Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OAS Fails Again

The OAS had an emergency meeting behind closed doors. The subject of course was Honduras. The meeting was held in secret, but it is clear that their goal was to convince countries to unite against the elections and to not recognize them until Zelaya is returned to power. (Oh what to do with those naughty citizens in Honduras that just do not want to do as they are told by papa Insulza...)

They were unable to move people from the idea of elections being the right thing to do. Not recognizing elections before they are held is extremely unusual and as far as I know has never occurred. This is the same as telling the public they have no right to decide for themselves who will lead them. It almost feels like the OAS thinks that Hondurans are too ignorant to fix this situation via elections.

The US however has changed their posture a lot since the signing of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord and so far the US government has honored their deal with Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Elections will be recognized as long as there is no funny business in the electoral process. They finally recognized in the sensible fashion that these elections had been scheduled by Constitutional provisions and not by the present government. They recognized that the previous government oversaw the primaries so to not recognize them would essentially mean they had not recognized the primaries that were held under Manuel Zelaya. I actually think that the US woke up and smelled a rat and they were looking for a way to change their position. When DeMint contacted them he gave them an out and a way to change their position without losing face. I probably would have respected it more if they had just said that they had reviewed evidence and that the evidence suggested that they had been holding the wrong position and were changing their minds, but either way I will take the change of heart gladly.

Instead of the OAS worrying and wringing their hands over Honduras they should really be directing their attention at Venezuela and the situation that is threatening to spin out of control there. They also need to be taking a closer look at what is going on in Nicaragua and stop worrying about Honduras as Hondurans are about to resolve the conflict for themselves and the OAS has further destabilized their legitimacy for their posture on the elections.

Thank goodness that more than the US came to their senses. There are 5 and maybe 6 OAS members that are going to recognize the elections. The US, Columbia, Peru, Canada, Panama, and we are still waiting on word from what the official position of Mexico is going to be, but it appears at this point that they are going to recognize the electoral process in Honduras as a legitimate one. It is about time people came to their senses.


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