Sunday, November 01, 2009

Zelaya Accuses Sub Secretary Shannon of Intimidation

I knew that it would not be 24 hours before Zelaya changed his mind and came up with another plan. He suddenly realized that his fate rested in the hands of the very people that removed him and they already were saying that they were waiting on the Supreme Court and not likely to change their minds. Zelaya knew he was going to lose this one.

Early today he started with the threats if he wasn’t restored. That tells me that most are probably not taking his bribes and are telling him they aren’t going to restore him. Most of them are looking forward to their campaigns and do not want a bribe that will cost them their seat as a Congress member. So he has found himself in a difficult position.

He told Vanguardia a newspaper in Spain that he was going to cause a lot of trouble if he was not returned to the presidency before Thursday. The Vanguardia described his situation in the Brazilian embassy perfectly by defining Zelaya as being caught in a Brazilian rat took me a few minutes to stop laughing at the perfect description and the visions that came to my head of Zelaya being caught in a huge rat trap screaming at the world and threatening them as to what is going to happen if he is not immediately released.

What is more interesting is that Vanguardia says that Zelaya was threatened by Sub secretary Thomas Shannon. He claims that Sub Secretary Thomas Shannon said that if he did not sign the document that he would have Hector Zelaya, the son of Mel Zelaya, prosecuted for drug trafficking. Therefore, his complaint is he signed under duress and therefore the document is not valid.

Let’s look at this for a moment. Do you believe that Shannon threatened Zelaya?

I am not sure. That is possible and I believe perhaps for the first time ever that there is a morsel of truth in Zelaya´s accusations. Though I tread on that carefully, because Zelaya has lied so much that it is hard to distinguish between lies and the truth. I think that Shannon should be questioned about it for obvious reasons. If the US has evidence that Hector Zelaya is trafficking drugs he should be detained period and he should be tried for that crime. I however, wonder if it wasn’t him as well that was threatened and he is not saying that because it will not work well to admit that the US has evidence against him that he was trafficking drugs for Chavez. I think that Shannon most likely threatened that they were going to detain him and drag him out of the embassy and take him to the US like they did Noriega in Panama and convict him for all his drug trafficking and for the other crimes he committed...then the sub secretary handed him a pen and he signed. I do not think that Zelaya would sign on a threat against his son and then make the accusation against the sub secretary with his son still in the USA where he could be detained and charged with trafficking drugs. If Zelaya knows that his son is innocent that would not be much of a threat in the US since we all know to charge someone and convict them there must be evidence and good evidence. So he would have most likely told them to get lost that he would hire his son the best attorney money could buy and ruin them for falsely accusing him. Then there is the problem of it perhaps being true. Telemundo reported in July that Hector was friends with Chapo Guzman a notorious Mexican drug cartel leader. We do know that Mexican drug cartels and Venezuelan traffickers as well as FARC have all appeared in Honduras since Zelaya took office. It almost seems like our poor little country is under siege so I hope that Shannon will not let drug traffickers go free for the simple thing of a signature to end the Honduran crisis when it was easier to just arrest Hector Zelaya, arrest Manuel Zelaya and try them, recognize Micheletti and the elections, problem solved.

Micheletti did get his way on the embassy and the consulates as all of them have now been accredited in the US and all of his appointments accepted. That tells me that there were some things active behind the scenes that went in favor of Micheletti. Micheletti did not put up a fuss about signing the document because it was his offer in the first place.

So I will sit down to compose my letter to sub secretary Shannon and ask him to clarify this for me since Zelaya is making a very libellous accusation against him and Clinton and then I will also send a copy to Congress for investigation on whether Shannon has let a drug trafficker run free in the US. I expect a statement from them tomorrow in reference to this because I cannot see the US letting it go unanswered.

Making Enemies
Honduras needs desperately to move beyond Mel so that we can address the real issues. In 2009, before July there were 300,000 people that had lost their jobs. Many of them right after the minimum wage hike that Zelaya touted as helping the poor. It didn’t help the poor, it cost them their jobs since most of those layoffs were minimum wage earners. Many asked him to do it in increments every six months so that it would not impact the market so negatively and he refused in classic style he refused to listen to reason and the poor paid the price.

