Friday, October 09, 2009

Eduardo Bueso´s Aunt Murdered in Her Home...a Victim of the Resistence

First they threw explosive devices into her property and now they have invaded and murdered her.  This is absolutely a murder by the resistence of Zelaya and outrageous to say the least.  They cannot rationalize the murder of an 88 year old woman.  There is no excuse for breaking in her home and murdering her.

A few days ago in Santa Ana a police officer who was just 25 years old was also murdered being shot 45 times.  Also, most likely a victim of the resistence. 

Now they are complaining and making outrageous claims that landowners have paramilitary guarding their homes and land.  I hate to tell them this, while not true for me sounds like a good idea and I have the right to hire who in the hell I want to protect my property from ignorant idiots and thugs like Zelaya and co. 

From Israeli sharpshooters to Mossad, to claims that we are now hiring ex paramilitary from Columbia.  The UN was quick to point out that Honduras has agreed to not hire mercenaries at any point or engage in training them...Blackwater comes to mind in relation to the US..what is good for the goose...but the UN is forgetting private individuals didn´t sign that agreement and we can protect our property with whomever we choose and that means paramilitary or mercenaries as well.

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anon. 6.

The non-socialists/communists in Honduras had better get as many hired guns -- especially from Israel -- as they can. Zelaya will not go down without a lot of bloodshed.