Monday, November 16, 2009

Reward Europe by Traveling for Vacation

Hondurans and Ex Pats as well as Americans...we should reward Europe by visiting some of their most famous destinations.

Liberal International made our Interim president Roberto Micheletti vice president and their base is located in London.  Of course you all know that Liberal International is mostly European and I was estatic about their move this last weekend.  So estatic that I think we should reward them with our vacationing there.

However, setting up a trip to Europe is difficult and so I have decided to share some tips with links to places that can set you up for your vacation.

Imagine touring fabulous France.  Visit Paris first and stay at one of the many hotels that you can view at the above link where something is available at incredible rates for everyone.  There is so much to do in Paris from shopping to visiting the Eiffel Tower.
Or if you would like to drift back in time and imagine what it must have been like to be a prince or princess you can visit the many castles that are in France such as Palace of Versailles that belonged to King Louis XIV in 1682

Then you have Rome where you can go and visit where Catholicism began.  You can lose yourself in the beautiful ancient Rome where civilization became mighty.  The best is you can do it for an incredible price.  I have always dreamed of visiting Rome so this may be the right time to go.

Or Venice where you can travel and fall in love all over again.  There are few cities as romantic as Venice.  an you imagine a price of 50 Euros for a beautiful hotel in Venice? Now you can..explore the stunning cathedrals and architecture in this most lovely city.

Then after all of that you can visit Amsterdam.  Who could visit Europe without going to Amsterdam?  You can visit the Anne Frank house where she hid from the Nazis, visit and see Van Gogh or Rembrant all on the same trip making it an unforgetable vacation.


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