Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zelaya Commission Fractured on Talks

The Zelaya commission and the resistence have an almost unrepairable fracture in the talks.  His goal is restoration to power and their goal is the Constituyente. 

The next week will probably bring a replacement of some of his commission. Chances are that Juan Barahona will be out.  He should have never been in that commission in the first place.  It is almost like including the criminal rapist and anti semite Romero in those talks.

They said that all of the points except three have been agreed to...however, one of those points is the restoration of Zelaya to the presidency.  The Supreme Court has already said no to I am not sure why it is still being argued.  However, there are some suggestions that he is figuring out how to just get out of the embassy and to be allowed to go home more than a restoration of power.  Evidently his isolation in the embassy has had some effects on him and reality is setting in that he is not as popular as he thought he was.

 If he were truly as popular as he had assumed or as people like the resistence or Narconews tries to paint him then he would have been carried to power already and no one would have been able to stop them.  Reality is that he has had barely 200 supporters gathered outside the embassy.

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