On January 30, 2009 there was an article in El that spoke about Zelaya and his confrontations. The article specifically says ´If there is one thing that can characterize the Zelaya administration it is his attitude of confrontation with the different social sectors of society´

This confrontational style started the day of his inauguration when he lashed out at the petroleum importers. Since that time he has lashed out at every production sector of society in Honduras and many outside of Honduras as well.

All criticism of his administration has been received in a negative fashion by him. Instead of using it constructively to work with society he bristled and fought back constructing media outlets that treated him as a god. First channel 8 (Chavez style) with 24 hours a day non stop Manuel Zelaya (barf). Then radio Globo with his paedophile and Jew hating friend. Could it really get any worse?

Zelaya even lashed out at the thermic energy sector (yes our electricity). He said he would buy absolutely no more thermic energy at bunker price and only clean energy would be bought(remember our society is a third world country folks. Some people earn less than $100 a month so they cannot afford this) However, he didn’t even fulfill this promise and left us without enough thermic energy and a contract for carbon energy that isn’t backed up by financial security.

That isn’t all folks...even the telecommunications sector did not escape from Zelaya. He accused the other telecommunications companies of uniting to destroy Hondutel. Hondutel is the state owned telephone company that was a part of a huge bribe scandal where people went to prison in the United States for what was known as the Latinnode scandal.

Even worse is he absolutely refused to address the many complaints filed about corruption going on inside the government during the previous four years.

Minimum Wage Controversy

In contrary to the recommendations by financial experts, COHEP, and various business advisors he raised the minimum wage from 3,400 to 5,500 lempiras a month. This is a raise of 65% that took place over night which was a nightmare. Sure the people earning the raise were at first celebrating, but they weren’t celebrating when they got their pink slips. Almost 60% of that sector LOST their jobs. He did this raise in the middle of a financial crisis in the country that was already threatening the business sector because of energy prices. Several simply packed up and moved elsewhere. A family member of mine worked in one of the textiles owned by a Korean. He packed his bags and went to Haiti where it was cheaper and less investment risk. He threatened the business sector that refused to pay immediately with sedition. What was interesting is his own employees did not see that increase until after Micheletti took office. So if he was going to charge others with sedition why didn’t he apply that to himself as well? Granted the minimum wage was not enough to survive on, but in most societies the minimum wage does not support people fully. I recognize it badly needed to be raised, but not by 65% overnight. What should have occurred is a raise to 4,000 and then in six months another raise to 4,500 and every six months until it got to 5,500 - 6,000 lempiras. This would have been better absorbed and worked with the economic hardships that Honduras has felt from the US crisis.

Freedom of Expression
Zelaya has complained about the limiting of the free expression of Cholusat sur and radio Globo when both were validly accused of creating insurrection and violence, which is a valid reason to revoke broadcasting licenses. However, Zelaya himself is guilty of threatening many broadcasters and newspapers and making intimidating remarks to silence them. Conadeh accused him of trying to eliminate freedom of expression in Honduras.

During 2006, 6 reporters were killed and 15 camera men or reporters were threatened and intimidated by the Zelaya administration.

In 2007, 8 reporters were judicially processed and 13 were threatened with assassination.

In October of 2008 a reporter was murdered that was associated with Radio chain of voices. Then in 2009 after Zelaya was removed a reporter that had been kidnapped from before his removal was found buried and had been a victim of assassination.

Zelaya´s administration was completely covered with corruption, threats, and a tremendous rise in crime and drug activity. These are things that had not been seen in Honduras since the 80´s. Zelaya´s administration was a very dark period in Honduras and it is time to move past him. If he is involved in drug trafficking or the US has evidence of his son being involved they need to bring it forward for either Honduras to process him or for them to move forward in either international courts or US courts or both. We do not need to let free the very people who have cost hundreds of lives this year because of drugs in Honduras and who brought more than 30 planes registered to Venezuela into Honduran territory carting drugs, money, and guns to further detriment to both the US and Honduras. Send them to jail Hillary Clinton, do the right thing.


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