Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chavez finally admits that there was a plan for dictatorship in Honduras

Incredible...finally they confess.  

He says if the changes are not peaceful then they will be by a violent path.  This is a fight amongst the classes, the rich against the poor, he said on an official television station in Venezuela.

As he finally admits his meddling could include interventionism in Honduras with a violent means....the rest of the world slowly comes to Hondurans side.

Chavez said that not only does he want the exit of Micheletti from power, he also refuse to accept that elections be held in November and refuses to recognize a democratically elected government on the 29th of November in Honduras.

While he was acting like a horse´s butt by admitting he wants a dictatorship in Honduras at any cost...Panama said that mediation is the best course of action in Honduras.  

Jim DeMint and a few others in US Congress have sent a letter to Obama urging him to define his position in Honduras and support the impeachment of Zelaya.

Taiwan has also offered their support and recognition of the new president as has Israel.

This thug that complains about US intevention is creating enough chaos that I hope Obama is paying close attention and redefines his position concidering that Chavez admitted he wants to install his form of government in Honduras at all costs even if he has to murder to get his way.


We just voluntarily removed ourselves from the OAS...YES!!!! It was about time someone kicked the communist fruit cakes a reality check.