Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Siesmographs Going to Be Installed in 2010

Two siesmographs to measure ground movement will be installed in Honduras in the Cortes area.  The two siesmographs were donated and cost about $6,000 a piece. 
The machines will be installed where they can send measurments live via internet. 
Honduras is located between two tetonic plates The Carribean and the Cocos.  These two plates have activated more than 200 faults in the territory of Honduras.
The Northern region of Honduras has been the most affected by the movements since May 28th´s major earthquake of 7.3.  Most of us have felt movements that did not seem to be registered on the geological websites either in Nicaragua or in the US and would be confused about whether we imagined it or not.  However, after research by La Gringa in Ceiba she found out that often the US geological service does not register every earthquake here(yeah right...only since June 28, before that they were even registering the tiny ones.) and that Nicaragua´s site might not pick them up and they do not update immediately.  So now we have our own to register our movements and then we will know for sure if the ground is really moving or if we are really going bananas.

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