Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Rebuttal to Roberto Quesada´s Editorial in Honduras This Week

Unfortunately, the military coup in Honduras and the United States’ announcement to recognize the elections, without reversing the military coup is another coup to all of Latin America and undoubtedly a regression in relations. The other day, while waiting at a traffic light, I told another driver who was wearing a hat with the image of Obama, “Obama has let us down in my country Honduras, they are about to recognize some elections under a state of terror”. The traffic light changed and each of us accelerated and quickly lost sight of each other.

Actually that is incorrect in my opinion. Elections where the people choose who their new leader is has always been the solution and always will be the solution. Violeta Chamorro is one example of that, Pinochet is another; elections have always resolved governments seen as illegitimate. What is undeniable is that elections were already scheduled for November 29, 2009 from the moment that Zelaya was elected. The Supreme Elections Tribunal is a separate entity from the Executive office and is separate from Congress. The primaries were held under Zelaya and the candidates are the same with the exception of Carlos H Reyes who withdrew his candidacy on his own.

The elections were and always will be legitimate and it is ridiculous to not hold the elections. Zelaya did not want elections to occur period. He wanted to erase them…that is why he chose to hold the illegal referendum when he did.

Ambassador Hugo Llorens, as you can see, this military coup concerns even children.

Your son is feeding off your outrage and he should not be exposed to it. The children should be left out of this situation entirely. Furthermore, military coup it is not. If this were a military coup then Roberto Micheletti would not be at the helm. The leader would be Vasquez Velasquez and there would be no Congress and no Supreme Court to make any decisions. If you doubt that then you need to refer yourself to other military coups that have actually occurred including Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and Aristides in Haiti.

Nobody believes the story that Hondurans should resolve this issue "Honduran style". That banner belongs to the de facto government. The US has always intervened in our country. Perhaps the rumor that the Obama administration allowed the Republicans to twist its arm on Honduras is true. If so, then I think Mr. Obama's decline is imminent.

Really? I believe that Hondurans should resolve it. I think that outside interference has had the tendency to mess things up worse as history has shown. Who better to resolve this than Hondurans with a mediator to keep a war from breaking out? Yes, they have always intervened and that is precisely why they should desist from it further. That is how we became a banana republic in the first place. No the Republicans did not twist his arm as he promised a long time ago that he was not going to involve himself in internal matters in other countries and he is trying hard to keep the promise.

Many of us still hope that the US will change its ways in Latin America and that it will adopt positions emphasizing human equality and dignity for their own sake, regardless of ethnic background, creed, or religion. At the Summit of the Americas, celebrated this past April in Trinidad and Tobago, in which Mr. Obama promised a new era of relations with Latin America, he gave us much reason to be optimistic. He succeeded in removing much of the distrust we naturally feel for the US. Unfortunately, the announcement by the US government that it would recognize the elections in Honduras without reversing the military coup only dashed our hopes.

It should not dash your hopes considering what it means is moving on past the situation and not keeping things status quo. Furthermore, there was an agreement named Tegucigalpa-San Jose that was signed by both sides and agreed to and thus far Micheletti has held up his end of the deal. Zelaya is the one that is throwing a fit as if he were a child. He needs to grow up. If he could not bribe Congress into reinstating him that is just too bad he agreed to accept what they decided.

We, the truly democratic people of Honduras have already overthrown the military coup at the intellectual, informative and moral level. But then came Thomas Shannon’s announcement which gave oxygen to the dictatorship which was beginning to expire. You are aware that this move served to turn back the hands of time and return the US to the days when it created and backed dictators in Latin America. Recall President Theodore Roosevelt's comments about the dictator Somoza in Nicaragua, "Yes, he is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch".

Actually that is incorrect…Zelaya was huddled in the Brazilian embassy from Sept 21 forward and people were jumping ship right and left before Shannon came and when Shannon came he brokered a deal…both signed no one was forced…so now if Zelaya is honorable, and I do not believe he is, he would stick to the agreement. It is sort of like you agreeing to sell your land, signing the sales contract, spending the money, and then deciding you do not want to sell and aren´t going to give the money back either.

Do not think for a moment that the US’ announcement to support an electoral process conducted under a military coup which has left in its wake more than thirty peope dead, four thousand violations of human rights, and repressions of freedom of speech is only having an impact on Latin America. No. Inside the US, labor unions and immigrant, religious and artistic organizations are repudiating what has happened and believe that if the US does not reverse the military coup in Honduras, the time will come for payback at the ballot box.

More than 30 dead people? Name them and provide proof that Micheletti ordered them murdered….unless that is you are going to include Micheletti´s nephew , Concho Gomez and the brother of Callejas. Sorry, but being dishonest and exaggerating does not help the cause it just makes you look ridiculous. You talk about payback at the ballot box. Well that is precisely what we are saying you should do instead of trying to insist that Zelaya be reinstated and elections cancelled go to the ballot box and vote for your choice even if it is a punishment vote.

