Monday, November 30, 2009

Huge Victory for Honduras

I stood upright for hours from just after midnight Sunday morning until Monday 3 am while the elections started their journey.  Normally as an international observer I would not have had to stand so long or do such a long shift but disaster almost occurred.  They had so many urns to deliver that they ran out of custodians for the urns.  I was picked to be the observer while the presidents of the voting tables became custodians and after the elections I became custodian with presidents as co custodians until the custodian arrived it made it difficult for me to observe any of the other schools, but I was informing how the votes were going in the other schools in the neighborhood and everything seemed to be very smooth and quiet in the other areas with people voting and going home.  The vote did start a little late in all of the three schools in our neighborhood but voting was extended till 5 pm as there were lots of people waiting to vote in the two upper schools and there was a steady stream even after 4 at the smaller school where I was located.  I picked the school, because I had been told that there was a few of the Resistance members that had incorporated into the tables and were going to be assessors to throw the election in the neighborhood which would have gave illegitimacy all around.  I was really glad I was there, because there were a few incidents but they were quickly resolved and the military and police acted completely professional during the entire time. 
There were two leftist political assessors with no credentials that consistently interferred with the election process by making rude comments of which they were advised quite a few times with my presence to not be doing things that violated the law.  Well four o´clock came and it was discovered that we were going to have to stay till five.  Everyone was very tired so I sort of understand their wanting to go home, but the two assessors it is the tables decision to close or not and no one can tell them what to do.  The major from the military told her clearly that she would have to leave if she kept involving herself in the process and furthermore, that she would have to stop making political based comments.  Then said to all of them that if one of them stepped to abandon their spot until 5 he would arrest them and they would be forced to stay in the room present, under arrest, until the 5 pm time frame and then they would be taken to jail for boycotting the election and trying to defraud electors.  They stayed and the resistance assessors were quiet up till they tried to start talking about ´coup´and ´farce´in the elections etc.  The major asked them how 6 years in prison sounded and that he would not touch her but the police would be glad to take her to a cell that was awaiting her.  She really did become quiet then and about 10 minutes later left the election location in disgust with her inability to invalidate the process that was taking place.
When they started to count the ballots it took until 10 pm to count the votes.  The counting went very smooth and quiet with no interuption considering that the resistance had left the building. 
We then had to wait and go to the area where ballots were turned in and I went with the soldiers as they asked me to go and receive the other ballot packs and urns.  I accompanied their pick ups since they were absent their custodian and things went smooth with no real problems to be noted...just very tired poll workers everywhere. 
When we arrived back at the location with all of the urns the custodians had finally arrived and it was 1:30 am so I was able to go home and fall into bed with no further knowledge of life until the next morning.  However, I was so proud to participate.
Pepe Lobo is the president and as the vote looks it looks like Dr Zuniga is the mayor of San Pedro Sula, Ricardo Alvarez is the mayor for Tegucigalpa.  Elvin Santos was very gracious in his consession speech.  I could not have been more impressed with his impressive ability to communicate peace, professionalism, and pride in Honduras...he will probably win if he runs again in the next electoral process and that would not bother me a bit.  I for now though am very happy that Pepe Lobo is the new president elect. 
The story of Dr. Zuniga is an interesting one.  He is the liberal candidate for mayor and he only had three weeks to campaign which made it difficult.  However, he had a lot of people and was well partisan people like him not for his politics but his personal character is impecable. 
Dr.  Zuniga was the director of Catarino Rivas and he is a cardiologist and has helped poor people in the community for years and long before he ever went into politics.  Zelaya wanted him to assist him with creating votes for the fourth urn and Dr. Zuniga said that he would not do that and that it was WRONG and corrupt and that he was not that type of person.  Zelaya fired him as a result and today the ´pueblo´has voted for him to become the next mayor in just 3 weeks of campaigning..impressive...and a clear message to corrupt officials and to Zelaya about his fourth ballot plans.
Meanwhile....Zelaya was in the Brazilian embassy screaming that the elections were fraudulent and that he was going to nulify the elections.  He called for the world to not recognize the elections. I wonder how he managed to count the ballots, scrutinize the voting process and all that jazz from inside the Brazilian embassy? Did he forget that he is in jail?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spinning the News on Honduras

International media has outdone themselves since June 28 to spin the news in Honduras to the point that it is almost ridiculous and sometimes outright false...

Here is one more example of media spin from an article written today..

False Claim #1 The only leftist in the presidential contest, Carlos Reyes, withdrew from the race, while the anti-coup Resistance Front said it is already too late to ensure a free and fair ballot.

This is absolutely false...Cesar Ham is from the Unification Democratica and he is a leftist to the extreme...Of course Carlos H Reyes was the only Communist which is perhaps what they should have written...

PINU candidate Bernard Martinez is also from a party that is center left...

Liberal Party Candidate is Elvin Santos...Mel Zelaya was a Liberal party member...

In fact the only real right candidate is DC candidate Felicito Avila

The Nationalist party is Center right and that candidate is Pepe Lobo.

The two main parties both have candidates running for presidency and one of the mayors of Tocoa, Colon who had been in the ´resistance´ got on his knees and begged for forgiveness for his errors and joined Elvin Santos in encouraging people to vote.

False Claim #2 Many of those protests have been broken up violently by soldiers and police on the orders of the coup regime, with a toll of a dozen deaths and hundreds injured and arrested. While the leader of the de facto regime, Roberto Micheletti, resorted at one point to a state of siege and has forced anti-coup media outlets off the air for weeks at a time.

Most of these protests have been violent and the soldiers have done an extraordinary job of keeping thier cool.  There have not been a dozen deaths either.  He actually also resorted to a curfew because of the looting of private homes and businesses and attacks on private citizens..which clearly warranted the situation of a curfew.  The media outlets that were forced off air would not have been on the air in the US in the first place...they were calling for violence and for blood to flow in the streets and one of the announcers is an anti semite who calls Hitler a hero that should have finished the job...and to make it worse he raped his ten year old daughter, went to prison on a ten year sentence and was pardoned by ZELAYA.

False Claim #3 But while the coup plotters accuse Zelaya of seeking to extend his stay in office, any potential constitutional change to allow presidential re-election would not have taken place until well after the incumbent stepped down in January.

Coup plotters...your bias is clear.. Zelaya was attempting to extend his stay and he said so himself on live television.  Also, the attempt to make constitutional changes was not for him to do that was unconstitutional and the Supreme Court said so...what part of that can you folks not understand?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

OAS Fails Again

The OAS had an emergency meeting behind closed doors. The subject of course was Honduras. The meeting was held in secret, but it is clear that their goal was to convince countries to unite against the elections and to not recognize them until Zelaya is returned to power. (Oh what to do with those naughty citizens in Honduras that just do not want to do as they are told by papa Insulza...)

They were unable to move people from the idea of elections being the right thing to do. Not recognizing elections before they are held is extremely unusual and as far as I know has never occurred. This is the same as telling the public they have no right to decide for themselves who will lead them. It almost feels like the OAS thinks that Hondurans are too ignorant to fix this situation via elections.

The US however has changed their posture a lot since the signing of the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord and so far the US government has honored their deal with Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Elections will be recognized as long as there is no funny business in the electoral process. They finally recognized in the sensible fashion that these elections had been scheduled by Constitutional provisions and not by the present government. They recognized that the previous government oversaw the primaries so to not recognize them would essentially mean they had not recognized the primaries that were held under Manuel Zelaya. I actually think that the US woke up and smelled a rat and they were looking for a way to change their position. When DeMint contacted them he gave them an out and a way to change their position without losing face. I probably would have respected it more if they had just said that they had reviewed evidence and that the evidence suggested that they had been holding the wrong position and were changing their minds, but either way I will take the change of heart gladly.

Instead of the OAS worrying and wringing their hands over Honduras they should really be directing their attention at Venezuela and the situation that is threatening to spin out of control there. They also need to be taking a closer look at what is going on in Nicaragua and stop worrying about Honduras as Hondurans are about to resolve the conflict for themselves and the OAS has further destabilized their legitimacy for their posture on the elections.

