Friday, October 30, 2009

Was Honduras Agreement a Larger Plan?

I have been thinking about this since last night.  Many things about this agreement do not make sense to me. 

First why Zelaya ever agreed to no amnesty is beyond comprehension.  I still have yet to understand this one.

Second, Zelaya may be counting on buying off Congress.  However, I doubt that Micheletti would have went in and agreed to this without knowing where Congress is going to go with this. 

What I think is this is one of those backroom agreements where Congress let Zelaya think he had a chance to get restituted to power so that he would sign the agreement.  However, I think the bigger picture is Congress, the presidential candidates, and Micheletti all needed the International community to recognize the elections and to restore assistance to the country as well as restore the embassies abroad.  So they agreed to sign with the understanding behind closed doors that Zelaya will not be returned to power period.

Now they have him stuck between a rock and a hard place.  They can tell him ´No way Jose´and he will have to accept it and the international community is going to accept it to.

What Now? Meeting of Comissions in 30 minutes

The two comissions will be meeting in thirty minutes to decide the calendar of events and a time frame. Congress has not been given a time limit as they are concidered a seperate organization and cannot be forced into delibration in a certain time frame.

Congress can decide this will wait until after elections or they can convene immediately.

Which ever way is decided both sides have agreed to support the decision.  This releases tremendous pressure on Congress and they are required to decide based on previous decisions. 

This tells me most likely a return will be based on the court trial.  In otherwords, he won´t return.  He is guilty...most of us know he is guilty as we watched his crimes unfold on live television. 

He has to face his crimes there is no amnesty.  So my question is how is he going to manage this? He will be arrested when he leaves the embassy of Brazil that is without doubt.  In fact, he basically signed agreement to this by agreement of no amnesty and no delaying of charges. 

I think perhaps he just was tired and was willing to sign almost anything to end this.  He seems to think that he will be returned immediately, but that isn´t what the agreement says.  I have to wonder how quietly he will go if Congress says no to restitution? Congress should say no to restitution...we are too close to the end and it is too close to take the chance.

Guayamuras Agreement has Been Signed

As of midnight the Guayamuras agreement has been signed.  Zelaya and Micheletti have agreed to the points in the agreement including the court and Congress deciding on his restitution. 

However, while both sides have agreed on this accord the resistance is not agreeing and they are already screaming foul.  Marvin Ponce has said that the Resistance will not accept this agreement and that they insist not only on the restitution of Zelaya, but the cancelation of elections and the invocation of a Constitutional Assembly.  I don´t think he realizes that it isn´t his decision nor is it the decision of the resistanace.  Now if they continue their nonsense put them in jail. 

What is not clear is if Zelaya will have to leave the Brazilian embassy and face the court.  Amnesty has already been ruled out with this agreement.  So that is the question we will have to wait for.

Also, the US has reversed all previous decisions and are going to immediately reactivate the consulates in the US and accept Micheletti´s designates. The aid packages will be restored, elections will be observed by the US and all visas will be restored.

Both sides have agreed to respect the decision of Congress regardless of what it is.

Elections will be held in one month.  Is this a victory? Not hardly.  Will the signing of the agreement end the crisis? Not likely from the cries of foul by the resistance.
The elections will end the crisis along with long jail terms for any terrorist acts by the Resistance.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hugo Llorens and Hillary Clinton in Hot Water

Yesterday, Republican legislative leaders asked for a GAO investigation into the activities of the US embassy in Honduras and the ambassador Hugo Llorens along with an investigation in relation to the Department of State and Hillary Clinton and their activities surrounding the Honduran crisis.

The requests all activities from January 1, 2009 to October 26, 2009. 

The letter says:

We ask formally that the General Accounting Office(GAO), open an investigation into any participation, on part of the US embassy in Tegucigalpa and the Department of State, in the actual political situation in Honduras. 

This letter was signed by 21 members of both Congress and the Senate.

An investigation can be opened by the GAO with the request of just 1 Congressman or Senator. 

The investigation should include information about any advice offered to Zelaya in actions before June 28.  The Republicans also asked to investigate if the embassy, Department of State or South US Command were informed about or participated in the expulsion or return of Manuel Zelaya.

It has been rumored that Llorens assisted Zelaya to enter the country with his diplomatic vehicle which cannot be searched.  It is also rumored or suspected by many that the South Command knew about the events before June 28 and it is rumored that Hillary Clinton has made backroom deals with Zelaya in exchange for her support in his return to the presidency. 

All of the things above could get people in a lot of trouble.  If any of this is true Hillary Clinton and Hugo Llorens goose´s are cooked.  This investigation is going to occur and Hillary better get busy with Llorens burning documents again, because the Honduran crisis is turning into their worst nightmare.

Honduras Makes a Complaint to UN About Brazil

Honduras has presented a formal complaint to the United Nations about Brazil.

Julio Rendon, the Honduran representative before the UN has presented a complaint about Brazil. 

The complaint lists the violations of Brazil by allowing the continued presence of Manuel Zelaya, who is using their embassy to call for unrest in the country. 

The complaint says that they are allowing him to call for interference in daily life and in elections that are scheduled for November 29. 

Brazil has commented that the UN will not receive the complaint.  However, they should not be so sure of themselves that the complaint will not be heard.  The complaint should be heard, because regardless of whether the government is actually recognized or not the country of Brazil still has to live by their obligations under the UN rules if they are going to allow Zelaya in their embassy.  Why? Because the UN has a duty to protect the citizens of Honduras and has the duty to make sure that embassies do not violate charters if they are in another country regardless of the status of the country where they are located. 

If Brazil does not recognize Honduras my question is why do they still have an embassy in Honduras? Shouldn´t they have closed their embassy and left for Brazil? If they are going to remain they still have to obey the law.  They should also remind themselves if the complaint isn´t heard that November 29 is a month away and January isn´t so far away either and that government can present a formal complaint against them before the UN and the OAS.  Not to mention that individual citizens can also launch a formal complaint against them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy News Day: Highlights of Upcoming Stories

Today has been a very busy news day and I am still doing some legwork to verify sources but here are some of the highlights of what will be covered.

A call by legislatures to the GAO to investigate the US embassy in Honduras and the Department of State(please let this be true!)

