Sunday, November 01, 2009

How Can the US Media Always Seem to Screw Up the Facts on Honduras?

Since June 28 I have noticed a pattern in the US media that has made me start to question the entire establishment and their ability to actually report factual news.  I don´t just stick it to Fox News like Obama did.  I stick it to everyone from CNN, NBC, ABC, New York Times, all the way to Fox News and the Washington Post and back. 

In early July the media sources from the US that had came here to do reporting could not even figure out the difference between protesters that were pro Zelaya and anti Zelaya protesters.  They were so confused and their facts were all messed up.

Now that the Guayamuras agreements are concluded and signed they have declared it a victory for Obama...really? When did Obama come to Honduras?  What precisely did he do to gain a victory? Is he not one of those folks that insisted on the restitution of Zelaya or else? Did we restore Zelaya? NOPE! We agreed to think about it. So please someone tell me how that is a victory for the administration in Washington DC?

I think it was cya for Obama in a situation that he had no clue how to fix and only got worse everytime he opened his mouth.  I think he realized that Honduras was not going to retore Zelaya via threats so he decided to deal with it by letting Hondurans work it out...he realized they would never agree to restore him outright so he sent observers to the discussions.  Obama actually lost his tail on this situation in Honduras.  He realized when the Library of Congress sent a report that said he was flat wrong on Honduras and that they had followed the law and then stood by their report that he better do something.  What made a solution, any solution, for him more urgent is the calls by Congress for the GAO to investigate his Department of State and Hugo Llorens as well as the US embassy in Honduras.  I think perhaps Obama has much to hide in this and is afraid of that audit which tells me that the Republicans better stick to their guns on this one because they probably hit paydirt if they want an excuse to ditch him via impeachment...if he orchestrated anything that caused the crisis or made it worse he is going to be in a lot of hot water.
Yesterday, I read several sources that said flat out that the US had brokered a deal to return Zelaya to power.  My question to them is can they read? Nowhere in the agreement does it say that Zelaya is going to be returned to says ´we will think about it when Congress has is on their schedule...if we don´t get time until after January 27, 2010 too bad...
Honduras, this tiny little Central American Republic, flipped off the whole world and got away with I take that back they didn´t just flip them off..they flipped them off and the International community including the US came at them bearing their teeth and growling and Honduras in its tiny chihuahua way barked with all its might and scared the hell out of the rest of the world and they ran tucking their tails not sure where this banana republic gathered so much strength for a tiny spot on the map...a country smaller than South Carolina in the US...what a tremendous embarrasment for Obama and Co...a complete Foreign policy failure on behalf of his administration and a loss for him as well as the OAS community.  Both are debilitated forever for their lack of ability to see this through center glasses instead of leftist socialist hack glasses that Honduras wanted no part of.

A bit of advice for the US media sources for the next time.  Do not get your news from Chavez.  He hasn´t the slightest clue how to tell you the truth.  It is more than painfully obvious that you are getting your information from Telesur.  Next time try coming and actually investigating what is going on yourselves and you might save yourself a tremendous embarrassment and a loss of your reputation as a reliable news source.

Here are some of the news media that got their facts completely twisted on Guayamuras and the fact that there was no guaranteed restoration of Zelaya...they in fact called it a deal to restore time guys read the agreement.
Interestingly enough Ginger Thompson is no longer accepting comments just one day after she posted the article.  Maybe she realized that she had made a serious reporting error in that there was not a deal that Zelaya would be returned to power so she had to stop comments before it revealed her error.  What surprised me is only one poster said anything about her serious error. 

In fact, when I ran a google search I found over 31,000 articles claiming that Zelaya was going to be restored via the deal.  Most of them used the NYT exact words in fact.  Someone please fire this woman she has yet to get a single article about Honduras correct.

I should not just pick on US media as the Guardian from the UK screwed it up even worse.  Here is what they said:
Honduran coup leaders agree to restore ousted president to power De facto government announces that it will sign accord reinstating Manuel Zelaya they didn´t sign an accord that reinstates Zelaya they signed an accord that lets Congress discuss returning him and then they can vote yes or no and what is even better than that is that Congress can delay this all the way till January 27 and no one can do a thing about it as the agreement states there is NO time limit.

Coup leaders in Honduras have accepted a US-brokered deal allowing the ousted president, Manuel Zelaya, to return to power and resolve central America's gravest political crisis since the end of the cold war.

No they accepted a deal that would let them think about it and then vote on it after a Supreme Court decision is made and no it isn´t the gravest crisis in Central America since the cold war.  I would say that the hundreds of thousands killed in El Salvador´s civil war or in the Nicaraguan revolution would highly disagree with you on that factor and those happened in the 80´s.
The de facto government led by Roberto Micheletti said it would sign an accord reinstating the leftist leader in a national unity government, raising hopes that a dangerous standoff which has increased tension across the region will end without further bloodshed.
Really? When and where did he say this? These are the only folks who have reported this and I think perhaps they have made this up because he didn´t say anything like this in any press conferences that I have seen.
Under the deal Zelaya will return to office and share power with his adversaries; both sides will recognise the result of a 29 November presidential election, which will choose a new leader. If not re-elected, Zelaya would step down in January when his successor is sworn in.
Now I know this writer is clueless and they need a new editor as well.  First of all Zelaya cannot be re-elected as he is not a candidate in the election set for November 29 and secondly it doesn´t say anything about him returning to office or sharing power.  It says a reconciliation government will be established and there is a set date for that, but not for the return of Zelaya...


K said...

The US State Dept and international media needed an exit strategy for their beloved foolish leaders.
They tweaked the negotiation situation enough that the world was able to run a one day story in the newpaper/internet that says "Honduras crisis solved, democracy restored, credit Obama".
Everybody moves on. Faces saved.

Some can go back later and try to correct the record. They don't care. Nobody will notice.
If the world really has moved on and will stop intervening in Honduras, it will be a good thing. Surely, Chavez is not finished.
There are some sticky issues unresolved resolve such as the foreign delegation, since the Zelayistas were brought in to run the UN offices, the DC embassy and all the consulates. I doubt that will get resolved until January.
I'd be interested to know if the US State Dept expects Zelaya will get back to President or they just don't care.

LaGringaSPS said...

Yes, they did K. However, part of the agreement was that Shannon would automatically accreditate Micheletti´s appointments and the embassy as well as consultes in the US which means Rodas cannot go around intimidating folks anymore as she is not considered a legitimate member of the ministry now. My question is when will they deport her butt so she can face charges for her crooked land deal where she bought state land for 32,000 lempiras for 113 hectacres(that price no longer exists in society) and then sold it for 3 million a month later.

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