Friday, November 20, 2009

Micheletti, Zelaya, Congress, the International community and Elections

Oh boy there was no way I could pick so I just decided I would go for all of it in this update.

Micheletti announced last night that he was going to consult with members of the government about taking a leave of absense from November 25-December 2.   That made everyone stop momentarily and say ..what?  I have decided it is probably actually not that big of a news piece as it can be a few things, but most of it is speculation and it probably adds up to --a vacation.  I am exhausted from all of the crisis stuff so I can only imagine how he feels as president.  I do think that there was probably some suggestion in the factor from the United States since Kelly was here just a few days ago and so Micheletti decided to give them that in exchange for their recognition of the election process and the legitimacy of people being able to choose for themselves.

The biggest concerns in my middle class area were what if there is violence.  However, that was put to rest by another blogger who stated that he had said he would go back immediately at the first sign of violence.  That set me a bit at ease again.  My mother in law is worried to...she has seen more than her share of uprisings and since she lives in an area that had trouble in the 80´s with invasions from both Nicaraguans and Salvadorans she gets scared and it makes me bite my nails..and I never do that.  I love my dear mother in law to death and anything that makes her jittery affects me.

Naturally the Zelayista blogs like Honduras Coup 2009 were rattling on about how it must be some elaborate evil plot of some sort...whoever the writer RNS is I suspect that his credibility could very easily be impeached he surely is very easily impeached with his absolute denial of any other opinions than his own.  He calls readers who disagree with him misguided...never mind that constitutional experts also disagree with him.

He seems to concentrate more on tenses than the actual things that are said...conspiracy theories have never worked with me.  They claim he is being slick by saying that he might step aside after consultations during that time period...never mind that he has to consult to find out if he can legally do this during the time frame and if he cannot legally then he will not...what difference does it make it is for a week for cripes sake!

They also go out of their way to blame Pepe Lobo for the removal of Zelaya.  I want to see where he voted in the removal or went to speak to the Supreme Court before it occurred...just beg this blog to show me one piece of evidence that he directly removed Zelaya...and before they embark on it ...I should tell them I know Pepe Lobo personally so I know for a fact he had NO influence on the situation that occurred on June 28.  He was profoundly concerned about the situation that Honduras was finding itself in, but he did not go and pull strings as they suggest.  It is wise people to make sure you have evidence against a person before making false accusations against them.  I myself questioned his silence and took it directly to him and it was explained to me and I was satisfied with what I was told as a result. 

They complain that an extraordinary session should have been called a week ago..but they never considered that all of the opinions that were solicited are not in yet and they need that before any session can be called.  They also are not considering the unfairness of not letting these Congress members complete their campaigns before a session is cannot violate the rights of many for just one person.

They also go out of their way to call the Tegucigalpa-San Jose accord illegitimate...I find that an interesting word since BOTH sides willingly signed it and no one was forced to do so.  That alone makes it legitimate so I would like to see their reasoning that the agreement is not

Zelaya of course is raising sand about Micheletti and making dozens more false claims as he has done all along.  His letter to Obama revealed the lack of credibility he has...there are not hundreds of assasinations as a result of the political situation in Honduras...that is just maddening and ridiculous.  I would have loved to see Obama send him a return letter asking him to name these hundreds of assasinated people...

In the end elections will be in just 8 days and nothing is more legitimate than the vote of the people of a country.  It will be those who use their vote who decide who will be in charge come January.  The vote on election day is the one way that everyone has an equal, poor, black, white or brown...all have the same single vote and united voice.  What is more legitimate than that?


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