Saturday, May 16, 2009


I ended up without the wash getting done today or even dishes...the water is mucky looking...eek! This happens every year when the rain first starts for some reason the sand gets in the lines and the water comes out like mud. We have bottled water but I refuse let anything be washed clothes, dishes, ect in anything looking that way...hopefully sanitation will be out cleaning the tubes tomorrow or Monday.

Giant Pichete

For those of you who do not know what a Pichete is it is a sort of lizard that predominately is in homes in this region. They can shock you when you first see them. The first time I saw a lizard inside my house I was ready to run for the hills. It was explained to me these animals are a blessing as they eat mosquitos and other bugs. Well I have one that likes to hide in a small space behind the cabinets, he started out tiny now this morning he got ticked when I flipped on the light switch to the kitchen and screeched at me...I think he was mad about the light. I was shocked at how big this thing that once had been the size of my pinky finger had gotten...I think I will need to relocate him, he looked scary.

Pichete is like the Geiko but they are white in color...or the ones in my house are anyway. I saw a baby yesterday. I don´t mind the babies but the big ones give me the willies. They supposedly were brought by the Japanese as a gift and have proliferated.

I posted a pic I found online of one since the ones here are too quick for me to get a good pic of them..but in English they are called House Geiko. So I wasn´t too wrong.