Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Taking a Moment

Most of us feel so secure in our person and never really think about how one trip could be our last.

This touched so close to home for me on Sunday.  My husband´s uncle is from Juticalpa and he raised him so he is like his father.  He is a very good friend to a man everyone in Juticalpa knows.  Concho Gomez Lobo.  This man is 68 years old and he was well known around town. He was humble and never presumed.  He did most of his work on his property himself.  He has been married his entire life to Guilian Guifarro, Nationalist Congresslady to Olancho. 

He was kidnapped on Sunday and most of us know in our hearts that it is related to the Honduran crisis. Now all that is left is to pray.

I ask that each one of you please take a moment and pray for his safe return.  He is well liked in the little community of Juticalpa and everyone wants him home safely.

The next message is to the kidnappers in case they see this and I pray they do

Por favor Concho es un amigo de nosotros y nunca deseado mal a nadie.  No lo mal trates es un hombre humilde y bueno todos pedimos que lo liberan.  Encuentran en su corazon a no seperarlo de su familia, dejenlo ir no vale la pena.  Ruego con todo mi alma que entienden la falta que el hace a sus amigos y familia.

Doña Guilian estamos orando por su esposo, yo, mi esposo Reniery, y tio Polo y Rosita. Esperamos que Diosito nos escuche estamos a su servicio por lo que sea. Un fuerte abrazo por todos y cual quier cosa que nesisita avisa a mi tio Polo y le ayudaremos con lo que podamos.


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