Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chavez planning on causing civil war via assasination of Zelaya

Watch out folks...Chavez wants control of Central America...he is in fact salivating over it. He needs us for his drug trafficking and to gain control of the region means he is closer to his goal of implementing his plan of a communist united Latin America and attacking the US his vision and dream is to control America and get rid of democracy.
He is planning to use rebels to sneak Zelaya into a very rugged and dangerous area of Honduras known as the Mosquitia...he wants to provoke a confrontation and his own people are ordered to kill Zelaya so that it will appear soldiers or someone else did it and cause a civil uprising in Honduras amongst Zelaya supporters. FMLN is the infiltration group that Chavez is using. We need to get these folks out of here as they are determined to cause a marxist revolution and give the reigns to Chavez and basically no one can stop him except the US or Hondurans by absolutely refusing to go to civil war...he forgot we were peaceful...he isn´t a very good student of Honduran culture.
However, he might get his way because we won´t sit by and not defend ourselves either...but I just don´t see us killing each other it isn´t the Honduran culture or soul to do such a thing and we are so far from being marxist communists that we would fall off the right side of the map if the comparison was the center and marxism.
We can rise above this and defeat him by refusing to fight one another...whatever the cost...and take up arms against him in a war of words and circumventing his plans...I call on the rebels to not kill Zelaya but turn him over to authorities...don´t sell your country out to Chavez it isn´t worth the little money he paid you. Gang were dealt with once before under Maduro and we will deal with you again if you try to take this country down the river of civil war.
It isn´t hard to make it open season on MS 13 and 18 gang members...people out there are itching to cleanse our society of your riff raff and mark my words we will if it comes to defending the sovereignty of cool your heels and think about what you are doing.
Chavez, keep your fn hands off Honduras it isn´t your country...mind your own damn business and worry about the poor workers in the maquilas in your country earning just $200 a month...less than what Hondurans make. It seems anyway that you have your hands full with that little uprising in Venezuela of the protestors who have taken notes from Honduras...hopefully more get the courage...and hopefully the UN gets wise and plucks you before you bloom.

Are You Ready to Die Hondurans?

To my English speaking followers I am sorry that this is in Spanish as my intention is to reach as many Spanish speaking Hondurans as I can with the message especially those who think that what Zelaya said from Guatamala is a good thing. I will provide an English version for you to read tomorrow. It is asking them if they are really ready to kill each other and what is the cost. It reminds them that the same FMLN that was involved in the brutal civil war in El Salvador is trying to instigate a civil war here along with Chavez and Zelaya. It really isn´t worth it.

¿Están en verdad dispuestos a matarse entre hondureños?

Que triste hasta donde hemos llegado. No puedo creer que en verdad un líder que juramenta a proteger su país lo trate de llevar a una guerra civil. Nos llama a la insurrección. Después gente como buen soldados solo gritan insurrección sin pensar en las consecuencias de una insurrección por un líder que solo le faltan 137 días de la presidencia.
Uds. Mis queridos hondureños en verdad quieren velar sus abuelos, madres, hijos, hermanos, padres, primos, esposos, y al cambio de ¿que?
Están de acuerdo a morirse y matar sus hijos a cambio de que regresa un ladrón a la presidencia. Hablemos claro porque es muy sabido que es raro y contado el político honesto en Honduras. Solo el pueblo puede cambiar su destino o llevarlo al ruin.
Durante más de una década El Salvador sufrió de una guerra civil inimaginable. El mismo grupo FMLN estaba invulcrado en eso. Las escuelas estaban cerradas, gente muerto en todos lados o perdidos y no resolvió absolutamente nada. El Salvador llego a exactamente donde estaban antes de comenzó la guerra y les toco a llorar sus muertos y siempre negociar la paz. Sería mejor mis queridos hermanos que pensamos eso bien porque cuando la gente se mueran no se pueden revivir y no se puede quitar el dolor ni los daños que causa una guerra a nuestros hijos. Nunca se sanan las heridas. No se deje llevar por locuras o llamadas a insurrección en contra de sus vecinos, hermanos, y familia. Somos todos Hondureños y eso nunca debe de suceder.
Aquí hay fotos de la guerra civil en El Salvador para que lo piensen bien antes de actuar o permitir que otros actúen. Piensan si eso es lo que quieran por sus hijos. Piénsalo bien porque después no hay marcha atrás. No vale la pena no escucha a llamados de gente que no saben el dolor que los espera. Cien mil muertos en El Salvador…no vale la pena te prometo. Solo justicia, paz, dialogo son las cosas que funcionan. La guerra solo trae dolor y no resuelva nada.