Friday, October 09, 2009

A Public Message To Linda Weltner and Her Protest Group

Linda Weltner,

You are an American citizen that lives in the US in an exclusive section of town.  You are not an Ex pat living in Honduras and have no connections here.  You do not have property and you are not anything other than a tourist if you come here. 

You came here and abused your rights as a US tourist.  Do not do it again because you make things extraordiarily difficult for Americans that actually live here.  It is ILLEGAL for you as a tourist to come into Honduras and participate in political protests.  You are very lucky that you were not arrested and either deported as a persona non grata or jailed for sedition.  If you do these things the US will NOT help you and you will spend a long sentence in jail for your acts. 

The next time you come here and try something like that I will exercise my rights here as a US ex pat and arrest you as a civilian and turn you over to authorities and I will testify against you in any court trial providing your supposed made up story from the Marblehead paper.  No one told you there was a bomb on your plane on the way simply like attention and if they had you deserved it.  We don´t need you coming here and trying to force a dictator on us or pushing your socialist agenda.  If you want to do that then sell your damned exclusive home in Washington state and come here and buy a house in my neighborhood and lets see how quick it straightens out your, the world in socialist mode is roses attitude.

You are warned and there is no threat here it is a promise.

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