Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reporter´s Daughter Murdered By Resistance

Micheletti openly accused the National Resistance Front (a terrorist organization in favor of a dictatorship by Zelaya) of murdering a young girl by the name of Catherine Nicolle Rodriguez.  This young girl of 16 not only was murdered, but she was 8 months pregnant when they shot and killed her.  The baby was able to be saved at Hospital Escuela but unfortunately Catherine died. 

Karol Cabrera is her mother and she is a reporter with Radio Cadena de Voces and Channel 8 the state run television station. 

Micheletti directly blamed radio stations like Channel 36 and Radio Globo for their role in causing hate to be raised in the country and for encouraging terrorist activity of this nature.  This is a disgusting act and should be repudiated by all.  It is sad that they found the need to shoot a defenseless, pregnant teenager. 

The police have said that they do have evidence that is leading to suspects in the crime, so with hope these criminals will receive their just punishment and not escape prison.  Unfortunately, in Honduras we do not have the death penalty for disgusting trash like this.  Anyone who would shoot a 16 year old that is 8 months pregnant deserves to suffer a very cruel punishment in exchange.

My heart goes out to her family who is suffering deeply with her loss.  My condolences and I am very glad they were able to save the life of the little one even though Catherine was not able to be saved.


Patty said...

In deed, this is sad, and disgusting. Having lost a child to violence, I can truly sympathize with her family. I would not want even my worst enemy to go through this horror. Hopefully Mr. Micheletti's gov't can find the killers. Hopefully, the people of Honduras will let it be clear that they will not tolerate the murder of our children for any reason, much less for politics.

Anonymous said...
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