Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Attorney General releases Names

The information was given by the Attorney General of the Republic, Luis Alberto Rubí.

The Attorney General, Luis Alberto Rubí provided information that the suspected functionaries for corruption in Hondutel are Marcelo Chimiri, Oscar Danilo Santos, Jorge Rosa, Jacobo Lagos, and Daniel Flores.

They are responsible for the crimes of corruption, fraud, abuse of authority, this has been completely documented by the Attorney General and presented to the tribunals of the Republic for a warrant against these people, said Rubí.

He added that the General Procurer of the Republic will appear tomorrow about these same people and these same crimes to write the warrant.

The Department of Justice of the United States accepted to turn over to the Attorney General of Honduras information about the millionaire payoff that was paid by LatiNode to ex functionaries of Hondutel.

The international carrier declared that it paid $1.09 million in bribes, about 20 million lempiras, to gain contracts of interconnection and to lower taxes, according to the sentence given by the Department of Justice revealed the past 9th of April. The sentence of the court of Florida showed that the functionaries identified as A,B,and C received bribes.


It was about time someone did something about this...since Chimiri was family to the ex first lady Xiomara, wife of Mel Zelaya nothing was done about this bribe taking.

Uno America recognizes Micheletti as Honduran President

Uno America condemned the uneccesary intervention of Chavez in Honduras and rejected his threat to send Venezuelan troops to the country.

The Union of Democratic Organizations of America, UnoAmerica, said today in a communication that it recognizes the new government of Honduras, presided over by Roberto Micheletti.

According to UnoAmerica, In Honduras there has not been a coup, it is a constitutional succession, perfectly legitimate, after the intent of the ex President Manuel Zelaya to violate the Carta Magna and continue in power, following in form of rule of Hugo Chavez.

UnoAmerica congradulated the Honduran public, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Congress, and the other institutions for defending the constitutional order without firing a single shot.  It insisted that democratic governments of the world should immediately recognize the President Micheletti, so that they can guarantee the stability and peace of this  Central American nation.

It is wrong for Chavez to call Hondurans gorillas and other names while in the same time he threatens with military invasion, affirmed the communication.  There is not a worse gorilla in all of  Latin America than Chavez.  A  man who started his political career by coups provoking many deaths and injuries.

He is closely related to the Narcoticsterrorism of Columbia, FARC, and the government of Ahmadinejad.  He finances the dictatorship of Cuba.  He stepped permenantly on the constitution and continues to hold hostage his public powers.  He committed electoral fraud.  He strikes out against peaceful demonstrators and he has cut of media communcation.  He hates the Catholic church.  That is your gorilla for you.

In excange they added the Armed forces of Honduras has limited itself to obeying a judicial mandate, one that requires tehm to reestablish constitutional order, they demonstrated their obedience to civil power.

UnoAmerica finalized their communication asking Hondurans to resist external pressure and to maintain firm in their defense of the Democratic institution and their protection of the Constitution.  To measure teh days that go past, the civilized world will understand.  After all of this the Honduran public powers have pronounced unanimously against the pretentions of Zelaya. This is an internal matter.


83% Support Removal of Zelaya

The international polls taken by Univision one of the most important Spanish language stations in the United States about the judicial decisions that removed ex president Zelaya.

The television station Univision in their internet portal asked to those pollsters that voted if they are in agreement to the decision made byu the Supreme Court of Justice in Honduras to order the removal of ex President Manuel Zelaya.

The first results reveal that 83% of the voters in the poll of Univision are in favor of the decision made by the CSJ while only 17% say that they are against the decision that removed Manuel Zelaya.

The question was as follows, was it correct what the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras did to order the removal of the President Manuel Zelaya? 



World Are You Paying Attention

Giant March in Tegucigalpa

While Zelaya looks for the backing of the world in a discourse of the Assembly of the UN in Honduras and the posters asked for peace, democracy, and no interference of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in the country shown in the televisions in International and National sources.

Multitudinaria marcha en Tegucigalpa

Mientras Zelaya busca el respaldo del mundo en un discurso de la Asamblea de la ONU, en Honduras las pancartas pidiendo paz, democracia y la no injerencia de Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba en el país se muestran en las televisoras nacionales e internacionales.

Thousands of Hondurans are found in the downtown of the capital demanding international respect for the government of Roberto Micheletti and that they accept the expulsion of Manuel Zelaya because of his disrespect for the constitution.

They also ask the International station CNN to explain that Honduras has not had a coup but a separation of Zelaya for irregularities that were committed by wanting to stay in power with illegal reforms to the Constitution of the Republic.

In other parts of the country groups confronted moved by professional aggitators that had came from Venezuela and Nicaragua and has closed the steets and made attempts against reporters.