Thank goodness that more than the US came to their senses. There are 5 and maybe 6 OAS members that are going to recognize the elections. The US, Columbia, Peru, Canada, Panama, and we are still waiting on word from what the official position of Mexico is going to be, but it appears at this point that they are going to recognize the electoral process in Honduras as a legitimate one. It is about time people came to their senses.

How Badly the Media Duped Americans and Europeans

I often had wondered how the misreporting had affected the international community and in particular Europeans and Americans.  I know that it is easy to dupe people via the media and generally while the media may report half truths it converts into outright lies when it is passed from one person to another.

Yesterday, on another group in a discussion about free speech a poster from the US came out and said you want to just convince us that your military junta and military coup de tat is legal and ok.  Then she went on to say , ¨The military removed your president at the point of a gun at the beheadst of the Elections tribunal with no formal process whatsoever. ¨ She also said ´whatever happened to that agreement that Micheletti signed that was to allow Zelaya to serve out his last months in office.´
She further went on to say that Zelaya was elected by a landslide.  She told us we didn´t know what we were talking about when someone from Venezuela and myself corrected her positions.

Now for those of us living here we know that absolutely none of what she was saying is true.  Zelaya was certainly not elected by a landslide.  He was involved in the closest election in recent history and he was elected by the lowest electorate turnout ever.
We also know that the Elections tribunal had nothing to do with his removal that would be the Supreme Court that issued the arrest warrant against him and the Congress who removed him.  I wanted her to explain why that is not a formal process since it is the way it is defined in the Constitution that the Supreme Court has the authority to issue arrest warrants against politicians.  What was even more sad is she claimed that we(people who live in Honduras and Venezuela) didn´t know what we were talking about and that she knew more about what had occurred than we did.  Yet, she didn´t even know that the agreement did not say that Zelaya was going to return or how he was actually even removed or why.  This is an American who is of the Progressive persuasion.  I can only shake my head at how misinformed people can be about issues that affect Latin America. 

Her and another poster complained about the CIA funded and trained military.  I pointed out that in Senate testimony no proof whatsoever has been provided that suggests that the CIA either funded or trained the Honduran military ever.  Testimony further goes to suggest that while the 3-16 might have had something to do with some of the disappearances it was not at the orders of the CIA and that most of the disappearances were caused by the Contras and not military forces in Honduras and that further there was absolutely zero proof that this had occurred at orders of the Honduran government.  Ambassador Negroponte testified to this information before the Senate and he was the ambassador during the 80´s in Honduras.  He investigated claims and could find no proof of the allegations yet groups like SOA Watch repeat these claims, Media Matters, CNN, Democracy Now, Democratic Underground and so forth in the progressive loops all repeat these claims...not once do they consider looking at testimony or proof that soldiers in Honduras were trained not by School of Americas(which isn´t CIA, it is Army), but they were trained by Ft Bragg, North Carolina soldiers.  Furthermore, I find it incredible that the SOA Watch continues to make claims that soldiers are still being trained by a school that no longer exists...yet they never mention Daniel Ortega...hmmm
The media should present the facts with zero slant...if it is an allegation it should not be included until they have the facts to prove what they claim...allegations are what causes false perceptions and accusations against the innocent.

Why Recognizing Honduran Elections Is Right

Recognizing the electoral process in Honduras is recognizing the fundamental rights of the people to have a voice.

The elections were programmed by the Honduran constitutional process which dictates that they occur every four years and the last president was elected on November 29, 2005. That candidate was liberal party candidate José Manuel Zelaya Rosales. I will not go into whether fraud did or did not occur then as it is not important to this electoral process which clearly does not include him.

The preliminary vote for the candidates that we have today was held last year in November. The election was held late due to a natural disaster that occurred then. However, while I recognize that there was serious flooding and good reason to delay the primaries many felt that Zelaya wanted to do away with them all together at that time and there was a feeling of uneasiness growing in the population at that time as to his plans of turning over the presidency when the time came. The vote was held though and out of that primary came the following candidates: Nationalist Candidate: Porfirio Lobo Sosa, Liberal Party Candidate: Elvin Santos, Christian Democracy Candidate: Felicito Avila, PINU Candidate: Bernard Martinez (and the first Garifuna candidate ever), and UD Candidate: Cesar Ham. At that time Honduras also had their very first independent candidate: Carlos H Reyes. However, Carlos H Reyes has resigned his aspiration to the presidency. It is clear that on November 29, 2009 elections were scheduled to be held and during that same time frame Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales still held the presidency. So the process is legitimate even though he claims it is not.

The US and some other countries have decided it is difficult to not recognize the voice of the people and to also not admit that the process was one that was scheduled previous to the present government of Roberto Micheletti Baín. One cannot argue that the electoral process has come out of his government with a straight face, because in reality the electoral process commenced during the government of Zelaya. The US and others recognize this complicated situation as well as the recognition of the voice of the people as being a solution to the crisis. It is important to observe the elections because a government cannot determine if they are fraudulent or not if they have not observed the actual process and whether it was a clean election. So the observers are arriving at rapid pace…and we all welcome this. If anything these elections should be closely observed by every country that is involved in this situation to determine the legitimacy of the process and reserve preconceived notions. My only exception to this is that I do not believe it to be beneficial to have observers from the ALBA countries. ALBA has a predefined interest in the elections not being recognized and therefore has an interest in not recognizing the process as legitimate.

In just 5 days and 5 hours we will hold elections to select a new president and move forward from the crisis that has surrounded Honduras since June 28, 2009. However, there are many questions that remain. Many say what happens after elections? Where do we go from here? What happens to Zelaya who is still huddled in the Brazilian embassy and complaining profusely about the situation he has found himself in and the elections? A few months ago he was praising the US and now he is complaining bitterly about their decision to recognize the elections and their decision to respect the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord and the decision of Congress regardless of what that decision might be. Congress has decided to wait until December 2, 2009 to debate on Zelaya and what happens to him. I believe that he has discovered that the vote is not going to be in his favor and therefore he is complaining bitterly about the agreement and backed out of it when he discovered that he could not manipulate the Congress into returning him to the presidency. His ranting has surely not assisted in giving anyone the desire to return him to the presidency or to be convinced that he has repented from previous actions. If anything he seems more determined than ever to continue on with his illegal actions that he had previously undertaken and ended with him being removed from the presidency he held. The Honduran constitution worked and with a united government it has held strong.

It does not really matter whether you are from the right or left at this point, voting is the only thing that matters. Everyone should vote so that the democracy is strengthened instead of weakened. Voting is a duty of every citizen regardless of their political stances and that includes the Resistance. If they hope to have a voice in government and attain their goals…I have to question how they plan on doing those things if they have boycotted the process and have no voice in the government.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elections and Views of Two Taxi Drivers

As I rode to the closing of the Nationalist campaign in San Pedro Sula today I rode in one taxi that was a person saying he is not going to vote. When I rode back in another taxi that person was a Nationalist. The attitude was very different in both drivers. However, both were not very adept at what is actually going on in the country and both were poorly educated.

The first driver was convinced that Zelaya was tricked into signing the Tegucigalpa San Jose Accord because he believed that he had been told that he would be returned on November 5 to the presidency and the Congress was just a formality. I do not believe that someone who is supposed to be intelligent enough to be president is able to be tricked into signing an agreement that says something very different from what he is claiming he was promised. This is a convenient excuse and more propaganda to lead the ignorant into believing he was duped. Before I got out of the car I turned to him and said…you know why voting is important? He looked perplexed at my question and said no. I looked straight at him and said in the US, blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and women fought for more than 100 years to have the right to vote and in Honduras for just 27 years has the community had the right to vote and to ignore that struggle is to spit in our ancestors faces and stomp on their graves for that struggle. He was silent and thanked me and said that he would consider my thoughts and decide on whether he would vote or not. Will he? I do not know…but I hope he will take my words to heart because I meant every single one of them. His attitude had indeed changed from the moment in which I had entered his car to the moment I left it at the rally.

