Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deal by Arias rejected

The deal was rejected not because they do not want to negotiate but the Supreme Court issued an order that there will be no amnesty offered against Zelaya or any other members of his cabinet that are wanted for theft, abuse of power,ect.

I have taken my son out of the public school he was in after a confrontation yesterday with my son´s director. They wanted to force my son to march and was teaching him that communism is good and that he had to disobey his parents if they tell him different and that he had to fight in an insurrection to insist on the return of Zelaya even if it meant blood shed. I was outraged...instead of teaching school this is what they do with a thirteen year old child? Thank goodness he called me...and they jumped on him calling him ignorant and a sell out for telling me what was going on. I nearly punched the teacher right there and the director..I will be making a complaint with Human Rights against them.

Picture of Tegus march July 22,2009