Sunday, June 28, 2009

As reported in La Prensa.

The president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya said on Sunday that his detention by a group of soldiers was a coup and a kidnapping.

But the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras affirmed that the Armed Forces acted in defense of the Constitution by removing him.

Zelaya is in Costa Rica and affirmed that he will not recognize any intention to name someone in his place.

An upsurping government cannot be recognized by absolutely nobody.  If this government stays they will be alone, he said.

They know they are harming the country and they are sending Honduras backwards and they are spending the future of thier children.  They are creating a monster that no one can detain and that monster is violence.

Zelaya added that he will meet with diplomats and emphasized that he wants to complete his period of presidency all the way to the end, in January 2010, because of this he called for negotiations.

In the revealed communication en radio and television networks, the Supreme Court left the record that the actions that occurred today are based on a judicial order emitted by a competent judge, its execution is marked inside of the understood laws and should develop in revealing everything that goes against it and return the control of law to the state of Honduras.

Saul Escobar, president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal read a communication that ratified that on the 29th of November there will be elections in compliance with the constitution.

The leader was detained by soldiers early Sunday, hours before the inquest was to begin with the public  about a possible constitutional reform.  a media of which the majority of governmental departments were against.

The consult was completed in a few areas of the country.

Planes and military helicopters were flying over TEguicigalpa, while the capital and its principal cities of the country were in the dark.

The problem that was left also was the most part of news stations also are out.  Similar problems were presented with cell phones (I didn´t have any trouble making calls), maybe by exaggerated use by clients.  

Zelaya had removed the highest military chief, general Romeo Vasquez, for refusing to cooperate with the consult to reform the constitution.  He accepted the resignation of the Defense minister Edmundo Orellana but the Supreme Court and congress reinstated the official.

The consult is prohibited by the Constitution of 1982.  The constitution establishes this as a felony of treason, with penalties of 15 to 20 years in prison for those who violate this.

The military governed 18 years in Honduras, between 1956 and 1982 after removing three democratically elected presidents.

Liberal Campaign Director Asks people to Abstain from 4th Urn vote

The leader of the Commission of the Campaign of the Central Executive Campaign of the Governing Liberal Party Marlon LAra has asked that Hondurans do not participate in the illegal activities tomorrow, Sunday that are instituted by the President Mel Zelaya, with the objection of promoting a constitutional reform and said that it is a trick to continue in power.

Lara assured in his declarations on a local radio that behind all of this is the breath of continuism of Zelaya.

Lara declared that the official position of the Liberal Party on the consult is that they call to Hondurans, liberals, to stay calm in their homes and therefore not give any credence to an illegal act.

In this process there is no transparency of any kind and there is no legal status.  The consult has no type of institutional control and is being directed only by the executive.

He also reminded that ordinary justice, electoral, and the parliment and other organs of the State have declared this consult that is being promoted by Zelaya as illegal.

The liberal party leader said that in all cases those who are against Zelaya it will do not good to vote no because for every no vote they are going to write in 1,000 that say yes.