When I had enough of the rally because it was really very crowded and very hot at the same time I decided to not wait for the buses to leave and deal with the crowds which I hate. So I went and found another taxi. This time I stepped into a totally different attitude. This driver was indeed going to vote and felt like Liberals were divided for a long time to come and that their division had handed the presidency to Lobo on a silver cake platter. He said they may as well inaugurate him after seeing the campaign rally there is little doubt he will win. I was impressed with his observation and asked what his thoughts were on the situation in the country. He was very pronounced in his opinions and still like others held the opinion that none of the presidents or hopefuls has ever really cared about Honduras. He felt it would take a group of Americans or Americans and Europeans running the country for at least 8 years to change attitudes and the direction of the country. He said we need people like you who know what justice is about. I considered his thoughts…and sympathized with them. He said look I am not educated and never was, I am poor or lower middle class like most of the country and our only hope is a government that will lead for the people and not for a handful of people who tag along for personal benefit. I felt that was a dead on target point. Impressive for an uneducated taxi driver. However, his next statement would take me by surprise. Evidently in recent days he had been robbed, the robbers stuffed him in the trunk of the car and he is sure if he had not pulled the emergency release and escaped they would have killed him. He was so suddenly angry at this that he said that they need a president who will either kick out or do away with all of the gangs, thugs, robbers, and general undesirables in the country. He said Hondurans are a hard working people, but those of us who do not want to work ruin it for everyone that does want to work and do something for themselves. While I found his words to disturb me I found it even more unsettling that I found myself agreeing with him as to truth in his thoughts. I disagree with doing away with undesirables as attractive as that might seem. However, there does need to be a strong stance taken in reference to the undesirables in this country.

What I do know about this entire experience separate from my experience at the rally itself was that people from identical backgrounds have taken entirely different positions on this crisis and I hope that in the long run it is for the positive and not the negative of Honduras.

One thing is clear and that is that Manuel Zelaya was able to divide Hondurans irregardless of identical backgrounds and that division will take many years to heal if it were not for the peaceful nature of Hondurans I am afraid that this country would have been mired in a civil war at this point and I am thankful for their peaceful nature because it may take them further than other countries without the need to hurt over those they have lost before the crisis is resolved.

photos courtesy of La Prensa of campaign closing rallies in San Pedro Sula. 

Lunacy from the Democratic Underground

I saw an article that made me spit coke everywhere.  I had to add this here because it is an absolutely FALSE report. 

Their claim is that the government is requiring everyone to turn in their guns starting Monday...not quite true at all.  What is true is that from Monday until December 2, 2009 you are not permitted to carry a gun with you in the car even if you have a reminded folks in the US...that a person must have their gun registered in the first place to even own the gun.  So if they don´t have paperwork yes they will take them to jail along with the is illegal to carry an illegal gun..however, if a person with a legal permit is found to be carrying a gun it will simply be detained and they can pick it up again after December 2.  That my friends is a very different story from what Democratic Underground or AFP is telling folks...

I did not bother with the know it alls at Democratic Underground ..Judi Lynn will tell you that she knows more about what is going on in Honduras than people who live here do...I did send an email to AFP asking that they correct the false story.

Judi Lynn will also make the false claim that 26 people have been murdered by the government in ethnic cleansing...I want her to name these 26 people and provide her proof the government ordered their murders.  I wonder if Judi Lynn realizes that Honduras has the highest murder rate in the Americas?   Does she realize what fantasticly low number 26 murders in 4 months is if ethnic cleansing were going ...I want to know what ethnicity is being cleansed?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stupidity Abounds in the Resistance Thugs and The Boycott

The supposed grandmother of their group claims that the constitution needs to be written again because it is ancient and the documents are outdated.  She claims, ´No one follows it anymore anyway because it is so old.´  They have ancient articles that cannot be rewritten.  Does this woman know what those articles are beyond the presidential term limits? I wonder if she thinks that Honduran borders should be a debatable subject or for sale?  I wonder does  think a president should be able to change the form of government? Should he be able to give precious resources away to other countries like Chavez? That is what the stone articles entail....protecting sovereign rights.

This ridiculous claim left me speechless. 

The US Constitution...a document I consider indeed ancient and I dare say someone would get the snot kicked out of them in the US fo saying such mockery.  The US Constitution was ratified June 21, 1788.  The Honduran Constitution January 11, 1982.  So this elderly woman who is three times as old as the constitution thinks the document is ancient.  For crying out loud it is 27 years old...that is not ancient...I was born in 1971 and I for sure do not think I am ancient..if someone said the things she said about the US constitution I would slap them silly.

What leaves me even more dumbfounded is they have bought this crap about boycotting the election...they are convinced that the vote is rigged and that no one should vote anyway.  If you do not vote you lose your voice.  How ridiculous can a person be to try to prevent people from voting? Isn´t will of the people what should be heard? They have choices...but they seem to want to take their choice away.  These same folks will be crying about how they aren´t represented in a year...and I will be the first to say it is your own cotton picken fault. 

This same grandmother even flat out lied when she claimed that it wasn´t them stealing, looting and throwing rocks or spray painting was the military she claims...interesting that there is photographic evidence that proves she is a dirty liar.
Now I was always taught to respect my elders so it bothers me some to say that about an elderly woman...but to blatantly also needs to be pointed out....

What is even worse is that Zelaya and the Resistence are not content with just boycotting peacefully and not voting themselves...they want to force others to not vote against their will.  They have elaborated violent measures such as ´miguelitos´to prevent the vehicles from being able to transport the urns or ballots.  They have elaborated bombs like those found in a car last night close to colonia Satelite.
So they are not content to allow others to participate because they are crying over not getting their way.  So instead of accepting what happens they intend to throw a temper tantrum that includes harming other Hondurans. 

Racism is another issue along with an envy complex among the Resistence.  They are angry that others have more money than they do.  They are complaining about Jews, Turks, and Americans...yet when they go to the US they are the first to scream racism because they are Hispanic.  Interesting.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Micheletti, Zelaya, Congress, the International community and Elections

Oh boy there was no way I could pick so I just decided I would go for all of it in this update.

Micheletti announced last night that he was going to consult with members of the government about taking a leave of absense from November 25-December 2.   That made everyone stop momentarily and say ..what?  I have decided it is probably actually not that big of a news piece as it can be a few things, but most of it is speculation and it probably adds up to --a vacation.  I am exhausted from all of the crisis stuff so I can only imagine how he feels as president.  I do think that there was probably some suggestion in the factor from the United States since Kelly was here just a few days ago and so Micheletti decided to give them that in exchange for their recognition of the election process and the legitimacy of people being able to choose for themselves.

The biggest concerns in my middle class area were what if there is violence.  However, that was put to rest by another blogger who stated that he had said he would go back immediately at the first sign of violence.  That set me a bit at ease again.  My mother in law is worried to...she has seen more than her share of uprisings and since she lives in an area that had trouble in the 80´s with invasions from both Nicaraguans and Salvadorans she gets scared and it makes me bite my nails..and I never do that.  I love my dear mother in law to death and anything that makes her jittery affects me.

Naturally the Zelayista blogs like Honduras Coup 2009 were rattling on about how it must be some elaborate evil plot of some sort...whoever the writer RNS is I suspect that his credibility could very easily be impeached he surely is very easily impeached with his absolute denial of any other opinions than his own.  He calls readers who disagree with him misguided...never mind that constitutional experts also disagree with him.

He seems to concentrate more on tenses than the actual things that are said...conspiracy theories have never worked with me.  They claim he is being slick by saying that he might step aside after consultations during that time period...never mind that he has to consult to find out if he can legally do this during the time frame and if he cannot legally then he will not...what difference does it make it is for a week for cripes sake!

