Friday, May 15, 2009

Yes, there is a Pizza Hut in Honduras

and tons of other American restaurants, malls, ect. I find it funny that many people in the US figure that everyone here except the filthy rich live in mud huts with thatch roof houses..most don´t. Here I have provided some of the beautiful pics of Honduras. I will provide pics that match the poorest too just not in this post.

House remodeling

May 15, 2009
We will be starting to remodel the house on the 20th of this month. We are starting with the ceilings. I hate plain ceilings with no life to them so this is what I picked out. If anyone has suggestions let me know. The one that is a bathroom picture is going in my master bedroom the other is going into the upstairs living area. We are just going to redo the outside ceilings as we had not completed them from when we lost our roof last year and the ceilings were damaged, but the pigeons are driving me bananas. I will talk about tin roofs, cats and pigeons later, but they are enough to drive anyone to have a nervous breakdown. We have basically what amounts to a tin roof when we had clay tile before. However, it is aluminum as my husband pointed out.

Rain is Finally Here

Looks like the rain has finally arrived. We are chopping down the fields, burning, and replanting for the cows in Olancho so that there will be plenty of food for them in the dry season. I am planting 8 avocado trees, 8 mango trees, and 8 sour orange trees this season too. Don´t ask why 8 of each it just seemed like a good number to start with so I will go from there.

We have bought some milk cows that have just been weaned to add to the small flock we have. However, a little at a time will eventually get us to where we want to be. Our caretaker is thankfully very trustworthy. He works hard and is content with the way we are toward them.

We shall see how the rain season goes. Hopefully there won´t be much flooding or too many storms this season.

I still laugh when I think about the cows. My husband had been in the states and not been out to the property recently so he decided to go visit the bull, Cherokee. We bought him when he was just barely weaned 2 years ago. He is a beautiful, white Brahman bull and he chased my poor husband up the tree and was head butting the tree for half an hour before anyone could get him to get interested in anything else. He got his horns clipped after that though. My husband is pretty stubborn so he wasn´t amused when I was rolling in laughter and said´, ¨Good boy, Cherokee.¨