A formal complaint to the UN by Honduras against Brazil for interference into internal affairs and causing unrest in Honduras.

US diplomats in Honduras to promote a Honduran solution.

The US OAS representative has apparently moved to change US position on elections in Honduras saying it is unfair to prejudge elections before a complete investigation is done.

The Perfect Vacation: Honduras

Carribean breezes blowing, beautiful water, gorgeous sunsets, and sitting on the beach sipping a piña colada.  Perfect in all aspects including financially.  Honduras is the perfect destination.  It is not overblown by too many tourists but it has all of the beauty and spark of any luxury Carribean vacation.  In fact, the Carribean is where we are at and for a fraction of the price. 

Imagine sitting along the beach gazing out into the end of such a wonderful and relaxing day...ahhh!

So much to do and so much little time.....

Prefer the mountains? Honduras has it all.  Honduras has some of the most beautiful and inspiring mountainranges in the world.

Then we have beautiful malls and cities as well.  So whether you want to shop in the city, eat at Applebees or just get away from it all and hide in the country or at the beach sipping piña coladas we have what you are looking for.

You can even come see our dolphins in Roatan.   There are hotels for everyone from five star resorts to normal hotels.  Check out the scenery and you will fall in love with this tiny country in the Carribean and will be forever addicted.  What is best is on the island of Roatan, English is the spoken language.  Give it a try and you will surely be back for more.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things are Getting Sticky for Zelaya: The Clock is Ticking

Here we are just 36 days till elections and the clock keeps ticking.  In an article today from both El Heraldo and La Prensa the OAS apparently recognizes that the Honduran people by majority want a 3rd party alternative like Micheletti has suggested.  He said the poll also reveals that the people want a peaceful solution to the crisis that is made by Hondurans.

John Beihl revealed that he was headed to Washington DC for consultations to figure out how they can better assist with the crisis.  He also stated that he does not have a set date to return to Honduras. 

Beihl also stated that while the commissions had concluded the dialogue as a failure that he concidered this a break and a time for reflexion on the issue. 

He indicated that polls say that the Honduran population wants a pacific solution as soon as possible and that they think both sides need to be more flexible.  He said the poll also shows that Hondurans prefer the option of a third party where Zelaya and Micheletti resign and a third person and a reconciliatory and transitional government take control.  The population believes this should be one of the solutions. 

¨This is a Honduran agreement.  The International community has resolved that whatever agreement the Honduran people come to it will be respected.¨

However, this type of solution was already presented to Zelaya several times and he has rejected it every time and insisted on his restitution to the presidency.  Clearly now there is a majority population that does not want this but wants a pacific solution that involves both of them resigning and a third party taking control of the presidency to conclude the period of this presidency. 

I will not deny that I like Micheletti and I think he has taken a stand that must have been extremely difficult and that he has done remarkably well considering what he has had going on around him.  It will make me sad to see him resign as I think he has done a fantastic job even though I would have never opined that way before this entire mess.  I also think that the option presented where both resign and a third party take control is the best solution.

In the end if a third party takes control it solves a lot of things.  It relieves fears of the population and Congress that he will disolve the form of government and throw out the constitution as well as void the election process.  It also cedes to the other side in that Micheletti doesn´t remain in power either since this seems to be a point of contention with them.  Both Micheletti and Zelaya nixed the amnesty options so it would be incredibly difficult for Zelaya to be returned to power with serious felony charges over his head and he clearly needs to sort this out posthaste.  So as a result and the short time it is not plausable that he request a return to power before he solves his legal issues.  It also will not cause a pacific option but may destabilize the situation even more.  The other side will be pacified because Zelaya would have to resign thus removing their argument about how he was removed and their calls for insurrection.  It also would put an end to the illegal call for a Constitutional Assembly and restore to a certain degree the fracture in the community. 

Jimmy Carter has already presented this as a very good option.  The OAS seems to be concidering this may be the option and is clearly the desire of Hondurans.

My question is this was presented during the San Jose Accords..what took them so long to see things the way the people of Honduras see it?  What took them so long to understand that the democratic form of government did not hinge on Zelaya being president, but on the seperation of the powers in government and the respect for the institutions as well as the respect for the will of the people and for the respect for the Constitution of the Republic?

The factors are that slowly the facts that were undeniable have emerged and those facts made it hard to still call everything that occurred the compact word ´coup´.  Most admitted it wasn´t so easily defined this way.  While many grumbled about how things were handled they admitted it also was not a military coup per se.  They also admitted that Zelaya violated the law. 

While the International community was quite smug in the beginning about the power they held over Honduras and their ability to crush them and make them scream uncle they sorely estimated the resolve of this small country to defend the constitution and what they perceived as a person who was trying to throw out their constitution. 
Eventually as time passed they could not believe that Honduras was not going to bow to them even if they made threats.  So the international community regrouped and finally discussed talking with the government and negotiating the situation. This however, was destined to fail before it started because there were conditions set on the negotiations that required Zelaya return to power.  This set the talks up for failure before they began.
Any talks from the very beginning and options about the solution should have came straight from the Honduran community.

Let us hope that the International community also takes the time to reflect during this break and realize that any solution to peace has to come from within the community that is directly affected. 

Zelaya Was NOT Legitimately Elected

When I hear this phrase I want to scream, because Zelaya stole the election.  He didn´t win fair and square and he admitted such several months after the election as is seen on You Tube. 
Just yesterday Cesar Ham, the presidential candidate for the UD and part of the resistence insisting on the restauration of Zelaya admitted as well that Zelaya committed electoral fraud to win.  When asked about that he said´everybody does it´
My question for him is if everyone jumps into the Carribean off a cliff is he also going to follow suit?  Everyone doing it is not an excuse and electoral fraud is a crime and clearly brings into question how with a straight face that anyone can call him the legitimately elected president of anything...he would be the illegitamate leader just like Ortega in Nicaragua. 
Of course shortly this will all be behind us in just 36 days...

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Carter Center Position on the Honduran Crisis..A MUST READ

Can you explain briefly the constitutional crisis and military ouster of the Honduran president on June 28?