They also go out of their way to blame Pepe Lobo for the removal of Zelaya.  I want to see where he voted in the removal or went to speak to the Supreme Court before it occurred...just beg this blog to show me one piece of evidence that he directly removed Zelaya...and before they embark on it ...I should tell them I know Pepe Lobo personally so I know for a fact he had NO influence on the situation that occurred on June 28.  He was profoundly concerned about the situation that Honduras was finding itself in, but he did not go and pull strings as they suggest.  It is wise people to make sure you have evidence against a person before making false accusations against them.  I myself questioned his silence and took it directly to him and it was explained to me and I was satisfied with what I was told as a result. 

They complain that an extraordinary session should have been called a week ago..but they never considered that all of the opinions that were solicited are not in yet and they need that before any session can be called.  They also are not considering the unfairness of not letting these Congress members complete their campaigns before a session is cannot violate the rights of many for just one person.

They also go out of their way to call the Tegucigalpa-San Jose accord illegitimate...I find that an interesting word since BOTH sides willingly signed it and no one was forced to do so.  That alone makes it legitimate so I would like to see their reasoning that the agreement is not

Zelaya of course is raising sand about Micheletti and making dozens more false claims as he has done all along.  His letter to Obama revealed the lack of credibility he has...there are not hundreds of assasinations as a result of the political situation in Honduras...that is just maddening and ridiculous.  I would have loved to see Obama send him a return letter asking him to name these hundreds of assasinated people...

In the end elections will be in just 8 days and nothing is more legitimate than the vote of the people of a country.  It will be those who use their vote who decide who will be in charge come January.  The vote on election day is the one way that everyone has an equal, poor, black, white or brown...all have the same single vote and united voice.  What is more legitimate than that?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nine Days Till Elections...The Road Ahead

We are exactly nine days from the elections and Honduras has come a long way.  The president who wins the elections will clearly have a long road to travel.  He will have a harder job than those that came before him.  He will have to actually work to clean up the corrpution, deal with the crime that is overwhelming in areas like San Pedro Sula, deal with the explosion of narcotics trafficking that has almost overtaken the country since  Zelaya became president.  He will have to deal with the international community looking at his every move in order to discredit him.  He will have a small section  of the population that will consider him illegitimate.

The president that takes charge will have a bankrupt government that will have to make hard decisions and have to lobby hard the loans and aid to rebuild from bankruptcy.  The government will also have to present equal justice to the poor and the wealthy and do something about education.  Teachers are already lobbying for their raise. 

Teachers lobbying for a raise makes my blood boil.  What precisely have they done to deserve a raise? They spent the entire school year in the streets on strike or loafing.  They need their pay cut and all raises structured around the results they give as a teacher.  The first step is rewriting their docente law so that they do not use it to abuse their position and hold the public hostage.   The government should be required to pay them on time and they should be forbidden from strikes except outside of school hours.  If they do not like those terms they are welcome to find a job in the private sector.

More to come...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Rebuttal to Roberto Quesada´s Editorial in Honduras This Week

Unfortunately, the military coup in Honduras and the United States’ announcement to recognize the elections, without reversing the military coup is another coup to all of Latin America and undoubtedly a regression in relations. The other day, while waiting at a traffic light, I told another driver who was wearing a hat with the image of Obama, “Obama has let us down in my country Honduras, they are about to recognize some elections under a state of terror”. The traffic light changed and each of us accelerated and quickly lost sight of each other.

Actually that is incorrect in my opinion. Elections where the people choose who their new leader is has always been the solution and always will be the solution. Violeta Chamorro is one example of that, Pinochet is another; elections have always resolved governments seen as illegitimate. What is undeniable is that elections were already scheduled for November 29, 2009 from the moment that Zelaya was elected. The Supreme Elections Tribunal is a separate entity from the Executive office and is separate from Congress. The primaries were held under Zelaya and the candidates are the same with the exception of Carlos H Reyes who withdrew his candidacy on his own.

The elections were and always will be legitimate and it is ridiculous to not hold the elections. Zelaya did not want elections to occur period. He wanted to erase them…that is why he chose to hold the illegal referendum when he did.

Ambassador Hugo Llorens, as you can see, this military coup concerns even children.

Your son is feeding off your outrage and he should not be exposed to it. The children should be left out of this situation entirely. Furthermore, military coup it is not. If this were a military coup then Roberto Micheletti would not be at the helm. The leader would be Vasquez Velasquez and there would be no Congress and no Supreme Court to make any decisions. If you doubt that then you need to refer yourself to other military coups that have actually occurred including Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and Aristides in Haiti.

Nobody believes the story that Hondurans should resolve this issue "Honduran style". That banner belongs to the de facto government. The US has always intervened in our country. Perhaps the rumor that the Obama administration allowed the Republicans to twist its arm on Honduras is true. If so, then I think Mr. Obama's decline is imminent.

Really? I believe that Hondurans should resolve it. I think that outside interference has had the tendency to mess things up worse as history has shown. Who better to resolve this than Hondurans with a mediator to keep a war from breaking out? Yes, they have always intervened and that is precisely why they should desist from it further. That is how we became a banana republic in the first place. No the Republicans did not twist his arm as he promised a long time ago that he was not going to involve himself in internal matters in other countries and he is trying hard to keep the promise.

Many of us still hope that the US will change its ways in Latin America and that it will adopt positions emphasizing human equality and dignity for their own sake, regardless of ethnic background, creed, or religion. At the Summit of the Americas, celebrated this past April in Trinidad and Tobago, in which Mr. Obama promised a new era of relations with Latin America, he gave us much reason to be optimistic. He succeeded in removing much of the distrust we naturally feel for the US. Unfortunately, the announcement by the US government that it would recognize the elections in Honduras without reversing the military coup only dashed our hopes.

It should not dash your hopes considering what it means is moving on past the situation and not keeping things status quo. Furthermore, there was an agreement named Tegucigalpa-San Jose that was signed by both sides and agreed to and thus far Micheletti has held up his end of the deal. Zelaya is the one that is throwing a fit as if he were a child. He needs to grow up. If he could not bribe Congress into reinstating him that is just too bad he agreed to accept what they decided.

We, the truly democratic people of Honduras have already overthrown the military coup at the intellectual, informative and moral level. But then came Thomas Shannon’s announcement which gave oxygen to the dictatorship which was beginning to expire. You are aware that this move served to turn back the hands of time and return the US to the days when it created and backed dictators in Latin America. Recall President Theodore Roosevelt's comments about the dictator Somoza in Nicaragua, "Yes, he is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch".

Actually that is incorrect…Zelaya was huddled in the Brazilian embassy from Sept 21 forward and people were jumping ship right and left before Shannon came and when Shannon came he brokered a deal…both signed no one was forced…so now if Zelaya is honorable, and I do not believe he is, he would stick to the agreement. It is sort of like you agreeing to sell your land, signing the sales contract, spending the money, and then deciding you do not want to sell and aren´t going to give the money back either.

Do not think for a moment that the US’ announcement to support an electoral process conducted under a military coup which has left in its wake more than thirty peope dead, four thousand violations of human rights, and repressions of freedom of speech is only having an impact on Latin America. No. Inside the US, labor unions and immigrant, religious and artistic organizations are repudiating what has happened and believe that if the US does not reverse the military coup in Honduras, the time will come for payback at the ballot box.

More than 30 dead people? Name them and provide proof that Micheletti ordered them murdered….unless that is you are going to include Micheletti´s nephew , Concho Gomez and the brother of Callejas. Sorry, but being dishonest and exaggerating does not help the cause it just makes you look ridiculous. You talk about payback at the ballot box. Well that is precisely what we are saying you should do instead of trying to insist that Zelaya be reinstated and elections cancelled go to the ballot box and vote for your choice even if it is a punishment vote.

While we were looking at photos related to the coup, my son asked why they had done that, and I easily responded, "Look, you as a US citizen have medical insurance, a doctor, immunizations. You go to a nice pre-kindergarten. You have everything. You even have a cafeteria where you eat for free. You go to the park and you play and it is safe. This is what President Zelaya wanted for children in Honduras. He wanted children to not have to walk barefoot. He wanted them to have enough food to eat, to be able to play, to not die because of a lack of affordable medicines. He wanted them to have the opportunities to study. In short, he wanted the Honduran people to one day have a better life. He wanted them to have a lifestyle at least half as good as that enjoyed by children in the US.

