Sunday, November 08, 2009

Micheletti Sends Communication About Agreement

The Spanish language version of this communication to the public and the International community is on El I have translated the communication for my English speaking readers.

Communication from the Presidency of the Republic of Honduras

The government of Honduras to the public and international opinion reiterates that their position is to respect to the letter, point by point, the Agreement of Tegucigalpa/San Jose subscribed to on the 30 of October 2009, as a result of the Guaymuras Dialogue. In the same way, we reiterate our promise to continue with the process that has already been started in compliance with the points in this agreement.

1. The Government of Honduras subscribed to the agreement in good faith, confident that this would accomplish national reconciliation and fortalice the democracy of Honduras, and continue with the promise in their total compliance. The agreement was finally accomplished as a result of a long process of dialogue and negotiation, below certain mediation of distinguished functionaries of the North American government and the Organization of American States, OAS. IT is necessary to remember, that several times, during the dialogue process, Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza as well as the government of the United States, expressed that both respected whatever agreement that the two parts come to.

2. Surprisingly and while the government of unity and reconciliation was being formed and at the same time initiating the process to comply with point number five and install a Verification commission contemplated in point number 6 we discovered that one of the parts, for differences, declared that the agreement was dead and unilaterally decided to retire from the process, denying to provide proposals to the integration of the Reconciliation Cabinet.

3. This disagreement has been used by the other part as a pretext to retire unilaterally of the process of compliance of the agreement and declare it failed. This change of attitude of one of the parties, coincides with the pronouncements of Rio Group, especially the countries of ALBA, who have demonstrated scepticism of the agreement to ask ´How is it that Mr. Zelaya is able to subscribe to this document? Then finishing to declare it a failure.

4. It is not unusual for there to be distinct positions on how to comply with the points of application of an agreement, but good faith is demonstrated by resolving these disagreements inside the parameters of the agreement. It is for this reason that a Commission of Verification was convened and their labor consists among other things in watching the conduct of both parties to keep them inside the parameters of the agreement and to help resolve the differences that come about. The process is now developing and is lead by the Commission of Verification; the commission is not there to renegotiate the agreement as some want to do. They are there to assure compliance with the same agreement. I hope that the members of the high commission of Verification, not taking sides for either party, or offer declarations that tend to complicate more the disagreements and not celebrate that one of the parties has unilaterally retired from the agreement. As well it is unacceptable that the opinions of our Constitution, by the person who offered himself as a mediator in the conflict, gave an unexpected impartial gesture and took sides to justify the dissolving of the agreement in Tegucigalpa.

5. Respectfully we solicit that the OAS and the members of the International community maintain themselves inside of the parameters of the agreement, attending offers of assistance, particularly the contents of point number 3 ´General Elections and the Transfer of Government´ and number 7 ´Normalization of Relations with the Republic of Honduras.´ Both points were made by the parties that came to the agreement. Our country should not be punished because one of the parties decided to declare the agreement a failure in a unilateral manner with the intent to manipulate its content. Mr. Zelaya is trying to act as if he were a victim when in reality his protagonist role is to be the perpetrator of the same problem with is erratic behavior that characterizes him. He pretends again to set at the table and accuse the only party that is complying with the agreement and he is bound to comply with the same.

6. The government of Honduras reiterates their disposition to continue with the compliance of the agreement and insists that the other part return to the same with the end result of being able to comply with the Unity and Reconciliation government without looking for excuses to destroy the agreement with his doubts after he has already subscribed to it.

7. The International community should not below any pretext give rise to one of the parties to unilaterally remove themselves from the agreement that they subscribed to below the title of the OAS and the people who want peace for Honduras. Using the pretext that only because it has things that are not convenient for him and attending to pressures of foreign forces that want to lengthen the crisis and we reiterate the solution is Honduran.

8. Again we make a respectful call to the National Congress to continue with their consultations that have already been initiated and continue forward with the process to decide on point number 5 in the agreement and we insist that the parties consulted proceed diligently with their opinions.

Finally, we remind Hondurans and the International community that we are not in the process of negotiation or renegotiation; we are now in a process of verification of compliance with the points subscribed to in the agreement. The solution is of Hondurans and it should be respected and subject to our internal rights. We continue insisting that Mr. Zelaya continue in the process that has already been initiated and agreed to. We remind him that there is still time to demonstrate that he is truly committed to the agreement of reconciliation of the Honduran People.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, November 8, 2009


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