Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When All Else Fails Blame the US

This seems to be a universal bandaid for people who are looking for someone to blame their ills on.  Granted the US is at fault for their share of causing problems in foreign countries and the US has had their hands too deep in Honduras, but so has the rest of the world. 

The Zelayaistas latest mantra is that the US Congress financed the removal of Zelaya.  Of course you have to concider who this information is coming from.  Carlos Eduardo Reina who is prohibited to enter the US because he is a human trafficker.  In my opinion human traffickers are bottom feeders and close on the list to terrorists.  Of course Reina didn´t offer any proof of his accusations, he just made them.   I don´t guess he realizes that the Congress in the US doesn´t have direct access to the cash drawer in the US Treasury.  Things in the US work a bit different than they do here and he better figure out where that resolution in the US Congress was made in order to finance the removal of Zelaya, because he is a liar.

Their modus operandi is blame everyone else but yourself and certainly make sure that you blame the US, Israel, Jews, and Arabs in Honduras.  Next thing you know they will be blaming the US ex pats living here.  I was as in the dark as everyone else when he was removed, I suspected something was about to happen to Zelaya.  Who didn´t? However, I wasn´t sad when he was removed. I was in fact overjoyed and felt like it was a victory for Hondurans.

I believe what is occurring is their playing cards are quickly being used up.  They don´t have much left to do other than blame Jews and blame the US.  Zelaya and his supporters are now saying there is no environment for a dialogue.  Ok, so let´s not dialogue and just let him sit there till after elections...that works for me. 

He doesn´t want to negotiate now because he has figured out that the US Congress has his number, the OAS is no longer calling for his reinstatement, and even Arias announced that the agreement he wrote was not written in stone and that the agreements made need to be a Honduran agreement.  Insulza said the same thing.  It has taken a long time for that change to occur and lots of hurt Honduran feelings over the abandonment of us during a real crisis and the complete ignoring of our population while only hearing the side of the guilty party while leaving us without a voice....finally we are being heard.

My husband came to Honduras last month for three weeks to take a break from work and spend some time with his family...the first thing he asked me ...where are all the protests? On our way home he saw some spray painting, but no protests.  I laughed and siad did you think I was telling you a story when I said there were no serious protests or widespread ones? He admitted that he thought I was telling him that to keep him from worrying about our safety and because he knows that I don´t want to leave Honduras. He was surprised to find I was telling the truth.  He called and told everyone there that they needed to stop listening to Univision and CNN because there weren´t any protests and that everything was life as usual here.  I could not believe the level of propaganda that he said was going on there and the lack of showing the peace protests.  He said he had only saw the ones I sent him via email where people were against Zelaya being returned to power.  He said if he had not seen the pictures I showed him he would not have believed me because they were never on television and that they showed the Zelaya protesters constantly.  Wow, what a slant...njo wonder the world was against us.

As leaders and representatives have came to visit the truth has gotten out.  I want to offer a personal thank you to those in the US Congress who took the time to listen to the ex pats here and come and visit and learn for themselves what was going on.  On my part I sent letters to the Congress and Senate in my corresponding state of Georgia, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson are my senators and I want to give them a public thank you for their letters of support and their recognition of what actually occurred in Honduras.  I didn´t vote for Isakson, but I am glad he was there for us in this time of need. I further want to thank Saxby Chambliss for helping me with FEMA and the inspection happened yesterday at my house in Georgia even though I am not there to receive them...I am touched by the concern he showed for individual citizens in his area.

I believe that not much will come out of this dialogue and it really can´t become any deeper or more polarized than it is now.  I think the end solution will be elections.  The elections has been a problem solver for so many things in history and Honduras will be no different.


Anonymous said...

If the U. S. Administration had within a week (time to read the Honduran Constitution and replace Llorens) forcefully recognized the changes in the executive branch of the Government, there would have been no crisis in Honduras caused by foreign countries. I blame the United States at 95 per cent of the fault,

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