That is not what Zelaya wanted for children in Honduras. He had 4 years to do the job and do what he wanted and he did nothing of the sort. As a US citizen a child does not have free medical insurance, free cafeterias, etc. If he wanted them to have better educations then he would not have been promoting children being out of school while teachers were in the streets. During his entire administration not one time did the teachers complete their 200 days in classes. If you solve the teacher strikes then you have solved half the problem already. Until you deal with teachers that are terrorists then you cannot move forward.

So then my friend Ambassador Llorens, what else do you need now to rescue democracy in Honduras. Does it take a genocide, a massacre? Andres Pavón, the president of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) has already alerted us about a massacre plan to help perpetuate the dictatorship in power. Not too long ago, Mr. Obama spoke at the funeral for the three victims of the massacre last Thursday at Fort Hood. He said, “No religion could justify these cowardly killings”. I would add to this that absolutely nothing justifies a military coup or the recognition of elections under a military state of terror in which more than thirty people have already lost their lives.

They called Andres Pavon to show the evidence and they would investigate he has NO evidence so please elaborate why he went to the media and not to the police first? Should a person not try to stop such a massacre by showing evidence? You cannot make false accusations in Honduras as that is a crime. If he has evidence he needs to bring it forward. Even a massacre will not perpetuate Micheletti in power. The elections are going to occur, the votes will be counted and that will be that. If there is a massacre I welcome outside police such as CSI units from the US to go and investigate the situation and determine who is at fault. Kelly seemed to allude to the violence being caused by the Resistance and he is right. I have watched their violent mannerisms and frankly they have brought much of their pain upon themselves.

You know all too well that social injustice in Honduras runs deep. You know that President Zelaya is innocent.

So it is a figment of our imagination that we watched him on live television commit the acts he did? If he is innocent then why not face the courts? He was offered the opportunity to face a court in an international court.  If he is so innocent why would he refuse? Is the International Court unjust too?

You know that the dictatorship lead by Mr. Micheletti and Gen. Romeo Vasquez Velasquez have systematically violated human rights.

No, no one knows anything for a fact. If you have evidence you are welcome to present it at any time and particularly on this forum. Evidence speaks, not just words or baseless accusations.

You are aware that the only way to reverse the military coup is to reinstate the constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

Really? So the way to reverse the military coup in Nicaragua was to reinstate Somoza? Or was it to have elections and let Ortega leave power?

The upcoming elections will only worsen the crisis, and those who support them will be nothing more than direct accomplices. Meanwhile, what Mr. Obama expressed in Trinidad and Tobago about a new era of respect in relations between the US and Latin America becomes wet paper, and the only option for Latin American countries is to align themselves more with the southern part of the hemisphere and strengthen their relationships with other continents... regions with which we can share a mutual respect.

Direct accomplices? No that is incorrect they will be Honduran citizens exercising their right to suffrage because if you do not use it then you will lose it. If you do not vote you cannot complain about the candidate you get stuck with. Voting resolves the worst of conflicts. Insisting that Zelaya be returned to power is not the resolution it is only a path to a blood bath because while there are some that want him back in power there are just as many and indeed more that do not want him back in power and elections cancelled. Cancelling elections is not saving democracy it is subverting it.

My impression from his description at the bottom and in his editorial is that he lives in the United States.  He does not have a clue what is actually happening in Honduras as he is not here.  He speaks about Hondurans, but he is married to an American with an American child and lives in the United States.  If he is so worried about democracy and the betterment of Honduras why isn´t he living here?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Padre Tamayo in Custody of Salvadoran Authorities Now

Tamayo has left the Brazilian embassy and was taken into custody by the Salvadoran diplomats and El Salvador has promised that he will be returned to El Salvador on Wednesday.

Tamayo early on involved himself in the Resistance and was deposed from his priest position in the cathedral in Salama by Catholic authorities for his failure to follow orders from the church to desist from his activities.

Tamayo continued and when Zelaya returned to Honduras on Sept 21 he also hid inside the Brazilian embassy.  He was stripped of his Honduran citizenship for trying to boycott elections.

Now the question is...when does Mel come out and turn himself over to authorities?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Reward Europe by Traveling for Vacation

Hondurans and Ex Pats as well as Americans...we should reward Europe by visiting some of their most famous destinations.

Liberal International made our Interim president Roberto Micheletti vice president and their base is located in London.  Of course you all know that Liberal International is mostly European and I was estatic about their move this last weekend.  So estatic that I think we should reward them with our vacationing there.

However, setting up a trip to Europe is difficult and so I have decided to share some tips with links to places that can set you up for your vacation.

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Then you have Rome where you can go and visit where Catholicism began.  You can lose yourself in the beautiful ancient Rome where civilization became mighty.  The best is you can do it for an incredible price.  I have always dreamed of visiting Rome so this may be the right time to go.

Or Venice where you can travel and fall in love all over again.  There are few cities as romantic as Venice.  an you imagine a price of 50 Euros for a beautiful hotel in Venice? Now you can..explore the stunning cathedrals and architecture in this most lovely city.

Then after all of that you can visit Amsterdam.  Who could visit Europe without going to Amsterdam?  You can visit the Anne Frank house where she hid from the Nazis, visit and see Van Gogh or Rembrant all on the same trip making it an unforgetable vacation.

Ocean Front Myrtle Beach Hotel

Talking about Myrtle Beach has gotten me a bit excited and you must of course have a place to stay if you are going to be at the beach there is no better place than staying on the beach itself.

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What a fantastic way to pay back South Carolina for Senator Jim DeMint´s dedication to ex pats and Hondurans in this crisis.

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Below are some pictures of the fantastic scenery at Myrtle Beach Golf Courses.

Click here for a list of the resorts in Myrtle Beach reward Senator DeMint for his dedication to Honduras by visiting Myrtle Beach and let him know how greatful we are.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Debating Hillary´s Change of Heart in Honduras and Recent Murders

I have been in a state of shock since the US asst sec (soon to be amb to Brazil) Tom Shannon showed up in Honduras to broker a deal between Zelaya and Micheletti and walked out with a deal known as the Guaymuras Dialogue and then Tegucigalpa/San José Accord.  The accord consisted of several points including that Congress would decide if Zelaya would be restored to power after they consult with the Supreme Court.  I was in shock and could not understand how Shannon got Zelaya to agree to sign this document.  I have went beyond it since I think it was a political play by Zelaya that went afoul.(He thought he would play victim and convince the world that the big, bad Uncle Sam made him sign it with the claim of threats against his son Hector)

Anyhow, I had to scratch my head on why Hillary Clinton would change her radical ´it was a coup and he must be reinstated or no elections for you people´ position.

For four months she has stood that the elections would not be recognized and cut visas for normal citizens in retaliation for Honduran citizens celebrating Zelaya´s overthrow.

Then I decided it was a mixture of things.  I might be wrong about this but Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration are surely in a fix over the Honduran crisis.  Honduras just did not bend to any of the ´punishments´that they measured out to it. Honduras almost seemed like an incorrigable child to some of the world. 

First a real fly in their ointment was Senator Jim DeMint who vetoed the nominations for Shannon and Valenzuela until the administration adjusted their positions on Honduras and the ´coup that was not a coup´. 

Senator DeMint held a piece of irresistable candy in front of their noses and they bit it off...he said he would remove the veto and let the nominations go through if they recognize Honduran elections even if Zelaya is not restored to power.  I bet Hillary speed dialed Shannon and rushed him to a plane...she didn´t want to show up as we already didn´t like or trust her anymore...

Also, Zelaya has been a total embarassment to the Obama administration.  They had no clue they were supporting someone that was more insane that Saddam himself.  The cowboy hat wearing thug thinks he is God himself not to mention the harness of possible drug trafficking ties (oops...a no no for US support)

Obama´s popularity numbers started to take a nosedive less than a month after the Honduran crisis that he could not seem to get control of.  The crisis threatened to show the world how little control he had over foreign policy.  Not to mention the other things that were crumbling around him like a termite infested piece of wood.

