Friday, December 04, 2009

Letter from Our President Roberto Micheletti Bain

Dated November 29, 2009 and printed in Spanish in the Prensa.

I want to add my own thoughts.  If it were not for the other ex pats, my neighbors, my husband, friends, and many other Hondurans I do not know how I could have made it through without running for the hills.  Many times I was scared and many times I was afraid we just would not make it with everyone against us, no matter how wrong they were.  It was difficult and as many others living in Honduras I spent many sleepless nights and anguish for what would come next.  President Micheletti wrote precisely many of the things in my mind.  While some things may have been lost a bit in translation because the letter is long I have done my best to translate it here and it took me about two hours.  I appreciate any corrections of errors as I am tired now and refuse to proof read I think it is important to write here what he had to say.  I love Honduras and I am so proud of the people here and what they stand for.  I have long wondered exactly what it meant to defend democracy and be proud of who you are and now I know and I understand in every grain of my being.
Now to the letter

Heroic people of Honduras:

I present myself before you to celebrate with complete satisfaction today the elections. I want to take a few minutes in this time that I am absent to tell the nation a few words that will serve to consolidate the job that is being done by all Hondurans in good faith.

We have lived without a doubt one of the most important historical journeys of our country, of Central America, of Latin America, and of the world that lives in Democracy. We have confirmed to the world that all the countries, however small, have large spirit in everyone of the citizens that participate in the construction of their future.

For this reason, I salute, with my heart in hand all Hondurans that today exercised their right to vote. They defied the international pressure, the fear that was sowed by radical sectors of society, the intimidation of the enemies of the state, and all that planted hate to stop the exercise of clear liberty in the sovereign right to insist on respect for our laws and concur with the enthusiasm at the ballot box to elect our next president.

Every vote emitted represents a value of the Hondurans that we give to our liberty to decide. Every vote is the voice of a community that asks for respect and in change promises to respect the law over all things. For this reason I bring before you the thought of Albert Einstein when he said ´My ideal politics is the democracy To let every man be respected as an individual and not idolize any man. We have given clear proof that this thought is alive in Honduras and that gives us pride.

More over every vote is the validation of the strength that Honduras has to correct their path and continue constructing the nation inside a democratic and republican system. Honduras is not the property of anyone more than the Honduran citizenry and it has become the responsibility of politicians that love Honduras to assume the responsibility to return us to the path that respects the law.

If in the walk it has been precise to go away from friends, it is sure that we are on your time and proud Honduran citizens will give us the reason. The friends will return and their heart will open the doors to this valiant nation, progressive and always indebted to democracy and the law.

No one better than the children of this land of Morazan known how much pain and anguish it has costed to have the right to complete this journey full of decisions and dreams. No one more can understand how much anguish it has been for Honduras to confront our brothers and the destruction of the national harmony.

No one more than Hondurans can understand that a new day is born and a new moment is coming closer in this government team of transition to complete their job of turning over power without conditions to the governor who has been elected by the people.

And of course, no one more than Hondurans will savor tonight the exquisite flavor of dignity, of liberty, of the right to defend their national honor at the ballot box.

As a part of this government team it satisfies me to get to this point, nights without sleep, days of conflict and a interminable time of affliction proceeding this moment when we complete one more pass to the process of service and protection of the most expensive patriotic values.

If initially the journey was complicated and delicate it was because the international community left us alone in the job of defending our nation and our laws, every moment lived in front of the nation signifies for the government team and for the thousands of citizens that we have been strengthened, a proof of force that all Hondurans will be able to rise up.

The best proof that we are a nation with a future is in the smiles that we have seen on the length of the journey of the interminable lines of voters. Every heart, every volunteer, every dream closed in the vote, it brings back the faith we have tried to rescue since the start of the process.

On the path many things have changed. Today we are a country with proven sovereignty, without fear to defend our dignity before even the largest countries, and with faith in that if we act inside of the law, we all can win. Beyond that the discourse, today our Honduras has come forward to prove to the world that it is a nation of dignity, free, without imposition, and with much pride for itself.

Our constant prayers had their reward, the Honduran people have reacted and it is presented more than never an example of dignity and of complete promise to democracy.

I thank the electors for this act of faith in the future. They are not acts of support for a government but more than that…every vote was a confirmation of what we are as a nation and that we deserve respect from everyone and that we will be relocated within international concert, as a country of brave people, with values and plain decision.

Nothing more than this would have been possible without the backing of the citizens who are responsible for the protection of democracy and the sovereign liberty of the Honduran community. We are at the end of the day a team has formed with citizens of diverse tendencies to confront this job of making sure that the law is respected above all factors of distortion.

The Congress of the Republic, the Supreme Court, and the Electoral Tribunal, the Attorney General, the Prosecutor, the Police, and the military should feel satisfied for the lighted path of their jobs and promise to the liberty in this country. Of all of them we can feel most proud because of their support that this nation required in this moment to continue the path of the dignity and today we have moved a little further forward.

As a part of this team of government I am convinced that I will have no larger satisfaction in my life. I am serving my country, my convictions, but beyond all I am serving every person who believes in this country, in our future, and our capacity to move forward.

