Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Myth that 6, 8, or 14 Families Rule Honduras

There is a common myth and one that seems to be ironically a wide belief in the world and inside Honduras.  I have heard varied numbers from 6-14 families that rule Honduras.  I find it ironic concidering that there are a large number of fairly well off neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula alone and surely there are not just 14 families living in all of these very wealthy neighborhoods.  So off I go to investigate...

First the highest control in the land is the Honduran Supreme Court...let´s look at their last names...I suppose here you could say that 15 last names control the country because they indeed do control the country.

Rivera Aviles, Arita Valle, Cruz Sequeira, Henríquez Interiano, Martínez Silva, Reyes Díaz, Paz Haslam, Ruiz Gaekel, Chinchilla Banegas, Gutiérrez Navas, Cálix Hernández, Cálix Vallecillo, Zúniga Medrano, Bustillo Palma, López Rivera

(so there are 15 names that technically do control all of the laws and the legality of what is decided in Honduras..but that wasn´t the insinuation by the statement so to look further...)

National Congress has 130 different last names...some were the same like Garcia, but in Honduras you have your father´s last name first and your mother´s last name second so that is what I go on and there were 130 different names with the two..not the same immediate family.  So far we have now 145 families that rule the roost beyond the president.

The comes the business leaders...are you getting the picture yet? Things are not as simple as 14 families run everything because that is a myth that is not even half based on reality.


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