Then Obama and Hillary Shannon ...swoop in to save the day with the accord.  However, the next day Zelaya insists that the US wants his reinstatement and he was ´threatened´by Shannon if he didn´t sign the agreement.  They supposedly threatened that they would throw his no good drug trafficking flunky son Hector Zelaya in prison for drug trafficking if he did not sign...we may never know the real facts behind what was said in the room, but he signed and knew what he was signing...and I know Zelaya is lying when he opens his mouth.

Zelaya is positive that point 5 means he has to be reinstated...or so he claims..and then Shannon torts back that no one ever told him he would be reinstated that it was up to Congress to decide that and that the US would recognize the elections regardless of whether he remains a prisoner in Brazil or not.

I can almost see Zelaya fainting over this realization...

Then Chavistas everywhere started boo hooing and whining and OAS said that they would not recognize the elections and Honduras just smiled and said ´ We don´t care´
Hondurans already realized that De Mint dangled a forbidden fruit that Hillary could not resist..and she took the fruit and made her look like a hero(except to Hondurans who know better) and De Mint gave her the nominations she so wanted..

Zelaya also had carried on with nonsense about civil war and insurrection and death would be the only thing that would keep him from being reinstated...etc.
June 28...and here we are November 11, 2009 only 17 days till elections and Zelaya is still crying foul and the country is seemingly absent of a civil war. 

We do have the question of investigating some recent kidnappings and murders though that are ironcially all people that Zelaya deems ´golpistas´.

Enzo Micheletti, Roberto Micheletti´s nephew and his friend were found murdered execution style in Choloma...

Col Concepcion Jimenez murdered in front of his home.  Those arrested as suspects have been released.

kidnapping of the defense minister´s father...who has been safely released after a ransom was paid.

kidnapping of Concepcion ´Concho´ Gomez in Juticalpa, Olancho the husband of a Nationalist Congress member.

murder of Rafael Callejas´youngest brother.  For those of you who do not know who he is ...Callejas is the former Nationalist president of Honduras from 1990-1994.
There have been arrests in this case, but I have not heard what the hypothosis is yet behind this murder.

murder of a mayor of Jacon, Yoro, between Olancho and Yoro.  He is a nationalist mayor as well and was up for reelection.  He was killed along with one of his body guards and the other was injured in the shooting, but one of the delinquents was also killed in the shooting.  While at this point the police are working on the theory that he was killed by enemies they have not discarded completely that there could be a political factor to this murder.

Question is when are the human rights organizations going to decry these murders that perhaps were ordered by Zelaya and the resistance?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breaking NEWS!!!!

The US representative Craig Kelly is in the office of the President Roberto Micheletti Baín and he is reassuring and confirming with Micheletti that the US will be observing and validating the elections in Honduras and that they consider the elections a solution to the political crisis that has had a hold on the country since before June 28. 

Craig Kelly is here trying to bring both parts to the table to complete the accord that was signed by Zelaya and Micheletti in October.  The US position is clear that both parties understood completely what they were signing and that Zelaya understood when he signed that he might not be returned to the presidency if the Congress voted against him.

I think the US became more than fed up when Zelaya accused Tom Shannon of threatening him with throwing Hector Zelaya in prison for drug trafficking.
They have decided the way to solve this is recognize the elections and wash their hands of the whole mess.  The US knows that it does not matter if the OAS does not recognize the elections because the US is the primary trading partner with Honduras.
They also know that Chavez´days are numbered with his country going to hell in a handbasket faster than he can throw insults.

The OAS, Chavez and Zelaya want to Deny Hondurans the Right to Vote

The OAS and the Resistance along with Zelaya and Chavez have unilaterally decided that Hondurans do not have the right to elect a new leader, because we do not bow to their demands threats.  We have misbehaved it seems, because we refuse to allow socialist reforms and a dictator and criminal to be restored to power.

The US will observe the vote and an outpouring of volunteers as well including ex presidents of foreign countries.  When a country has fell into a political crisis elections have always been the answer. 

Here we just want to vote and move on. 

Rigoberta Menchú, a Guatemalan leftist who made up a story and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 and almost lost the prize when it was found that she had made up most her story.  She  is a Mayan  who is a member of a leftist guerilla group that believe that Europeans and mestizos are evil and should be purged from America.  So  racist, leftist guerilla fighter should not be putting her 2 cents into the Honduran crisis.  Calling Micheletti a dictator tell me she has no clue what she is talking about.  She praises Chavez and condemns Hondurans...and she could not carry 3% of the vote in Guatemala. 

“To make democracy work, we must be a notion of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.” Louis L´ Amour

Here, in the first paragraph of the Declaration [of Independence], is the assertion of the natural right of all to the ballot; for how can “the consent of the governed” be given, if the right to vote be denied?

Susan B. Anthony

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Micheletti Sends Communication About Agreement

The Spanish language version of this communication to the public and the International community is on El I have translated the communication for my English speaking readers.

Communication from the Presidency of the Republic of Honduras

The government of Honduras to the public and international opinion reiterates that their position is to respect to the letter, point by point, the Agreement of Tegucigalpa/San Jose subscribed to on the 30 of October 2009, as a result of the Guaymuras Dialogue. In the same way, we reiterate our promise to continue with the process that has already been started in compliance with the points in this agreement.

1. The Government of Honduras subscribed to the agreement in good faith, confident that this would accomplish national reconciliation and fortalice the democracy of Honduras, and continue with the promise in their total compliance. The agreement was finally accomplished as a result of a long process of dialogue and negotiation, below certain mediation of distinguished functionaries of the North American government and the Organization of American States, OAS. IT is necessary to remember, that several times, during the dialogue process, Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza as well as the government of the United States, expressed that both respected whatever agreement that the two parts come to.

2. Surprisingly and while the government of unity and reconciliation was being formed and at the same time initiating the process to comply with point number five and install a Verification commission contemplated in point number 6 we discovered that one of the parts, for differences, declared that the agreement was dead and unilaterally decided to retire from the process, denying to provide proposals to the integration of the Reconciliation Cabinet.

3. This disagreement has been used by the other part as a pretext to retire unilaterally of the process of compliance of the agreement and declare it failed. This change of attitude of one of the parties, coincides with the pronouncements of Rio Group, especially the countries of ALBA, who have demonstrated scepticism of the agreement to ask ´How is it that Mr. Zelaya is able to subscribe to this document? Then finishing to declare it a failure.

4. It is not unusual for there to be distinct positions on how to comply with the points of application of an agreement, but good faith is demonstrated by resolving these disagreements inside the parameters of the agreement. It is for this reason that a Commission of Verification was convened and their labor consists among other things in watching the conduct of both parties to keep them inside the parameters of the agreement and to help resolve the differences that come about. The process is now developing and is lead by the Commission of Verification; the commission is not there to renegotiate the agreement as some want to do. They are there to assure compliance with the same agreement. I hope that the members of the high commission of Verification, not taking sides for either party, or offer declarations that tend to complicate more the disagreements and not celebrate that one of the parties has unilaterally retired from the agreement. As well it is unacceptable that the opinions of our Constitution, by the person who offered himself as a mediator in the conflict, gave an unexpected impartial gesture and took sides to justify the dissolving of the agreement in Tegucigalpa.

5. Respectfully we solicit that the OAS and the members of the International community maintain themselves inside of the parameters of the agreement, attending offers of assistance, particularly the contents of point number 3 ´General Elections and the Transfer of Government´ and number 7 ´Normalization of Relations with the Republic of Honduras.´ Both points were made by the parties that came to the agreement. Our country should not be punished because one of the parties decided to declare the agreement a failure in a unilateral manner with the intent to manipulate its content. Mr. Zelaya is trying to act as if he were a victim when in reality his protagonist role is to be the perpetrator of the same problem with is erratic behavior that characterizes him. He pretends again to set at the table and accuse the only party that is complying with the agreement and he is bound to comply with the same.

