Thursday, October 08, 2009

And the Honduran Dialogue Begins....

It seems that the OAS stabs themselves in the foot at every pass.  Although they are more contradictary to one another now than before and are far from being united now.  It seems their guilt has gotten the best of some of them...and they have rethought their original hasty decisions...but a few Argentina, Brazil in particular ...I wanted to smack in the mouth and send them packing...

I am an optimist so I always try to hope for the best instead of the worst but this situation has really tried me and my optimism.

I will reiterate to Obama to just shut up! He hasn´t the foggiest notion how to handle foreign policy and is trying very hard to make enemies of his friends...his latest comment.

´The best solution for Honduras is the San Jose Accord´ Barak Obama.

This morning Micheletti reaffirmed

´There will be elections regardless of the international community´

I have never heard in history of the international community trying to stop elections..have they all gone mad? How do you preserve democracy and not have elections? Elections were held in Afghanistan as violent as it was..a war in fact...the US dropping bombs on their heads and they had elections.  Iraq had elections and bombs were also dropping on their heads, again the US...and they were all recognized.  Pinochet had elections and there was violence in the streets, recognized.  Yet, Honduras had primaries last year where we picked our candidates and now we have impending is being cancelled for this reason not to mention the teachers.
There is a crisis where an ex president wants to stop the elections and the international community including the US wants to stop them...outrageous.

Again Micheletti reaffirmed

The dialogue must be in agreement with our laws and constitution.

What about this does the international community not get? Why do they insist we break our laws and violate our constitution?

Micheletti said something that should have gave them all chills and woke them up..but it didn´t...

´If Zelaya wanted elections and did not want to perpetuate in power why had he not authorized one cent in the budget of the Supreme Elections Tribunal?´

Slam dunk is what I was thinking...but we got silence..did it register? Maybe he should have put it in giant letters in their hotel rooms so they could sleep on it and wake up to it.

On the other hand I was moved by the words of Guatemala´s representative and his words were the closest I heard to understanding.  He called Micheletti his brother and he spoke from his heart about the previous problems in Central America and said something about looking back to reflect but not looking back as one cannot go back.

I wanted to stand up and applaud when Contreras asked them why they hadn´t instituted the rules of the OAS before the 28th of June when Zelaya was trying his hardes to destroy democracy in Honduras. 

Also, why haven´t one of them asked Zelaya for accountability on the money that has been spent that was given to help the poor.  Where was the help for the poor? Where did it go? Why are the poor worse than they were before the help?

The song and dance is up..we have asked, begged, and pleaded for them to listen to us...and they they are here do not let them go till they hear us out.


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