The military removed President Zelaya at gunpoint and exiled him to Costa Rica on the basis of a Supreme Court order after Zelaya had ignored judicial rulings, declaring an intended popular consultation on June 28 to be illegal. This was simply the catalyst for a long-brewing confrontation between the branches of government in Honduras and a growing polarization in the society. Honduras is a poverty-stricken, traditional society run by two political parties and a dominant class since its return to democracy in 1980. Zelaya, a large landowner from one of those two parties, was elected president in 2006 on a conservative platform promising economic growth and reduced violence and crime. He began to introduce pro-poor reforms and other policies that ran into resistance within the Congress and business class, his nominations for Supreme Court and other positions were not approved by the Congress, and he eventually turned to Venezuela for more unconditional aid and discounted oil. His growing closeness with Chávez alarmed many in the middle and upper classes of Honduras, while his talk of anti-imperialism, constitutional change, and significant rise in the minimum wage energized workers and the rural poor.
The only thing really incorrect here is that he really didn´t introduce any reforms for the pooer except the minimum wage which in fact hurt the poor because it resulted in 60% of them losing their jobs. The rest is essentially accurate even recognizing that there was an arrest warrant that the military had which is why he was taken at gun point...most arrest warrants are exercised with a gun.

He proposed constitutional change in late 2008 but failed to get congressional approval for a referendum asking the population whether they would approve a constituent assembly to reform the constitution. In March 2009, the president decreed that the National Statistical Institute should carry out a non-binding "survey" (consultation at ballot boxes) to determine if the voters would like to include a referendum to approve a constituent assembly, with the national elections already scheduled for November 2009. This was the so-called fourth ballot box, adding to the votes for president, Congress, and local officials.

This is essentially spot on...and reveals that he was trying to do it even though Congress said no.  He went to Congress they nixed his idea and he decided he was going to do it anyway even though both Congress and the Supreme Court said NO.

The Supreme Court, the Congress, and the National Electoral Tribunal all declared such a survey or popular consultation illegal, since it was not approved by Congress. The president ordered the military to support the consultation anyway (the military traditionally provides logistical assistance for elections). When eventually the military refused to go against the Supreme Court, the president dismissed the chief of the Armed Forces and the Supreme Court reinstated him and ordered him to confiscate the ballot materials (allegedly provided by Venezuela)(Nothing alleged about it...a Venezuelan plane arrived with ballots and computers.) The president went with a crowd to military barracks to reclaim the ballots and vowed to continue with the June 28 "survey." According to official reports after the fact, on June 26 the Supreme Court issued a secret order to the military to detain the president. The military entered his home the morning of June 28, and apparently decided on their own to exile him rather than imprison him in Honduras on the grounds that the latter would provoke popular unrest. The national Congress then unanimously approved the removal of Zelaya and elected the head of the Congress, Roberto Micheletti, as president to fulfill the term to January 2010.
This is correct as well except that it overlooks that all arrest warrants are secret until they are executed here.  Even the name of the person is secret until it is executed.

What did the international community do to help resolve the situation?

The Zelaya government requested support from the Organization of American States (OAS) in the week before June 28 to avert a democratic crisis, and the OAS resolved on June 26 to send an urgent mission. (If I am not mistaken this is actually incorrect they were sending observers for the supposed referendum not to avert any crisis)Before the mission arrived, however, the coup occurred on June 28.(It wasn´t a coup if the Court and the Congress acted within the law and they did, the coup was the one that Zelaya was attempting and was averted) That afternoon, an emergency session of the OAS Permanent Council declared the coup to be an "alteration of the constitutional order," invoked the Inter-American Democratic Charter to unanimously condemn the coup, and called for the reinstatement of President Zelaya. The resolution also called for the OAS secretary general to consult with regional leaders gathered in Nicaragua but did not instruct him to travel to Honduras for fact-finding or negotiations. (that is where the problem is they didn´t come to do any fact finding or negotiating they came to make demands for something they didn´t know the facts on)An emergency session of the hemisphere's foreign ministers (OAS General Assembly) met on June 30 and gave a 72-hour deadline for Honduras to reinstate Zelaya; it also instructed the secretary general to undertake diplomatic initiatives to restore constitutional order. Secretary General Insulza traveled to Honduras the afternoon of July 3, twelve hours before the deadline was to expire, but made no progress, hamstrung by not being able to meet with the installed government for fear of legitimating them. The following day, the OAS suspended Honduras from its membership, implying also the suspension of international loans, and many countries recalled their ambassadors. Here the essense of what caused the crisis is given...the international community caused the mess)

Three Latin American presidents and the Secretaries General of the OAS and the U.N. General Assembly accompanied Zelaya as he attempted to return to Honduras on July 5 in a high-stakes gamble to motivate his supporters to turn out en masse and force acceptance of his return, but his plane was not allowed to land. Two days later Zelaya met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington, who announced that Costa Rican President Oscar Arias had agreed to mediate the situation. The sitting president, Roberto Micheletti, and President Zelaya both traveled to Costa Rica to meet with Arias on July 9 but refused to meet together. Commissions from both countries continue to meet with Arias looking for a solution.
This was a huge mistake and probably broke international laws.  They involved themselves in an internal matter and a death of a young man in the chaos was the result.

How can the situation be resolved?

The international community hoped that universal condemnation of the coup and threats of economic sanctions would force the interim government to back down. The Micheletti government, however, insisted that Zelaya's removal was a defense of the constitution, that the military was simply carrying out Supreme Court orders to remove a president who had broken the law, and that if Zelaya returned to the country he would be arrested on charges of treason and attempting to change the form of government.

The conflict involves a constitutional crisis in that both sides have drawn on the constitution to support their arguments, and the constitution itself has multiple, sometimes conflicting, articles on constitutional change. It allows for popular referenda to modify the constitution, but the referenda must first be approved by Congress. It also allows the Congress to modify the constitution directly. The constitution specifies seven provisions that can never be changed, however, including the form of government, the term of president, and the prohibition on presidential reelection, and it says that anyone who tries to change these articles should immediately lose their official position and will lose their citizenship if sentenced in a court of law.
Amazing a lefty who actually read our constitution...and learned what it said and what it means.