6. The government of Honduras reiterates their disposition to continue with the compliance of the agreement and insists that the other part return to the same with the end result of being able to comply with the Unity and Reconciliation government without looking for excuses to destroy the agreement with his doubts after he has already subscribed to it.

7. The International community should not below any pretext give rise to one of the parties to unilaterally remove themselves from the agreement that they subscribed to below the title of the OAS and the people who want peace for Honduras. Using the pretext that only because it has things that are not convenient for him and attending to pressures of foreign forces that want to lengthen the crisis and we reiterate the solution is Honduran.

8. Again we make a respectful call to the National Congress to continue with their consultations that have already been initiated and continue forward with the process to decide on point number 5 in the agreement and we insist that the parties consulted proceed diligently with their opinions.

Finally, we remind Hondurans and the International community that we are not in the process of negotiation or renegotiation; we are now in a process of verification of compliance with the points subscribed to in the agreement. The solution is of Hondurans and it should be respected and subject to our internal rights. We continue insisting that Mr. Zelaya continue in the process that has already been initiated and agreed to. We remind him that there is still time to demonstrate that he is truly committed to the agreement of reconciliation of the Honduran People.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, November 8, 2009
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Saturday, November 07, 2009

US Change of Heart on Honduras

After all of the conflicting statements on Honduras over the past months I am almost afraid to post this here in fear of jinxing things...but I am going to cross fingers, toes, legs and arms while I post so that it does not go poof.

Hugo Llorens announced that the right to vote is an inalienable right and that Hondurans should vote and have their vote recognized.

Llorens ´the right of Hondurans to vote for new authorities is unviolatable´

´Elections are going to occur on November 29 and this is going to be a physical act, a reality and what is clear is that the Hondurans have an inalienable right to elect their leaders, to elect a new president, a new Congress and mayors.´

Is this a sign of resignation that the elections are going to happen whether the international community recognizes them or not? Or did Hugo Llorens finally find his faculties and realize that Hondurans are the only ones who have the right to say what they want about the elections.  If they don´t want them they won´t show up to vote.  If they want them they will show up to vote.  I cannot imagine anyone trying to block elections in a country that has been the wildest thing about this whole process.  The threat by the international community to NOT recognize a vote that was scheduled long ago and to NOT recognize the right of the community to pick their leaders without interference from outside.  That has to be the largest human rights violation of all.  While the international community is busy pointing fingers about terrorists and vandals being detained or swatted with batons they are also busy violating the rights of the people of Honduras to CHOOSE for themselves who they want to lead their country.
Insisting on the restitution of Zelaya has to be the worst proposal of all.  Instead of insisting on anything they should have asked us first whether we wanted to restore him or not.  Instead they worried more about Zelaya than they did about the entire country.

´Llorens was clear that he sees the elections as a democratic path to resolve the crisis that has a hold on Honduras.  You cannot deny the right to vote because that would be an error of huge proportions, ´ expressed Llorens.

Either Llorens is admitting they lost in their attempt to strong arm Hondurans into submission, he bumped his head or he is terrified of the proposed investigation into his activities by Jim DeMint...any guesses on what made him change his mind?

He went further to say that he insists that both sides return to the dialogue table in order to conform the unity government and to be direct and work truthfully to conform this government as quickly as possible.

I am confused.  Is anyone else confused? The government has insisted for four months that they were not going to recognize elections.  DeMint hangs candy in front of them with the release of their two diplomats to service and asks the GAO for an investigation into the actions of the State Department and Hugo Llorens from January 1 of this year all the way to October 26.  Suddenly Shannon appeared in Honduras on a mission and in one day accomplished this mission.  Most of us were really pessimistic when he showed up knocking on the door.  We were grumbling we are NOT returning Zelaya to the presidency...and that evening at 11:20 he emerges with an agreement that has been signed by the Micheletti team and by the Zelaya team and in that agreement they leave it up to Congress to decide.  I doubt any of us closed our dropped mouths for the rest of the night.  I was in a daze asking what the heck happened and how did he do that? Doubts flooded our minds and the next day Zelaya whines that he was strong armed into the signing by Shannon and said he had threatened his son with jail. 

Meet Hector Zelaya folks...this is who is staying in the alledged drug trafficker...his father´s own words were that they threatened to throw his son in jail for trafficking drugs...and in the US you don´t do that unless there is evidence....

If this guy does not look like mafia and drugs from far away I do not know what does...he does not live in Honduras...he lives in the US...Telemundo reported in July that Junior traveled on an exclusive trip with Joaquin Chapo Guzman a leader of a Mexican cartel.  DEA wake up and get busy...

The Grapevine in Honduras also said he was involved in one of the planes that were caught where a Guatemalan was killed.  I never got the direct story on that one, but the grapevine works that way in get bits and pieces and have to put the rest together for yourself.

Human rights groups like Amnesty International have made me want to puke on how wrong they have gotten their accusations.  I used to respect these organizations and always assumed that they investigated accusations completely before they considered them factual...boy was I wrong.  In fact, in their reports they never mention the violations that can easily be proven by the Zelayistas, directly attributed to Zelaya, nor do they mention the violation of children´s rights to education by the teachers and the teacher´s union.  In fact, the children of Honduras have been denied their rights for over 5 years since not one time in those 5 years have the teachers went all year without going on strike.  Not one time have they completed the 200 days required for classes.  This year the violations were so obscene that they had to automatically promote all the students and end the year on October 31 considering it a lost cause.  Many parents are livid.  Teachers went to the extreme of chaining huge attack dogs to the schools to keep the students and parents out of the school as seen in this picture below.

Then you have attacks by Zelayistas perpetrated by Zelaya and his calls to insurrection against average citizens, private businesses, streets, monuments and private homes. As seen in these pictures below.

Attack on Vida Abundante an Evangelical Church in Tegucigalpa.  Children were attacked by Zelayistas in the bus below.  They were small children as young as 6 years old. These are the things that Amnesty International does not tell you or report as violations of human rights and they are the very things they need to be reporting so how ´bout it AI correct your reports, investigate the complaints completely and then place a balanced report that puts fault where it belongs.

Telesur, CNN, Reuters and AP all launched a media nightmare in which they completely ignored the facts and reported sometimes blatant lies.  They reported that Zelaya was popular and that tens of thosands were in the streets fighting for his return then they showed these pictures as their proof.

Then they were embarrassed into admitting half way that these marches were celebrations of the removal of Zelaya and not pro Zelaya marches.  They did not want to admit these tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands in the streets were celebrating not protesting..they didn´t admit it until Hondurans crashed their email servers with emails correcting them and Hondurans started calling CNN Chavez News Network. 
They would continue for months to hide these realities that I never saw once in their news sources.

The pictures above are Zelayistas or members of the Resistance do they look like a majority to you? Do you really think that the majority of Hondurans behave this way? Is that how Honduras managed to not mire itself into a civil war in the 80´s when El Salvador and Nicaraguans were killing each other by the thousands? No, it isn´t how Hondurans act...Hondurans believe in obeying the law, but their hands have been tied for too long and they have had no way to fight corrupt officials but the military, Congress and a once very unpopular figure President Roberto Micheletti Baín gave them that hope back and they appeared in celebration like the pictures below

A little banana republic known as Honduras who gained that name by being pushed around by the US and for US and world interference in their politics was finally fed up and this time did not back down.  They stood up to the entire world a tiny nation as small as South Carolina in the US said no more and won a battle of wits against the entire world and got to hold onto their right to not have the international community mess in their internal affairs.  It will be a long time before the world forgets this battle and we hope that we are an example to other tiny nations that you can stand up to bullies and fact the OAS said this could not stand because it would start to happen in other countries...and Hondurans said...we sure hope so...Good night folks and I agree with Micheletti VIVA HONDURAS!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

English Version of Guaymuras

I am going to translate to the best of my ability the Guaymuras agreement so that those who are confused about how it is that the media such as Reuters and AP are getting it so wrong can see why for themself.  It is absolutely maddening to see how wrong they get it.  I am placing it here in hopes that perhaps they will trip upon my blog and actually take the time to read the English version and perhaps then they can comprehend what it says.  For ease I just call it Guaymuras.  There is no need to add all the other stuff in all know which agreement is being referred to.