While we were looking at photos related to the coup, my son asked why they had done that, and I easily responded, "Look, you as a US citizen have medical insurance, a doctor, immunizations. You go to a nice pre-kindergarten. You have everything. You even have a cafeteria where you eat for free. You go to the park and you play and it is safe. This is what President Zelaya wanted for children in Honduras. He wanted children to not have to walk barefoot. He wanted them to have enough food to eat, to be able to play, to not die because of a lack of affordable medicines. He wanted them to have the opportunities to study. In short, he wanted the Honduran people to one day have a better life. He wanted them to have a lifestyle at least half as good as that enjoyed by children in the US.

That is not what Zelaya wanted for children in Honduras. He had 4 years to do the job and do what he wanted and he did nothing of the sort. As a US citizen a child does not have free medical insurance, free cafeterias, etc. If he wanted them to have better educations then he would not have been promoting children being out of school while teachers were in the streets. During his entire administration not one time did the teachers complete their 200 days in classes. If you solve the teacher strikes then you have solved half the problem already. Until you deal with teachers that are terrorists then you cannot move forward.

So then my friend Ambassador Llorens, what else do you need now to rescue democracy in Honduras. Does it take a genocide, a massacre? Andres Pavón, the president of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) has already alerted us about a massacre plan to help perpetuate the dictatorship in power. Not too long ago, Mr. Obama spoke at the funeral for the three victims of the massacre last Thursday at Fort Hood. He said, “No religion could justify these cowardly killings”. I would add to this that absolutely nothing justifies a military coup or the recognition of elections under a military state of terror in which more than thirty people have already lost their lives.

They called Andres Pavon to show the evidence and they would investigate he has NO evidence so please elaborate why he went to the media and not to the police first? Should a person not try to stop such a massacre by showing evidence? You cannot make false accusations in Honduras as that is a crime. If he has evidence he needs to bring it forward. Even a massacre will not perpetuate Micheletti in power. The elections are going to occur, the votes will be counted and that will be that. If there is a massacre I welcome outside police such as CSI units from the US to go and investigate the situation and determine who is at fault. Kelly seemed to allude to the violence being caused by the Resistance and he is right. I have watched their violent mannerisms and frankly they have brought much of their pain upon themselves.

You know all too well that social injustice in Honduras runs deep. You know that President Zelaya is innocent.

So it is a figment of our imagination that we watched him on live television commit the acts he did? If he is innocent then why not face the courts? He was offered the opportunity to face a court in an international court.  If he is so innocent why would he refuse? Is the International Court unjust too?

You know that the dictatorship lead by Mr. Micheletti and Gen. Romeo Vasquez Velasquez have systematically violated human rights.

No, no one knows anything for a fact. If you have evidence you are welcome to present it at any time and particularly on this forum. Evidence speaks, not just words or baseless accusations.

You are aware that the only way to reverse the military coup is to reinstate the constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

Really? So the way to reverse the military coup in Nicaragua was to reinstate Somoza? Or was it to have elections and let Ortega leave power?

The upcoming elections will only worsen the crisis, and those who support them will be nothing more than direct accomplices. Meanwhile, what Mr. Obama expressed in Trinidad and Tobago about a new era of respect in relations between the US and Latin America becomes wet paper, and the only option for Latin American countries is to align themselves more with the southern part of the hemisphere and strengthen their relationships with other continents... regions with which we can share a mutual respect.

Direct accomplices? No that is incorrect they will be Honduran citizens exercising their right to suffrage because if you do not use it then you will lose it. If you do not vote you cannot complain about the candidate you get stuck with. Voting resolves the worst of conflicts. Insisting that Zelaya be returned to power is not the resolution it is only a path to a blood bath because while there are some that want him back in power there are just as many and indeed more that do not want him back in power and elections cancelled. Cancelling elections is not saving democracy it is subverting it.

My impression from his description at the bottom and in his editorial is that he lives in the United States.  He does not have a clue what is actually happening in Honduras as he is not here.  He speaks about Hondurans, but he is married to an American with an American child and lives in the United States.  If he is so worried about democracy and the betterment of Honduras why isn´t he living here?


Anonymous said...

Anon. 4.

You "did an excellent job" of rebutting Quezada. His feeble essay first appeared in "El Tiempo".

He is a novelist of mediocre talent (no art) in New York City for now over a decade, who learned how to play the U. S. "academic" literary "game" and got a "name" for himself in those circles. The poor fellow deludes himself into thinking that he is another Cervantes.

With Zelaya he had some kind of consular public-pap position in New York City and was able to run around with the vile commie Jorge Arturo Reina.

Quezada is very diatraught because his 'black' demigod made a fool out of him and all those who "voted" for him.

LaGringaSPS said...

Hondurans understand how the government has always been here, but the Hondurans that have been absent like Quezada and live in NYC do not know what is going on in Honduras right now and should reserve such harsh critiques until they have came here and investigated what is going on themselves..

Anonymous said...
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