Friday, June 26, 2009

Massacre in Zelaya´s ranch 34 years ago

Still no justice.  This is an example of the way some get away with murder and then become president.

The 25th of June father Bentancourt and Ruth Garcia traveled from Tegucigalpa to Catacamas, Olancho.  They were traveling to meet the mother of the priest that had traveled from Columbia to visit him.  She was traveling with her future daughter in law Maria Elena Bolivar.  

It was still daytime and to get to Lepaguare the priest wanted to buy gasoline but they did not want to sell him any.  Ramon Enrique Diaz who worked for Jose Manuel Zelaya yelled that the father Ivan was there.

The priest tried to flee on the path to Tegucigalpa, but soldiers followed after him trying to shoot out his tires.  A few kilometers later they stopped in Limones.  They were detained and tied up by the soldiers.  They took them to the ranch known as the Horcones.  That from the day before was occupied by soldiers with the permission of Mel Zelaya.  

According to information from the government to go to Horcones the Major Chinchilla ordered three elements of DIN to interrogate the six detainees that were taken to Juticalpa and after were murdered with a .22 rifle that was provided by Mel Zelaya.  The interrogation for the DIN meant to apply all torture from punches to kicks to electric shock, the scarf, pull nails, and other cruel practices.  

Meanwhile the Father Ivan Bentancourt was also submitted and interrogated and gave declarations of subverse activities that were being done in company of other religious leaders that had to do with a recording.

After the interrogation of Father Ivan Bentancourt also was dead.  The second act and to avoid witnesses of the acts the proceeded to assasinate  Ruth and Maria Elena and this is given according to text provided by the  Armed Forces the 23 of July 1975.
The bodies were taken in Mel Zelaya´s car to a plot of land about a kilometer from the house.  There was a well that was about 40 metres deep, similar to a ten story building and that is where they threw the bodies. The sub Lutenient Plata placed two charges of 10 and 17 candles of dinamite and they still did not seal the well and they finished filling with dirt scooped and loaded with tractors.

In the following days Mel Zelaya and Chincilla informed that the priest was in Patuca with a guerilla group and the Prensa came forward with front headlines calling them liars.

The first bodies were discovered on the 17 of July.  

It was 11:30 the night of the 25th of June and the acts of terror still were not finished.  In prison was a man who stopped in front of the bathroom where they had 15 detainees.  He pulled out a list and said for those called to come forward.  

Father Casmiro Cypher, Juan Benito Montoya, Roque Andrade, Osear Ortiz, Lincoln Coleman and Bernardo Rivera.  

And the others a voice asked.  I will get them at 3 in the morning.  

The person in charge of the prisonint his moment Cabo Efrain Clot her Montes, turned them over by order of the Prison guard Sargeant David Artica Tablada.

The agent of DIN Enrique Brazo took the six prisoners to the leaders, tied up and in  their interior clothing in  Artica´s car.

That is how a convoy was organized by order of the Major Jose Enrique Chinchilla in direction of Valle de Lepaguare where they arrived at 1:30 am approximately.  The convoy detained in the point of access to the valley because a part of the road had been damaged.  In the bridge the detainees were removed from the vehicle  where others were waiting for them on the other side. The others were made up of Jose Manuel Zelaya and Carlos Bahr  and they went in direction of the ranch.  All of this is according to the Armed Forces given a month later.

Meanwhile, from 11 that night on radio Juticalpa the news was given that six men had escaped from prison, they gave teh names and aksed for people to advise them if they found them.  This same communication was repeated on the 26th of June.

Mel Zelaya, Carlos Barh, Chinchilla, and Plata were signaled by the investigation commission of the Armed Forces as those who were responsible for everything.  They were arrested in the Central Penitenciary from the 16th of June 1979.

They were condemned to 20 years in prison for homocide, but they were only in prison a little more than one year because the 3rd of September 1980 they were favored for a decree of anmesty of the Constitutional  National Assembly and they were freed on the 11th of September.  This was one of the gifts of the return of democracy with the elections of April 1980, as it should be, but not for homocide, which implicates the tribunal of twisting justice.

The Liberal president Roberto Suazo Cordova, first civil president after the 19 years of military governments named agre fado military of Honduras befor ethe public of Panama as the major Jose Enrique Chinchilla .  In this manner, the three powers of the Judicial state,  Legislative state, and the Executive branch demonstrated their service to the powerful and stain the memories of the martyrs of the people.

They also did not act against the members of the National Federation of Agricultors and Ranchers of Honduras or members of the private businesses that were implicated by the Armed Forces.  They accused directly Fernando Lardizabal and Bernardo Casanova president of FENAGH.  Everyone of them continue to be considered honorable including Lardizabal  who was even a pre candidate for the presidency of the Republic on behalf of the Nationalist party.

OEA needs to butt out

OEA and Chavez and Nicaragua need to mind their own business.  This is our affair.  Leave us be because you will certainly have your hands full with a very angry, untamable public.

Unlike Venezuelans we aren´t fools and we refuse to be puppets of anyone.

Demonstration in Soldier Park in Tegucigalpa

Thousands are gathered in front of the National Congress at this moment demanding answers from Congress and demanding the impeachment of Manuel Zelaya. Liberal Party leaders are calling for his removal and have said he is no longer part of their party and that they have abandoned him. Things are really heating up as the people demand that he pay attention that they are the people of Honduras and that they do not want him in office any more.
The five star general of the FFAA says that they are more ready than ever to defend the constitution.
People are yelling ´Get out´ Get out Mel, Get out´
We shall see what the next 24 hours brings us.

Turmoil in Honduras

Right now there is tension in the air.  People are in a frenzy worried about what is going to happen in the showdown between President Zelaya and the National Congress.  There is a distinct likelyhood that Zelaya will be impeached for violating the constitution and a direct order from not only Congress but the Supreme Court of Justice.  

He is using a lot of propaganda and calling foreign countries for assistence.  This is an internal situation and the other foreign countries including Chavez and the US should STAY OUT OF IT.

The situation is an impeachment much like occurred in the US against Clinton, except this impeachment isn´t over a lie or an affair...this is much more serious it is abuse of power, betrayal of his oath to the constitution, ect.  The process is going through Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice, just like occurs in the United States.  There is nothing illegitimate about the process.  Zelaya is very unpopular.  If you want to see just how unpopular he is there were 100,000 who marched against him in San Pedro Sula just a few days ago...he only could muster some 2,000 to his side and he had to pay them to show up.  

His mistress who acts as his assistant Patricia Rodas went to Venezuela to say that they were going to squash anyone who opposes them and that they were going to continue in power no matter what anyone said or wanted.  WHAT? Is she fooling herself? I hope to laugh at her behind bars.  What kind of democratic person threatens to squash anyone who opposes them?

The idea of Democracy is that the Congress represents the people and the President represents the people.  The president is NOT above the LAW...the law and the Constitution are the supreme law of the land and he nor anyone is above that.  The president cannot give orders in violation of that law his orders have to work within the law...

Think about what you are doing to this wonderful country Zelaya!  Honduras has enjoyed many years of peace.  Even when Nicaragua and El Salvador were imploding Honduras maintained peace.  The people here do not want war, but we will not be intimidated either...especially by the likes of some madman like Chavez.