Friday, June 05, 2009

When Do The Aftershocks Stop?

The amount of aftershocks has created panic in the communities of Honduras. We have had over 60 aftershocks that were concidered replicas of intensity sufficient to be concidered earthquakes and over 150 shocks of low intensity. Some of those shocks reached 6 on the reichter. However, the latest was of 3.7 in La Ceiba and another yesterday of 4.3 so hopefully they will reduce in intensity and eventually disappear.

Corruption Court Investigating President Mel Zelaya

The president has acted as if he is in control of Honduras without concideration of the courts, the law, or Congress. He forgets that this country is a country controlled by a constitution. The constitution limits the power that he has.
He is refusing to present before Congress to give them the budget for this year telling what amount of taxes came in and what was spent and why. Ramon Custodio has submitted a formal complaint against the president to be investigated for this act.
Why doesn´t he want to tell the public what amount of money he is spending and why it is being spent? When he has yet to pay the teachers in the country certainly we have the right to know why he hasn´t done that and where the money went. I suspect that he has spent way too much money on things that weren´t allowed by the government. The question is how much money has Zelaya stolen from the Honduran people?

6 Month Old Baby Murdered

Today I woke up to see something so horrible it is beyond comprehension on Channel 6 news. A home was invaded and the man and woman were murdered, but also murdered was the 6 month old baby of the couple. What could be so horrible to create the need to murder an innocent baby? What type of person murders a baby? What kind of psychopath can do something like that?
It is completely outrageous regardless of why or what caused the death of the parents, the child is not a witness. The child didn´t do anything wrong. Why not leave the child alive?
This type of barbaric act does not receive the forgiveness of God ever. This person that did this needs to be hunted down and locked in a dirt cell for the rest of his or her life.
When this starts to occur how close to lost is this country?