It is unclear whether a constituent assembly could write a wholly new constitution that could change these provisions. Opponents to Zelaya assumed that he wanted to allow reelection to perpetuate himself in power, though this was never presented as a referendum question. Some of the accusations against Zelaya appear to be based on this presumption that he seeks to change the "set-in-stone" constitutional provisions and fears of how he could manipulate the rules to maintain himself in power after January 2010.
The reason for this is because of the direction of other ALBA countries so it is without a doubt that was his statements he himself made during the process.  Not only that had he wanted to change other provisions he would have stated as much his silence condemned him.  Furthermore, if he had constitutional resolutions he wanted to make he could have went to Congress.  Under no circumstance is the President allowed to present this or even a referendum to the public..that is Congress´job and for the President to do this violates the seperation of powers.

The conflict also involves a deeply polarized society in which some sectors (mostly upper and middle classes) feared that President Zelaya was moving the country toward a Venezuela-style socialist revolution and concentration of power in the president, and other sectors (mostly workers and rural poor) saw him as the person to address the 60 percent poverty rate and highly unequal society.

Given two entrenched positions, with apparently illegal actions by all sides (the forced exile of the president without due process; the president's defiance of the Congress and Supreme Court), this is not an easy conflict to solve. If either side forces the issue, the inflamed passions of the citizens who support and who oppose Zelaya can easily erupt into violence. One death has already occurred. A negotiated solution is therefore imperative.

Three scenarios appear possible:

a) The installed government continues to resist Zelaya's return and endures international isolation and sanctions for six months until a new government is elected and inaugurated. The installed government "wins," but at the cost of painful economic losses, increased polarization, and risk of violence and loss of life.(hallelujah someone recognizes that the elections would end it essentially at least Carter never suggests the unthinkable of not recognizing the desire of the people via the electoral ballot.)

b) Zelaya is successfully reinstated with international assistance and "punishes" the coupsters. This is unlikely in that it would involve force if there is no negotiated mechanism for his return. However, if the installed government were to back down in the face of international pressure, this would constitute a "win" for Zelaya and the international principle against military coups, but at the potential cost of a president without support from any national institution, and increased polarization in the country, with risk of violence and loss of life.
Not going to happen even the UN nixed that idea..and believe me Zelaya presented the use of force to both the US and the UN as well as the OAS all of them said NO!

c) A negotiated solution involving no obvious winner, involving one of a number of scenarios, possibly with amnesties for all involved, perhaps the reinstatement of Zelaya followed by his immediate resignation in favor of a care-taker government to manage elections, or his reinstatement with commitment to forego any attempts for constitutional change and international monitoring of compliance with all commitments made in the negotiated resolution.

No reinstatement this violates the constitution...sheesh folks the Supreme Court already ruled on this...I could go for the reinstatement followed by immediate resignation except that I do not trust Zelaya as far as I can throw him...I also don´t mind the political errors to be amnestied but I am AGAINST criminal errors being forgiven...if a poor person steals a chicken because they are hungry they go to jail for years...and he should get amnesty when he stole millions?  What are the guarantees he isn´t going to change his mind immediately when he is reinstated about resigning? Make him sign a resignation letter FIRST before he is reinstated or better yet make him resign as well as Micheletti this was already proposed and as much as I like Micheletti I can deal with an interim goverment that works toward the elections and is made up of different groups.  Though we would be at a much different stage in this game had Carter been the negotiator instead of Arias..I can see the error of our ways now and Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 and he is a peanut farmer from Georgia...ARGGG!

How is The Carter Center involved?

The Carter Center is the secretariat for the Friends of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, a group of former presidents, ministers, and jurists who are committed to the principle of the Charter and work to encourage the OAS to more effectively and constructively implement the Charter, and to assist countries undergoing democratic crises. The Friends issued a statement on June 30 condemning the coup but also encouraging the OAS to initiate a political dialogue in Honduras to resolve the inter-branch conflict, recognizing the constitutional crisis underlying the coup.

What does the situation in Honduras tell us about the state of democracy in the hemisphere?

Although this looked like a classical military coup, it wasn't in that the military did not attempt to stay in power after ousting the president, and they claimed they acted on orders from the Supreme Court. (they did act on order of the Supreme Court the arrest warrant is available for all to see.)The last classical military coup was 1991 when the Haitian military overthrew Aristide and stayed in power three years. Since then, military officers joined with popular protests to remove Ecuadoran President Mahuad in 2000 and replace him with the vice president, and the military high command removed Venezuelan President Chavez in 2002 after massive protests and violence, replacing him with a businessman (though this was reversed 48 hours later). The Honduran coup is thus part of a pattern over the last decade of presidents being forced to resign early from pressure by combinations of different actors – military (or parts of it), Congress, and popular protests (Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Haiti are some examples).

Honduras also illustrates a recurring pattern of disputes between different branches of government, sometimes caused by presidents overreaching or abusing their powers and sometimes by Congress attempting questionable impeachments. Generally, the international community has a hard time addressing this kind of democratic threat and is reluctant to intervene or offer assistance early enough to prevent a constitutional crisis of the type that erupted in Honduras. The one success story for the OAS in this kind of crisis occurred in Nicaragua in 2005 when the government actually requested assistance under the Inter-American Democratic Charter in the face of impeachment threats and questionable constitutional reforms. The OAS mediated a resolution of that constitutional crisis.

The good news is that the entire hemisphere united for the first time to roundly reject the idea that the military could remove an elected official by force no matter what the offence. Instead, judicial proceedings or congressional impeachment, with due process, must be used to pursue allegations of abuse of power. The U.S. condemnation of the coup also mooted criticisms from Venezuela, Bolivia, and Honduras of U.S. conspiracies against leftist forces in Latin America going back to the Bush era. The Obama Administration demonstrated its commitment to defend democratic principles no matter what the ideology or political alliances of the threatened government. Here Carter is comletely wrong..Obama called it a military coup and he didn´t recongize the crimes of Zelaya and he sided with communists like Fidel and tyrants like Chavez that have no clue what democracy is.

The challenge now is for the hemisphere to learn to use the Democratic Charter to also defend democratic principles when they are threatened by non-military actors, whether that is a president abusing power, a court or legislature threatening a president, or social actors inciting violence or unconstitutional acts.
Doing this would prevent idiots like Zelaya from becoming tyrants and would have jailed Chavez long ago.

