Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now We are Spammers? Well according to Spamhaus and Volokh we are

Ok folks who are associated with an IP address from Cable Sula beware...Spamhause is blocking you as a spammer even if you aren´ seems that we are from Honduras is enough and there really isn´t any way apparently that you can do anything about it. 
They started at 0 on the IP list of Cable Sula´s addresses and blocked all of them through 158 and there is the following addendum to a Sula net apparently all of us have been blacklisted even if we aren´t spammers...just being a customer is enough.  Oh much for posting my rebuttal comment on an article on the Volokh Conspiracy site. 

I guess I will just have to settle for posting it on my blog for the moment.

They were commenting on the situation in Honduras and whether it is a coup or not.
The article from Sept 25. 

What amazes me is that in all of the commentary on the site not one person thought it was important to follow what Hondurans or Honduran government and authorities want.  They were worried about Chavez, the UN, Obama, the US congress, the OAS, and others..but not one of them said that the only people who matter are the people of Honduras and the laws of Honduras are the only ones that should be important in this matter. 

Why does it matter what Miguel D´Escoto thinks? He is a Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolutionary...of course he is biased. That is why the UN became irrelevent especially when Chavez and his goons started using the UN to bully Honduras.

The OAS is also irrelevent because the leader is also a Chavista...Insulza is Chilean and a very hard leftist who could not even get consensus amongst the people in Chile to support him.  Why do we care what this organization who is also now a bully pulpit for Chavez as well? The ALBA members here wanted to actually invade Honduras to force the people of Honduras to accept what they wanted.  They didn´t want a peaceful solution they wanted to invade Honduras.

In the end the only thing that matters is respecting the rights of the Hondurans to live in peace and not have outside interference in internal matters.  It is up to Hondurans to decide what they want to do about Zelaya.  A group of 100 protesters should not be allowed to force their will on the rest of the population by terrorizing them either.  The way it should be handled is by following Honduran laws and the Constitution and the decisions of the legislature and the Supreme Court.  The way that it should be dealt with is by respecting the will of 7.5 million Hondurans on November 29 when they go to the elections and vote their will ...whether it be for one candidate or the other that is not of importance what is of importance is that the people´s decision be respected by the rest of the world and that the rest of the world stop stepping on the will of the Honduran people as if it were insignificant.


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