Apart from this report from Laprensa.hn I want to report that today in the Peace and Reconciliation march bands of foreign guerillas and gang members like MS 13 showed up and threatened businesses that they were going to kill employees like the business El Gallo Mas Gallo a furniture company.  Also, they shot and protestors in favor of the expulsion of Mel with guns and threw rocks, sticks and tried to bring chaos to people who were gathered in a peaceful demonstration and were praying at the time.

Promoters of the 4th Ballot Box face Judge

Today the Fiscal department will make publicly know their official position over the acts that occurred on Sunday in the country and will give more details over the legal process that is to ensue.

The presentation of various arrest warrants by law enforcement before the tribunal of justice announced yesterday to the Attorney General against the people who were promoting the project of the Executive to realize the inquest and get rid of the Constitution, as established in un decree by the executive published in the Gazette on 25th of June.

The authorities of the Attorney General remitted today their official position on the acts on the past Sunday and offered details about the legal process that will occur for this case.

The privacy with which the Attorney General is conducting the case related to the inquest makes it hard to know the names of the people in the order and other possibilities.

In the last days the judges have found evidence to sustain the process where it is established that the Public Ministry (Attorney General) initiated the investigations since the 23rd of March, when the executive  submitted decree PCM-05-2009, that would start the consult of the 4th ballot box.

In this opportunity the judges  reviewed their attribution to  hold respect and compliance to the constitution and its laws.

The previous generations the capacity and legitimation to execute necessary actuions, whether  legal, civil, or administrative.

In the Attorney General the repeated that their firm determination of executing all actions and  legal recourse derived from the Constitution.

In this process the demander first placed a demand of nulity against the inquest and now the penal actions continue.  Investigated is the crimes against the form of government, abuse of power, disobedience, and misuse of authorities(theft).

Since Sunday it was argued that the detention of Manuel Zelaya was in conformance with a judicial order to detain the leader by order of the Judge of Concious Administrative Order that ordered to suspend the inquest on the last Sunday of June.

To respect the  judges the MP detained Zelaya and all the ministers that had complied with Zelaya in an accusation that was placed with investigaters for  the omission of the judicial resolution.

The legal assesor of the MP, Rigoberto Espinal Irias, has in his personal possession the first criminal acts that were placed against Manuel Zelaya. 

The Direction of the fight against Narcotic trafficking, DLCN, Julian Aristides Gonzalez,said that the fight against narcotics activity has been reduced since the removal of the president.  In the last days no narcotics planes have been registered in national territory .


Zelaya Planned on Disolving Legislative Branch


The Commission informed that it discovered that on Sunday at midday Zelaya was going to create a coup against the Legislative Branch

The information of the Special Commission named to investigate the irregular actions of Manuel Zelaya Rosales discovered other plans that the ex leader held in secret in order to execute after the vote and for months had been planning for Sunday the 28th.

However the information of the commission did not reveal details, the congress found in sessions about Zelaya´s plans on the disolusion of the National Congress at midday on Sunday, after he learned the first results of the frustrated vote on opinion.

The information of the Special Commission also was astute and conducted a seperation of the leader of his Executive power on Sunday the day he had most waited for.

Manuel Zelaya Rosales, Liberal Preident assumed power on the 27th of January 2006, he passed in history as the first president to be impeached by Constitutional rules in force since 1981.

Zelaya Rosales was temporarily substituted by Roberto Micheletti Baín, who until Sunday was the President of Congress, a Liberal Congressman for close to 30 years and a writer of the actual Constitution.

The Constitutional act is registered inact 30-2009 of the day 28th of June, 2009 with a vote of 122 Congress members.  62 Liberal, 55 National, 3 Christian Democracy, and 2 of the Party of Inovation and Unity (PINU).

In the legislative session was not present the 5 congress members of the leftist party Democratic Unification, UD, nor the ex parliment demochristian Marleny Paz, who in the past months had united with the president.  In the Congress there are 128 Congress members.

The impeachment of Zelaya was produced in an ordinary session of Congress that was convened to inform the special investigation about the conduct of the state powers and the order from the court to suspend all advertisment of the poll vote that was going to occur on Sunday, and with relation to the 4th ballot box a box of continous power.

When Mel Zelaya tried to start the actual activity at 6 am he was arrested in his home by elements of the Police and the Army, with the intent of abandoning the country with a destination of Costa Rica according to official reports.

In the information of the Special commission of Congress a list is shown of the illegal acts committed by Zelaya Rosales, that are considered impeachable offenses.

The special commission determined that Zelaya executed unfortunate actions in defiance of constituted authorities and his incompliance of his constitutional requirements and laws which in one way or another are part of the normal development of activity in national life.

The investigative congress had access to information like the failure to sanction 96 decrees and laws remitted by Congress in compliance with the sanction process of law.

The failure to remit the the proposals of the budget according to constitutional mandate should be presented to Congress no later than the 15 th of September of the former year.

Another irregular act was spelled out in dictated sentences by the Judge of the Administration and ratified by the court of Appeals, references to the illegality of the process of a consult over a 4th ballot box and the acts realted to the inquest.