Overall I think that Carter gets it right in his leftist kind of way except when he tries to meekishly defend the Obama stance when Obama didn´t bother to find out the facts and that was clear. Even Carter recognizes that this was not a military coup as Obama tried to claim...yes, the military was used..the military is trusted more here than the police who can be bought for 200 lempiras...can you imagine now what that 300,000 dollars was doing in his desk drawer? He planned on bribing folks that tried to arrest didn´t work with the military.

The elections will solve this and everyone in the international community needs to keep their pickers off of it...and let Honduras solve this.  It is an internal conflict and not an international one. The elections need to be recongized and observed by the International community so that another electoral fraud is not committed by another presidential candidate trying to subvert the will of the people.  Zelaya admitted he committed electoral fraud, Cesar Ham admitted that Zelaya committed electoral fraud...their excuse? Everybody does it...

I have been really unhappy with Pepe Lobo lately and his silence in this mess but I was really happy about his suggestion that in his government EVERYONE right down to the trash worker will have to sign an ethics contract and anyone who violates it will be prosecuted to the full letter of the law.  I can really dig that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now We are Spammers? Well according to Spamhaus and Volokh we are

Ok folks who are associated with an IP address from Cable Sula beware...Spamhause is blocking you as a spammer even if you aren´ seems that we are from Honduras is enough and there really isn´t any way apparently that you can do anything about it. 
They started at 0 on the IP list of Cable Sula´s addresses and blocked all of them through 158 and there is the following addendum to a Sula net apparently all of us have been blacklisted even if we aren´t spammers...just being a customer is enough.  Oh much for posting my rebuttal comment on an article on the Volokh Conspiracy site. 

I guess I will just have to settle for posting it on my blog for the moment.

They were commenting on the situation in Honduras and whether it is a coup or not.
The article from Sept 25. 

What amazes me is that in all of the commentary on the site not one person thought it was important to follow what Hondurans or Honduran government and authorities want.  They were worried about Chavez, the UN, Obama, the US congress, the OAS, and others..but not one of them said that the only people who matter are the people of Honduras and the laws of Honduras are the only ones that should be important in this matter. 

Why does it matter what Miguel D´Escoto thinks? He is a Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolutionary...of course he is biased. That is why the UN became irrelevent especially when Chavez and his goons started using the UN to bully Honduras.

The OAS is also irrelevent because the leader is also a Chavista...Insulza is Chilean and a very hard leftist who could not even get consensus amongst the people in Chile to support him.  Why do we care what this organization who is also now a bully pulpit for Chavez as well? The ALBA members here wanted to actually invade Honduras to force the people of Honduras to accept what they wanted.  They didn´t want a peaceful solution they wanted to invade Honduras.

In the end the only thing that matters is respecting the rights of the Hondurans to live in peace and not have outside interference in internal matters.  It is up to Hondurans to decide what they want to do about Zelaya.  A group of 100 protesters should not be allowed to force their will on the rest of the population by terrorizing them either.  The way it should be handled is by following Honduran laws and the Constitution and the decisions of the legislature and the Supreme Court.  The way that it should be dealt with is by respecting the will of 7.5 million Hondurans on November 29 when they go to the elections and vote their will ...whether it be for one candidate or the other that is not of importance what is of importance is that the people´s decision be respected by the rest of the world and that the rest of the world stop stepping on the will of the Honduran people as if it were insignificant.

Taking a Break from Maids

Ok my life is really very busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I always somehow managed in the states though to have a full time job, spend time on the Internet, clean the house, and do all the other stuff for my helpless Honduran soulmate.  His con technique when it comes to the payroll and paperwork for the trucks is I am better at it, write better than he does, and he is too busy.  Oh well it is one of those things I am now used to doing for him and so I do.  Unfortunately, the dispatcher, safety manager, and the terminal manager also think I am more reasonable as well.  It is just easier to make me understand they say...unfortunately when my husband´s dispatch manager was Venezuelan my husband and him both insisted they didn´t understand each other..ok guys you both speak Spanish and my first language is is it that I understand both of you and you don´t understand each other? Ok, whatever, I like Angel and he gave me pretty much whatever I asked for as long as I smoozed him a bit...he is a sucker for girls and could never say no to me...hubby knew that and took full advantage of it.  Angel is a bit of a softy and my husband is rough all around the edges and ex military and never lost his he sounds like he is always breaking in recruits, except with me.  Unfortunately for me that means I have a US phone number now installed here that the company has in their files.  So I get the joy of a full time job that I didn´t volunteer for...and rushing the son around to school, soccer, and whatever else might come up.  I also do some work on line to assist ex pats and Hondurans that are moving back here to Honduras.  The economy has slowed that some.  Well, in the states I never had a maid.  I did the cooking, cleaning, and all of the errands myself.  I never had to do much more than the errands here and teaching the maid to cook over and over again.  My husband and son like my cooking and I admit it is unfair to the maid because my grandparents who raised me had a restaurant and I learned to cook from professionals.  However, my husband was home in September and fired the maid while he was here.  He hated her cooking and cleaning.  I told her so...she didn´t listen.  He didn´t so much disapprove of the flavor of the foods, that would have been fixable.  He is a clean kitchen nut and hates things not done clean.  I was upstairs dealing with something else and she took the chicken chopped it up for chop suey and did not take the skin off or wash it and prepare it with limes.  uh oh...I told her a thousand times...