We, the citizens of Honduras, men and women, convinced of the need to strengthen the state of rights, our constitution, and the laws of our Republic, deepen democracy, and secure the right of peace and tranquillity for our community. We have undertaken an intense and straight forward process of political dialogue to find a peaceful and negotiated exit to the crisis that has grown in our country in the last few months.

The fruit of this dialogue, in which the cordiality, tolerance, and patriotic spirit of all of the participants has predominated. We have adopted a political accord that will allow Hondurans to return to their normal lives and will assure an appropriate climate for democratic govern ability in our country. This agreement we are sure is the path to peace, reconciliation, democracy and the urgent demands of Honduran society.

This agreement demonstrates one more time that the Hondurans are capable of successfully exercising dialogue and thanks to this, society demands, and patriotism we are able to meet these demands.

In virtue of all of the before mentioned we have agreed to the following:

1) Government of Unity and National Reconciliation

To obtain reconciliation and fortalice democracy we will form a national unity and reconciliation government of the diverse political parties and social organizations, recognized for their capacity, honorability, ability to dialogue will be those who occupy the distinct secretaries and sub secretaries of the state and other dependencies of the state in conformation with article 246 and others of the Constitution of the Republic of Honduras.

Considering that before the 28th of June, the executive power had not submitted the general budget for consideration in Congress according to what is established in article 205 sec 32 of the constitution of the Republic of Honduras, this government of unity and reconciliation will respect the budget that was recently approved by Congress for the 2009 fiscal year.

2) Renouncing a Constituent Assembly or intent to reform the Constitution in an non reformable way.

To obtain reconciliation and fortalice democracy we reiterate our respect for the Constitution and the laws of our country. We will abstain from any calls to convoke a National Constituent Assembly, by direct or indirect form. We agree to renounce from any promotion or assistance of any popular consult that has the end result of reforming the constitution in the manner of permitting the re election of the president, modifying the form of government, or of any of the unreformable articles of our Carta Magna.

In particular we will not make public declarations nor exercise any influence that is inconsistent with articles 5,239,373, and 374 of the constitution of the Republic of Honduras. We energetically reject all manifestations that are contrary to the spirit of the mentioned articles and the special law that regulates the plebiscite and referendum.

3) General Elections and the Transfer of Government

To obtain reconciliation and fortalice democracy, we reiterate that in conformity with articles 41 and 51 of the constitution of the Republic of Honduras that the vote is universal, obligatory, equal, direct, free, and secret and corresponds to the Supreme Elections Tribunal, that is completely autonomous and independent supervises and executes all that is related to the acts and electoral process.

In this same way, we realize a call to the Honduran public that they participate in a peaceful way in the next general elections and to avoid all type of manifestations that are against the elections and their result or promote insurrection, illegal conduct, civil disobedience, or other acts that could produce violent confrontations or transgressions of the law.

With the end result to demonstrate transparency and legitimacy in the electoral process we insist on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to authorize and accredit international missions from this very moment until the declarations of the results of the general elections and the same in the process of transfer of power that will take place in conformity of article 237 of the constitution of the Republic of Honduras, the 27th of January, 2010.

4) Armed Forces and National Police

To obtain reconciliation and fortalice the democracy, we ratify or desire to obey in all extremes article 272 of the constitution of the Republic of Honduras, which says that the Armed Forces are put in disposition of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal from one month before the general elections to guarantee the free exercise of suffrage, the custody, transport, security of the electoral materials and all other aspects of the security of the process. We reaffirm the professional character, obedience, non deliberance of the Honduran Armed Forces. In the same form, we confirm that the National Police should be strictly subject to what special legislation proscribes.

5) Executive Power

To obtain national reconciliation and fortalice democracy, in the spirit of the themes proposed in the San Jose Accord, both negotiation commissions have decided respectfully, that the National Congress, as an expression of their institutional popular sovereignty, in use of their faculties, in consultation with the instances they consider pertinent, like the Supreme Court of Justice, and in conformity with the law will resolve the following in respect to return the title of the Executive power to its state before June 28th until the conclusion of the period of government on January 27, 2010.

The decision adopted by Congress should be on the bases of obtaining social peace, political tranquillity, and democratic govern ability that society demands and the country needs.

6) The Verification Commission and the Commission of Truth

To obtain reconciliation and fortalice democracy we will be subject to the creation of a commission of verification of the assumed compromises in this agreement, and those derived from it. This will be coordinated by the Organization of American States. This commission will be integrated by two members of the International community, two members of the national community, and these last will be picked by each of the two parties.

The Verification Commission shall be in charge of giving faith to the strict compliance of all of these points in the agreement and will receive complete cooperation from all Honduran public institutions.

The non compliance of any of these points contained in this agreement, proven and declared by the commission will produce an activation of methods that the commission will establish for the transgressor or the transgressors.

With the end result of clarifying acts that occurred before, during, and after June 28, 2009 a Truth Commission will identify the actual acts that conducted the situation and will propose to the public elements to avoid these acts in the future.

This commission of dialogue recommends that the next government, in agreement with national consensus constitute the Truth Commission in the first semester of 2010.

7) Normalization of Relations of the Republic of Honduras with the International Community.

With the promise to complete faithfully the compromises assumed in the present accord, we respectfully solicit the immediate revocation of measures and sanctions adopted on a bilateral, multilateral level that in whichever way affects the reinsertion and full participation of the Republic of Honduras in the International community and access to all forms of cooperation.

We make a call to the International community to reactivate as quickly as possible projects in effect of the cooperation of the Republic of Honduras and continue with the negotiation of future projects. In particular, we insist on a solicitation of competent authorities to make effective the International cooperation that is necessary and opportune for the commission of Verification and the future commission of Truth to assure their faithful compliance and the following of the compromises established in this accord.

8) Final Dispositions

All difference in application or interpretation of this agreement will be submitted to the Verification commission, which will determine in accordance with the complaint and in agreement with the Constitution of the Republic, and with legislation in force and on behalf of an authentic interpretation of the present accord, the solution will correspond.

Taking into account the present accord is product of an understanding and fraternity between Hondurans, we vehemently solicit that the International community respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Honduras, and observe completely the sacred principle in the letter of the United Nations to not interfere in internal situations of other states.

9) Calendar of Compliance of the Agreements

Giving the entrance of immediate effect of this agreement after the date of subscription and with the end result to clarify compliance times and the following of compromises acquired to obtain national reconciliation we convene the following calendar of compliance.

30th of October 2009

1. Subscription and entrance of effect of this accord.

2. Formal deliverance of the agreement to Congress so that they can comply with point 5. Executive Power

2nd of November 2009

1. Conformation of a Verification Commission

From the present subscription of this agreement to no later than November 5, 2009

1. Conformation and installation of a government of Unity and National Reconciliation

27th of January 2010

1. Celebration of the transfer of government

First semester of 2010

1. Conformation of the Truth Commission

10) Final Declaration

In the name of reconciliation and patriotic spirit we have convened before the dialogue table, we promise to comply in good faith the present agreement and what is derived from it.

The world is a witness to this demonstration of unity and peace and we promise with our civic conscious and patriotic devotion together we demonstrate our valor and decision to fortalice the state of rights and construct a tolerant society, pluralist, and democratic.

We sign the present agreement in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras on the 30th of October, 2009.

11) Thanks

We take advantage of this occasion to thank the international community for accompanying us, especially the OAS, and the general secretary Jose Miguel Insulza, the missions of councilors of the hemisphere, the president of Costa Rica Oscar Arias Sanchez, the government of the United States, their president Barak Obama, and their Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

12) Entering of Vigilance of the Agreement Tegucigalpa/San Jose

For internal effects the agreement has complete effect upon signing. For protocol and ceremonial effect it will be done in a public act on the 2nd of November, 2009

Tegucigalpa, Municipality of the Central District, 30th of October, 2009