Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Zelaya Needs Clarification from Hillary

Zelaya is stuck in the Brazilian embassy like a trapped rat.  Shaking the rafters with threats that he would not validate the reconciliation group and the verification comission as well as threats that he would not accept the election results, if he was not restored to power...was met with absolute stunned silence by the US. 

They for the first time realized just how ignorant this man is.  He just doesn´t get it.  He signed an agreement to let Congress decide.  An agreement that the US got him to sign by hours of negotiation.  The next day he was out trashing Thomas Shannon making fabricated claims that Shannon threatened him with the arrest of his son on drug trafficking charges if he did not sign.  Most people met that with a rejection that he could not figure out.  I guess he didn´t realize he pee´d in his own back yard with that one since the US does not just arbitrarily charge folks with drug trafficking unless they have evidence and they don´t usually use it as a bargaining tool either.  So that confirmed for most of us that the US needs to be investigating Hector for drug trafficking.  Also, it confirmed for most of the world that he will lie about anyone to discredit their claims. 

At first I did not believe he signed a resignation letter, but now I believe he did sign the letter and backed out later so that he could make a show of things internationally.  After his latest antics it seems to be the truth of the matter. Even though he says he didn´t sign the letter, I believe he probably did.

Now, he is calling upon Hillary Clinton to clarify if the US supports the ´coup´as he calls it or if she wants him restored to power.  What part of ´I don´t care´ did he not understand in Thomas Shannon´s response yesterday?  I don´t guess he realizes that Thomas Shannon was acting on behalf of the administration and her position is the same as Shannon´s.  They want to recognize the elections as they are a democratic process.  He screwed up this one big time for himself.  He probably realizes that Congress is not likely to vote him back in since they voted him out in the first place and he has already made threats against them, the Supreme Court, and the military and police as well as various business people and private citizens that he determines are ´golpistas´ telling them they have appointments with jail was not a smart thing when your fate rests in their hands.

Maybe mind altering gas did get to him. Or maybe abstaining to much from the drugs he was accostumed to taking have affected his ability to reason and understand what was said to him.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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Anonymous said...

You do excellent reporting.

LaGringaSPS said...

Thank you I am beyond flattered.

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