Then another neighborhood maid came and hollered thorugh the garage gate for her and she dropped the mop and went outside to visit with her..oops again..this time he came upstairs looking very disappointed and I asked what was wrong..I went to see..oh boy! I told her when the man with the check book is around no guests he does not like folks hanging around outside especially when she is working.  Then we went to Olancho for two days to check out the property and buy some cows and pay the worker there.  When we got back my dear who is seriously spoiled and doesn´t use shoes in our house because we have an expensive ceramic floor and he believes that sand scratches it..he is the rule is no shoes and no sand in the house, kicked off his shoes and walked across the floor...sand, this is not good.  He isn´t particular about many things but the floor must be immaculate and shined with ´cero liquido´after it is cleaned with anti bacterial solution that smells really awesome.  I have been married to him for 15 years..I know what he expects.  My grandfather was Navy...they are just alike when it comes to the house.  I had already drilled her on what he would expect and what I was less strict about.  I don´t think it is a bit deal to have on the television or music while doing housework or cooking, he says no.  I also do not think it so bad if she takes 5 minutes to talk to a friend as long as it is not every 15 minutes or so.  I am sticky about the food though..but I had been cooking for us before my ´viejo´showed son won´t eat anyone else´s cooking and he hated her cooking.  I just wrote it off to the difference in some people are born with the ability to cook and she wasn´t endowed that way.  However, she did clean pretty good, woke up on time to work and did work until all of the chores were done even if she stopped in the process.  She always thought we were crazy for the shoe thing though, but it was hard to make her believe that you don´t wear shoes in the house because dirt comes in on them.  In San Pedro Sula sand is everywhere.  She never understood the concept so now I am maidless and in January will be even more busy with work..oh this is not going to be fun.  He is promising to get me another maid from Olancho that will be interesting..a maid who is used to no electricity, no indoor water, dirt floors, and beans everyday for all the meals as well as tons of tortillas in a house where my husband eats 1 or 2 tortillas if any at all and HATES beans.(yes you heard that right, he hates beans...cannot even stand the smell of them yet I like them ok just not three times a day.  I do like tortillas though).  Teaching the maid to use the washing machine can be an adventure. However, on the sneak on Wednesdays I have been having the wife of our ´albañil´come and clean for me...she does a great job too bad she can´t do the live in thing.  Shh don´t tell the boss man I am paying her out of the grocery money, what he doesn´t know won´t kill him and besides on Wednesdays the house might as well fall down before it will get cleaned ...starting at 6 am here 8 am on the East Coast my phone starts to ring, husband, drivers, dispatch, terminal manager, and several other folks try to call all at the same it is now 10 pm here and I snuck on the net for a few minutes...silence is golden. I got the duty of FEMA and the SBA as well...yeah the house in Georgia that was not in a flood zone got flooded.  The FEMA guys inspected last week and SBA today..both want to see inside because while we thought just outside they said the insulation is damaged from the flood and so is the foundation.  They want to test for mold..not good....and the poor SBA guy met Gringo. 

As you can see Gringo is a white German Shepard and he weighs a good 85 lbs.  His teeth are really big when he barks..but really who you should be terrified of is Mango..yes you will meet Mango. Fortunately for the SBA guy he stayed out of the backyard and avoided becoming lunch. Our neighborhood sherriff in Douglasville and the dog are best friends...the sherriff has treats..and he knows it.  So he feeds Gringo during the week and checks his water and we give him a little extra for his efforts and he also checks and makes sure all is well with the property and my husband is home on the weekend. Mango, the chi monster came with me. 

This is Mango the Chi Monster and if you ever hear him growl you will know why we call him a monster...(yes, LaGringa in Ceiba he is identical to your two bundles...we will talk sometime cause when I saw Zoe I showed my son and he said...´what is Mango doing there?´ ) Lately Mango has decided it might be fun to bite the water man, the gas man, the fix it person, and anyone else who has a tasty looking he gets toted when people are in the house:) Maybe it is just a stage he is going through. 
Ok Good night folks...I have an early morning is almost over with and I have to mop floors and other stuff I am no longer used to doing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DeMint V Obama Round 2

DeMint has been a pain in Obama´s side since June 28 and has given me renewed hope in the Republican party.

Due to the misjudgement of Obama DeMint has been blocking two appointments of Obama since that time...that was when I concidered it  De Mint 1 and Obama 0 in the political game.  While he couldn´t force him to change his mind he has done serious damage to Obama´s previous squeeky clean image and smashed his popularity ratings..especially in the area of foreign policy. 

Now today he has held a very tempting morsal in front of Obama´s nose.  Obama recognizes the elections and understands they will be a solution to the mess and he allows the two nominees to be voted on for confirmation.
DeMint 2 and Obama 0.  I really like this man.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honduras Air Force Shoots Down Venezuelan Planes and sends message

Honduras yesterday afternoon announced that they were coming to a military agreement to shoot down all planes that refuse to identfy themselves and are suspected of illicit activity.  Soon after that announcement TWO Venezuelan aircraft were brought down.  The aircraft is believed to be involved in either narcotics trafficking or in arming guerrilla groups in Honduras.  The military announced that they will shoot down ALL planes that travel in this fashion across Honduras. GOOD!!!
It is about time that Micheletti did something about Chavez´tactics.  He is probably about ready to have a stroke, but he made the announcements himself that Zelayistas were in his country, Nicaragua and other countries looking for financing and arms as well as guerilla warfare training(ie terrorist training camps for those who are Americans). He thinks the resistence has a ´right´to create civil war in a peaceful country to do what they want.  Sorry Chavez, not this cannot put your filthy hands on Honduras because we will fight to the very bloody end.

World, meet the Honduran Air Force

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving to Honduras: A Complete Guide to What You Need to Know

This is a place that is adequate for those who are trying to make their retirement extend, want to get back to nature(greenies), or those who are just looking for a change in pace.

Americans and Europeans have many reasons for moving to the tropics.  Mostly retirees are movtivated.  However, Honduras is the perfect place to go green as well as earn money in addition to your retirement or other incomes.

Coffee, Tobacco, Bananas, Pineapples, fruit trees such as avocado, mango, guava, and many otehrs are common in Honduras.  This is truly a land where everything will grow somewhere in Honduras.  It is very adequate to grow your own food, have your own animals, and survive on very little money if you put your mind to it.  Houses can also be built for very little.  I recommend to most people that they buy empty land that needs work to keep their price low.  You have to be willing to work and DIY with structures or to pay locals to help you. 

In rural areas there are literally no building codes so it is every man for himself.  You have the options of poured earth, sand bags(we have tons of dirt so this is perfect if you are going to work the land), wood sections, earth shelters, adobe (rural locals are experts at cutting blocks so hire someone to either teach you or to do it for you), concrete, stone...all options are open.  Prices are not as high as in the United States or Europe so if you are ready to get to work and need property you are at step one.