The votes have concluded. The government team salutes all of the citizens and all of the candidates, the winners and those that had the bravery to confront the situation and make proposals to save the country from the worst influences.

I salute the leaders of all of the corners of the country, where the electoral process has been a total sacrifice, but where without a doubt, the hope is the reason to work so that an idea converts into a project that we will all follow.

The country’s history will applaud the strength of the candidates of all the parties that participated enthusiastically. In the personal I have to share with them the emotion of the celebration of the win of the community against others with the power of our words and the faith in our future, to those enemies of the process I ask that they honor the will of the people by means of a vote.

Without tremendous valor demonstrated by the candidates these elections would have never occurred. Thanks to every one of them for demonstrating with their actions their promise to the future of this nation.

In the same form I thank the enthusiasm of the electoral authorities, of the political parties, and the delegates of the electoral tables, because they are the guarantee of the will of the people that was totally respected and backed by transparency. I will cite the words of Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg speech on November 19, 1893 ´The world will little note nor remember for long what we are saying here, but never will they forget what they did here´ I am sure of this and all that each one of the guarantees of our free elections will bring the spirit of pride to be written with strength in this page of national history.

After this moment of euphoria that precedes this announcement of the results the government team detains itself for a moment to share some reflections about the passes that we are going to have to take so that the country will complete its new holy cycle of democracy.

It is important that we have national unification in our projects of the future and for this reason we all must walk together without error to the methods of the reality that exists for us.

Not only do we have in front of us the job of recovering what has been lost in these months of conflict, if not more beyond that we have to work together so that the poverty, lack of education, insecurity, and all of these problems that steal our dreams are jobs that will start immediately without excuse or any delay.

This job only can be started by the new government if it has before it a United Honduras, convinced of its strength and with a promise to the future. From the Congress of the Republic that I am proud of having worked with as with all of the political jobs and business initiatives that have developed from me personally I have known the reality of this country. However, in front of this government team I have completed this vision and for this I proclaim that now we unite as a country, work together to go beyond political colors, to advance as a nation so that we complete the remaining tasks.

This process of unification will place great virtues of Honduras beside its unintimidated bravery as a sovereign nation. The development of human potential and business potential will be in the hands of the most extraordinary example of power and valor as a nation.

We have demonstrated to the world that we are a country where dignity should be respected. Now our job as a community is to orient this same valor to find the methods that are most important to facilitate the lives and jobs of our children and grandchildren. WE are the ones who have the responsibility to protect and develop the country. We together insist in our authorities to guide the nation and the state respecting law and putting themselves at the service of our needs and community.

I take advantage of this reflection to the future to thank the backing of moral leaders of this country that was given in this moment of our democracy. Without their bravery , without the promise of those sectors of society and without the significance of them and the abuse they dealt with and the anonymity of their aggressors, this country could never have advanced so rapidly to such a complex method that today we are celebrating.

Honduras, today more than ever, we are on our own path without conditions, orders, more than ever we have demonstrated that we are the owners of our own destiny, designers of our future, and doctors of our own health as a nation.

We have lived in our future and to make our phrase a classic of the philosopher Plato ´The liberty is in being owners of your own lives´

God Bless Honduras and Long Live Honduras!


La Gringa said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for doing the translation. This letter, I think, shows why so many of us were inspired by Roberto Micheletti. I agree with your words as well. This past 5 months have been much harder on all of living in Honduras than anyone can know. They may look at the loss of aid or visas and think it wasn't such a big deal -- and true, those things didn't affect many of us. But the constant strife, worry, insults, and most of all disinformation was so stressful.

Thank you.

LaGringaSPS said...

your very welcome I felt they needed to be published so that the world could read them..his words inspired me and he is the reason that most of us kept moving forward. It is no secret that I think Micheletti is a hero and it is no secret that I am of Nationalist persuasion. I think that his 7 months in office will be remembered 100 years from now and the world will look kindly on his actions to protect Honduras.

Terri said...

I agree. President Micheletti will be written in many history books. He has been a rock, a hero, an inspiration. His intelligence, his love of Honduras and his acceptance of his own place in history without vanity have been a joy to watch.
Congratulations to you Honduras! I will continue to watch and hope to vacation there in a year!

Ruben in Sweden said...

Thank you L.G.
Best regards to the peoples in Honduras from Sweden.
Viva Honduras. The little country that could...
Greatest country in the world.

Lazlo said...

Thank you and a heartfelt congratulations. I will never understand my (US) government's horribly misguided approaches to this situation. I am proud to be in even the same hemisphere with Honduras where people put their lives and freedom on the line for the good of their country and the survival of their democracy under unbearable and inappropriate international pressure. I could not respect you more nor be happier for you and I thank you for such an example of bravery and commitment to liberty!

Kent said...

Roberto Micheletti, the right man in the right place at the right time, the George Washington of Honduras. I am so proud of Honduras, my adopted country.

Alan said...

Amen to all who posted here, God bless LaGringaSPS for this translation. For what it's worth, a link is going into my blog at

Honduras has proven to be maybe the most free and independent nation in the world right now. God bless them. "The Mouse That Roared".


LaGringaSPS said...

Thanks Alan for linking it..I also linked it on is well worth the read and I realized when I read it not everyone could do I sat and translated my little fingers off.

Anonymous said...
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