Monday, November 02, 2009

OAS Responds To Zelaya´s Claims

The Organization of American States had responded to Manuel Zelaya´s claims that his restitution has to be determined before Thursday.

The secretary of Political Matters in the OAS, Victor Rico has said that there is no time limit on restoration of Manuel Zelaya to the presidency. He went on further to say that according to the agreement that was negotiated to resolve the political crisis in Honduras that Congress is the only one with the faculties to make this determination and that it is a sovereign institution and that no one, much less people outside of Honduras, can put time limits on Congress and that this was already established in the agreement.

Next week there will also be an extraordinary meeting in the OAS to reinstate Honduras as a full member of the organization.

It seems to me that perhaps the urgent need to recognize the elections is what pushed the agreement of the OAS to let Congress decide this. It was a sure way to make them look like a winner, let the elections be the solution, and just simply wash their hands of the whole matter. The lack of a time limit tells me clearly that they are not concerned with whether he is restored to the presidency and have let Congress decide, when and if he is restored and that either way they are going to support the decision.

I think that Zelaya failed to make many friends in the process as well and the OAS and the US were looking for anyway possible to dump him. They found the way to dump him and did so pronto.

The quick resolution on the consulates, embassy, the soon restoration of the country to the OAS, and the acceptance of Micheletti tells more than the unspoken words can tell us about the true feelings of the OAS and the US. I believe that Ortega and his antics also have not helped Zelaya in the least. My bets are that the OAS needed to get rid of him and the Honduran crisis because Ortega is next on their list and he is not going to be received kindly. I bet in the next month Ortega is suspended from the OAS and the UN and he finds blue hats in his country after the attack on the US embassy in Managua with his sympathies.


Tambopaxi said...


I agree with your take on the OAS's motives in pushing to get the Honduras crisis "resolved". I believe most parties involved, particularly the OAS and the U.S., realize just what a creep Zelaya is and has been, and they want to wash their hands of him, just as you say.

Zelaya's not going to go quietly into the political night though; I'd have to believe that he's planning violent reprisals of some sorts, and I'd hope that the Micheletti government is ready for them.

I hope you're right that the OAS is going take on Ortega. He did just the sort of thing that I'm sure Zelaya wishes he could have done in Honduras. The Nica SC decision is a patent disgrace and I'm glad that the U.S. Embassy called them (and Ortega) on it. Now if only the Nicaraguan people would slap him down as they should...

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