Property is very difficult to tackle and is my specialty.  I will not kid you it is how I make extra money for myself by helping soon to be ex pats find the property they want and at the price they want.  We all have to make a living somehow....:)

Earth bags is something that has interested me as of late. Burlap sacks are still used in Honduras and sometimes are made of polyurethane.  Fill them with sand and walla you have a sand bag.  Burlap or polyurethane sacks are used for everything like beans, rice, corn kernals, dog food, etc.  You can find them for just 3 lempiras in almost every corner store.  100 bags will cost you just 300 lempiras(you will have to do some work to find them and go store to store to store and to the markets, but eventually you will get the bags you want) The exchange rate is 18.895 lempiras for $1 so for 100 bags you are spending just $16.  Sand or dirt is free if you dig it yourself.  If you go to the river to dig it in the city though you do need a permit or it can be brought by the horse cart load for about 150 lempiras.  They do the digging and sifting for you and pay for the permit.  You just fill the bags.  In rural areas that price is probably about half.  A sifter costs about 80 lempiras and a shovel of course is an indispensable tool and it costs about 150 lempiras or so. 

This picture is an earthbag house that requires 1000 bags.  So to get an idea you will spend 3,000 lempiras on 1,000 bags which is just $159. 

You will need plywood, chickenwire, about 20 bales of straw, 2 rolls of 4 point barbed wire.  It will take about 40 tons of moistened dirt or sand to complete this project, but sand is abundent in Honduras so it depends on how much of a cheapskate you want to be..and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.  With this you can build your own house.  Of course other things like electrical wiring, cabinetry, etc add to the price of your house, but all options are open.  You can use virtually anything to make your own floor.  Wood, stone, concrete tiles, ceramic, or even adobe and tapped earth.  This house can be added onto as well since it is a dome style. Bagged houses are virtually able to be built in any form, so yes traditional square works as well.

Materials like concrete cost 120 lempiras for each 80lb bag.  Concrete block costs approximately 9 lempiras a block.  So the above option is clearly much cheaper.  Earth plaster is what is needed to plaster the walls of earth bag houses.

Earth bags are fire proof and earthquake resistent as well as being resistent to hurricanes and a stray bullet(important in Honduras where a soccer game won can cause an eruption of gun fire into the air out of joy..).

I will help you find the perfect fit for you in property whether it is a city lot, residential lot, or a country or mountain retreat.  I realize that some are thinking..well I have google so why would I hire her to help me.  Let me tell you that when Hondurans see a gringo coming their eyes light with dollar signs and your price jumps by quite a bit more than the $100 that I charge to do the leg work for you.  Also, I understand prices in Honduras and value of property quite well.  I also know what areas are safe versus areas that are more violent or typical drug running areas.  Imagine you think you found that perfect spot and it turns out that you cannot grow what you wanted or even is the exact spot for trafficking drugs..ouch.  So email me and $100 is going to save a lot of grief over a long time...and make you a happy ex pat living in Honduras.

Also, I have several connections with attorneys that can help you with your immigration papers.  The attorneys I use are reputable and do not buy your way with please do not go there as I feel it important to do things the right way...there are plenty of right ways to do stuff.  I also use attorneys that will not charge you an unjust price, but what it really costs.  Of course, if you are married to a Honduran or have children that are of a Honduran parent it makes things much easier...but it really is not that difficult to immigrate to Honduras legally.

When I mentioned earth bagging to my husband he said well why not just adobe? Well earth bagging is done quicker, no need for waiting for the bricks to dry, just fill and locate and bind.  Not to mention that this type of structure is more resistent to earthquakes than regular adobe.  Earth bags is sometimes known as super adobe.

Next article on natural structures I will touch on stone, adobe, and cord wood structures...all articles that can be used easily in Honduras.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

2003 Prophecy by Roy Santos of the Earthquake and the Fall of Manuel Zelaya

This video has subtitles in English. The pastor is speaking Spanish and I can tell you if you don´t get goosebumps something is wrong...I am not an evangelical but everytime I hear this prophecy it gives me chills.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why are We Negotiating With Zelaya?

Sometime back the Supreme Court declared that neither amnesty can be granted or the restitution of power.  So why did we even bother with those two subjects?

To me when the Supreme Court has pronounced itself that is the end of the subject and the decision has been made regardless of who does not like the decision.

The only logic to me is that Zelaya is negotiating his future and not his restoration of power.  Maybe that is why it is so secret?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Honduras is GOING to the WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

Yes, at the last minute we beat El Salvador and the US and Costa Rica tied...a last minute goal of the United States decided everything for us. 

What an emotional moment...we thought we were going home when a last minute goal changed everything....

Hon´dur´as!!!!  Thank you Selección! Thank you US!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Juan Barahona is Out

Juan Barahona has been replaced.  I believe the statement was that there were two groups negotiating at the table, not three.  The reference being that the Resistence is not part of the negotiation but Zelaya and the Interim government are.

They were clear that he wasn´t removed but resigned because of the lack of agreement on the constituyente.  However, I think the words were softened somewhat because Zelaya does not want to lose the support of the Resistence.  If he does it will be his death knoll...

Several points have already been agreed to.  Among them are NO amnesty and that there will be no delay in the elections.  So this is a clear victory for Micheletti and the interim government.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zelaya Commission Fractured on Talks

The Zelaya commission and the resistence have an almost unrepairable fracture in the talks.  His goal is restoration to power and their goal is the Constituyente. 

The next week will probably bring a replacement of some of his commission. Chances are that Juan Barahona will be out.  He should have never been in that commission in the first place.  It is almost like including the criminal rapist and anti semite Romero in those talks.

They said that all of the points except three have been agreed to...however, one of those points is the restoration of Zelaya to the presidency.  The Supreme Court has already said no to I am not sure why it is still being argued.  However, there are some suggestions that he is figuring out how to just get out of the embassy and to be allowed to go home more than a restoration of power.  Evidently his isolation in the embassy has had some effects on him and reality is setting in that he is not as popular as he thought he was.

 If he were truly as popular as he had assumed or as people like the resistence or Narconews tries to paint him then he would have been carried to power already and no one would have been able to stop them.  Reality is that he has had barely 200 supporters gathered outside the embassy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Forgetting the Crisis for Just a Few Hours

Hondurans around the world are forgetting the crisis for just a few hours.  In just an hour we will all be united to scream and shout for the selection and pray that we go to the World Cup Games. 

