include amnesty for his goons...also it only conditioned his amnesty for political errors and not criminal only delayed criminal acts for the reamainder of time in office and subjected him to a comission of international people to oversight the situation for the remainder of his time in office...he refused obviously because he had already declared in Brazil that upon arrival he would declare a constitutional assembly and abolish the constitution and that was hours after Arias had offered the first deal...thus Arias´second offer which was conditioned much more strongly to assure he wouldn´t abuse his power. Had he not meant to destroy the constitution then he would not have declared the talks a failure and refused to accept the second deal ...he would have done anything for peace and to return to finish out his term..but that wasn´t his plan.
So we will see what happens within hours...I cannot believe he has called his wife and children into the line of fire...either he will be arrested, will run back to Nicaragua, or he will be killed...with any of the situations I don´t see the outcome as good and there will be blood I am pretty sure..and that makes me more sad than anything that a person who claims to love the poor would put them in such danger for his own ego trip.