Thursday, October 01, 2009

Radio Globo: Who is David Romero

Radio Globo lost their license for GOOD reason and should have lost it long ago.

In fact, I have to ask why isn´t David Romero in PRISON? That is indeed where he belongs.  He has a long criminal record and a very shady past as a terrorist.

This man raped his own ten year old daughter at his birthday party and she made an official police report in 2002 about his continued rape of her.

He made his start as a member of the communist party and founded a terrorist group in Honduras known as the People´s Revolutionary Union. 

In 1981 this group was behind the hijacking of flight 414 headed to New Orleans.

In 1988 they attacked 4 US servicemen outside a nightclub in Honduras

Overall their terrorist activities have caused 28 deaths...this is like supporting Al Qaeda folks...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

It is really important and useful that people like yourself keep reporting in English who these people are to the outside world.

In any nation there is a whole cast of characters of good and bad. Certainly in a small nation, a lot of people know who's who, especially in a traditional culture like Honduras 'who your family is' matters.
When foreigners intervene they don't know who they are dealing with. Bad people always present themselves to be something else. People work situations to their advantage. Daylight needs to be shined upon all these rodents.

Not so bad like Romero, but I have an interesting example of foreigners not knowing who's who. The American blogger who went down there July as a citizen journalist. A decent guy doing honest work. He goes to a road block protest and he interviews a guy is dressed like he's some peasant farmer and giving the exact impression that Zelayistas try to convey about this populist helping the poor that make liberals in the USA think they are doing good backing Mel. Somebody comes along on the blog and says that's Rasel Tome and it only takes two more seconds of google search to see who he really was.

LaGringaSPS said...

Rasel Tome, candidate for Congress on the Liberal ticket, he is wealthy, extremely wealthy, had his accounts siezed for corruption in 2008. Also, ex commissioner of Conatel or one of three anyway. His time during commissioner there is why he is accused of corruption and playing with channel 12 frequency.. He is still in trouble and he is certainly not a farmer...I doubt he knows how to ride a horse much less anything about planting or soil.

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