Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Badly the Media Duped Americans and Europeans

I often had wondered how the misreporting had affected the international community and in particular Europeans and Americans.  I know that it is easy to dupe people via the media and generally while the media may report half truths it converts into outright lies when it is passed from one person to another.

Yesterday, on another group in a discussion about free speech a poster from the US came out and said you want to just convince us that your military junta and military coup de tat is legal and ok.  Then she went on to say , ¨The military removed your president at the point of a gun at the beheadst of the Elections tribunal with no formal process whatsoever. ¨ She also said ´whatever happened to that agreement that Micheletti signed that was to allow Zelaya to serve out his last months in office.´
She further went on to say that Zelaya was elected by a landslide.  She told us we didn´t know what we were talking about when someone from Venezuela and myself corrected her positions.

Now for those of us living here we know that absolutely none of what she was saying is true.  Zelaya was certainly not elected by a landslide.  He was involved in the closest election in recent history and he was elected by the lowest electorate turnout ever.
We also know that the Elections tribunal had nothing to do with his removal that would be the Supreme Court that issued the arrest warrant against him and the Congress who removed him.  I wanted her to explain why that is not a formal process since it is the way it is defined in the Constitution that the Supreme Court has the authority to issue arrest warrants against politicians.  What was even more sad is she claimed that we(people who live in Honduras and Venezuela) didn´t know what we were talking about and that she knew more about what had occurred than we did.  Yet, she didn´t even know that the agreement did not say that Zelaya was going to return or how he was actually even removed or why.  This is an American who is of the Progressive persuasion.  I can only shake my head at how misinformed people can be about issues that affect Latin America. 

Her and another poster complained about the CIA funded and trained military.  I pointed out that in Senate testimony no proof whatsoever has been provided that suggests that the CIA either funded or trained the Honduran military ever.  Testimony further goes to suggest that while the 3-16 might have had something to do with some of the disappearances it was not at the orders of the CIA and that most of the disappearances were caused by the Contras and not military forces in Honduras and that further there was absolutely zero proof that this had occurred at orders of the Honduran government.  Ambassador Negroponte testified to this information before the Senate and he was the ambassador during the 80´s in Honduras.  He investigated claims and could find no proof of the allegations yet groups like SOA Watch repeat these claims, Media Matters, CNN, Democracy Now, Democratic Underground and so forth in the progressive loops all repeat these claims...not once do they consider looking at testimony or proof that soldiers in Honduras were trained not by School of Americas(which isn´t CIA, it is Army), but they were trained by Ft Bragg, North Carolina soldiers.  Furthermore, I find it incredible that the SOA Watch continues to make claims that soldiers are still being trained by a school that no longer exists...yet they never mention Daniel Ortega...hmmm
The media should present the facts with zero slant...if it is an allegation it should not be included until they have the facts to prove what they claim...allegations are what causes false perceptions and accusations against the innocent.


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