Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Debating Hillary´s Change of Heart in Honduras and Recent Murders

I have been in a state of shock since the US asst sec (soon to be amb to Brazil) Tom Shannon showed up in Honduras to broker a deal between Zelaya and Micheletti and walked out with a deal known as the Guaymuras Dialogue and then Tegucigalpa/San José Accord.  The accord consisted of several points including that Congress would decide if Zelaya would be restored to power after they consult with the Supreme Court.  I was in shock and could not understand how Shannon got Zelaya to agree to sign this document.  I have went beyond it since I think it was a political play by Zelaya that went afoul.(He thought he would play victim and convince the world that the big, bad Uncle Sam made him sign it with the claim of threats against his son Hector)

Anyhow, I had to scratch my head on why Hillary Clinton would change her radical ´it was a coup and he must be reinstated or no elections for you people´ position.

For four months she has stood that the elections would not be recognized and cut visas for normal citizens in retaliation for Honduran citizens celebrating Zelaya´s overthrow.

Then I decided it was a mixture of things.  I might be wrong about this but Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration are surely in a fix over the Honduran crisis.  Honduras just did not bend to any of the ´punishments´that they measured out to it. Honduras almost seemed like an incorrigable child to some of the world. 

First a real fly in their ointment was Senator Jim DeMint who vetoed the nominations for Shannon and Valenzuela until the administration adjusted their positions on Honduras and the ´coup that was not a coup´. 

Senator DeMint held a piece of irresistable candy in front of their noses and they bit it off...he said he would remove the veto and let the nominations go through if they recognize Honduran elections even if Zelaya is not restored to power.  I bet Hillary speed dialed Shannon and rushed him to a plane...she didn´t want to show up as we already didn´t like or trust her anymore...

Also, Zelaya has been a total embarassment to the Obama administration.  They had no clue they were supporting someone that was more insane that Saddam himself.  The cowboy hat wearing thug thinks he is God himself not to mention the harness of possible drug trafficking ties (oops...a no no for US support)

Obama´s popularity numbers started to take a nosedive less than a month after the Honduran crisis that he could not seem to get control of.  The crisis threatened to show the world how little control he had over foreign policy.  Not to mention the other things that were crumbling around him like a termite infested piece of wood.

Then Obama and Hillary Shannon ...swoop in to save the day with the accord.  However, the next day Zelaya insists that the US wants his reinstatement and he was ´threatened´by Shannon if he didn´t sign the agreement.  They supposedly threatened that they would throw his no good drug trafficking flunky son Hector Zelaya in prison for drug trafficking if he did not sign...we may never know the real facts behind what was said in the room, but he signed and knew what he was signing...and I know Zelaya is lying when he opens his mouth.

Zelaya is positive that point 5 means he has to be reinstated...or so he claims..and then Shannon torts back that no one ever told him he would be reinstated that it was up to Congress to decide that and that the US would recognize the elections regardless of whether he remains a prisoner in Brazil or not.

I can almost see Zelaya fainting over this realization...

Then Chavistas everywhere started boo hooing and whining and OAS said that they would not recognize the elections and Honduras just smiled and said ´ We don´t care´
Hondurans already realized that De Mint dangled a forbidden fruit that Hillary could not resist..and she took the fruit and made her look like a hero(except to Hondurans who know better) and De Mint gave her the nominations she so wanted..

Zelaya also had carried on with nonsense about civil war and insurrection and death would be the only thing that would keep him from being reinstated...etc.
June 28...and here we are November 11, 2009 only 17 days till elections and Zelaya is still crying foul and the country is seemingly absent of a civil war. 

We do have the question of investigating some recent kidnappings and murders though that are ironcially all people that Zelaya deems ´golpistas´.

Enzo Micheletti, Roberto Micheletti´s nephew and his friend were found murdered execution style in Choloma...

Col Concepcion Jimenez murdered in front of his home.  Those arrested as suspects have been released.

kidnapping of the defense minister´s father...who has been safely released after a ransom was paid.

kidnapping of Concepcion ´Concho´ Gomez in Juticalpa, Olancho the husband of a Nationalist Congress member.

murder of Rafael Callejas´youngest brother.  For those of you who do not know who he is ...Callejas is the former Nationalist president of Honduras from 1990-1994.
There have been arrests in this case, but I have not heard what the hypothosis is yet behind this murder.

murder of a mayor of Jacon, Yoro, between Olancho and Yoro.  He is a nationalist mayor as well and was up for reelection.  He was killed along with one of his body guards and the other was injured in the shooting, but one of the delinquents was also killed in the shooting.  While at this point the police are working on the theory that he was killed by enemies they have not discarded completely that there could be a political factor to this murder.

Question is when are the human rights organizations going to decry these murders that perhaps were ordered by Zelaya and the resistance?


Anonymous said...

Eduardo Maldonado has a short time ago announced his withdrawal from the so-called "resistencia" and his full support of the Liberal Party candidate, Elvin Santos.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget how the US embassador had a so called "friendship" with zelaya and never tried to stop him.

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