Honduras is playing against the US at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Eduardo Bueso´s Aunt Murdered in Her Home...a Victim of the Resistence

First they threw explosive devices into her property and now they have invaded and murdered her.  This is absolutely a murder by the resistence of Zelaya and outrageous to say the least.  They cannot rationalize the murder of an 88 year old woman.  There is no excuse for breaking in her home and murdering her.

A few days ago in Santa Ana a police officer who was just 25 years old was also murdered being shot 45 times.  Also, most likely a victim of the resistence. 

Now they are complaining and making outrageous claims that landowners have paramilitary guarding their homes and land.  I hate to tell them this, while not true for me sounds like a good idea and I have the right to hire who in the hell I want to protect my property from ignorant idiots and thugs like Zelaya and co. 

From Israeli sharpshooters to Mossad, to claims that we are now hiring ex paramilitary from Columbia.  The UN was quick to point out that Honduras has agreed to not hire mercenaries at any point or engage in training them...Blackwater comes to mind in relation to the US..what is good for the goose...but the UN is forgetting private individuals didn´t sign that agreement and we can protect our property with whomever we choose and that means paramilitary or mercenaries as well.

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize: What an Insult

How can Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize? What a complete insult to Honduras, Iran and Afghanistan.

These prizes are better left being awarded to people like Ghandi and Mother Theresa.  Those are true peace makers and truly worthy of the prize.

In the last few years people like Obama and Arafat have won this prize and made it worthless now.

A Public Message To Linda Weltner and Her Protest Group

Linda Weltner,

You are an American citizen that lives in the US in an exclusive section of town.  You are not an Ex pat living in Honduras and have no connections here.  You do not have property and you are not anything other than a tourist if you come here. 

You came here and abused your rights as a US tourist.  Do not do it again because you make things extraordiarily difficult for Americans that actually live here.  It is ILLEGAL for you as a tourist to come into Honduras and participate in political protests.  You are very lucky that you were not arrested and either deported as a persona non grata or jailed for sedition.  If you do these things the US will NOT help you and you will spend a long sentence in jail for your acts. 

The next time you come here and try something like that I will exercise my rights here as a US ex pat and arrest you as a civilian and turn you over to authorities and I will testify against you in any court trial providing your supposed made up story from the Marblehead paper.  No one told you there was a bomb on your plane on the way simply like attention and if they had you deserved it.  We don´t need you coming here and trying to force a dictator on us or pushing your socialist agenda.  If you want to do that then sell your damned exclusive home in Washington state and come here and buy a house in my neighborhood and lets see how quick it straightens out your, the world in socialist mode is roses attitude.

You are warned and there is no threat here it is a promise.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Myth that 6, 8, or 14 Families Rule Honduras

There is a common myth and one that seems to be ironically a wide belief in the world and inside Honduras.  I have heard varied numbers from 6-14 families that rule Honduras.  I find it ironic concidering that there are a large number of fairly well off neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula alone and surely there are not just 14 families living in all of these very wealthy neighborhoods.  So off I go to investigate...

First the highest control in the land is the Honduran Supreme Court...let´s look at their last names...I suppose here you could say that 15 last names control the country because they indeed do control the country.

Rivera Aviles, Arita Valle, Cruz Sequeira, Henríquez Interiano, Martínez Silva, Reyes Díaz, Paz Haslam, Ruiz Gaekel, Chinchilla Banegas, Gutiérrez Navas, Cálix Hernández, Cálix Vallecillo, Zúniga Medrano, Bustillo Palma, López Rivera

(so there are 15 names that technically do control all of the laws and the legality of what is decided in Honduras..but that wasn´t the insinuation by the statement so to look further...)

National Congress has 130 different last names...some were the same like Garcia, but in Honduras you have your father´s last name first and your mother´s last name second so that is what I go on and there were 130 different names with the two..not the same immediate family.  So far we have now 145 families that rule the roost beyond the president.

The comes the business leaders...are you getting the picture yet? Things are not as simple as 14 families run everything because that is a myth that is not even half based on reality.

And the Honduran Dialogue Begins....

It seems that the OAS stabs themselves in the foot at every pass.  Although they are more contradictary to one another now than before and are far from being united now.  It seems their guilt has gotten the best of some of them...and they have rethought their original hasty decisions...but a few Argentina, Brazil in particular ...I wanted to smack in the mouth and send them packing...

I am an optimist so I always try to hope for the best instead of the worst but this situation has really tried me and my optimism.

I will reiterate to Obama to just shut up! He hasn´t the foggiest notion how to handle foreign policy and is trying very hard to make enemies of his friends...his latest comment.

´The best solution for Honduras is the San Jose Accord´ Barak Obama.

This morning Micheletti reaffirmed

´There will be elections regardless of the international community´

I have never heard in history of the international community trying to stop elections..have they all gone mad? How do you preserve democracy and not have elections? Elections were held in Afghanistan as violent as it was..a war in fact...the US dropping bombs on their heads and they had elections.  Iraq had elections and bombs were also dropping on their heads, again the US...and they were all recognized.  Pinochet had elections and there was violence in the streets, recognized.  Yet, Honduras had primaries last year where we picked our candidates and now we have impending is being cancelled for this reason not to mention the teachers.
There is a crisis where an ex president wants to stop the elections and the international community including the US wants to stop them...outrageous.

Again Micheletti reaffirmed

The dialogue must be in agreement with our laws and constitution.

What about this does the international community not get? Why do they insist we break our laws and violate our constitution?

Micheletti said something that should have gave them all chills and woke them up..but it didn´t...

´If Zelaya wanted elections and did not want to perpetuate in power why had he not authorized one cent in the budget of the Supreme Elections Tribunal?´

Slam dunk is what I was thinking...but we got silence..did it register? Maybe he should have put it in giant letters in their hotel rooms so they could sleep on it and wake up to it.

On the other hand I was moved by the words of Guatemala´s representative and his words were the closest I heard to understanding.  He called Micheletti his brother and he spoke from his heart about the previous problems in Central America and said something about looking back to reflect but not looking back as one cannot go back.

I wanted to stand up and applaud when Contreras asked them why they hadn´t instituted the rules of the OAS before the 28th of June when Zelaya was trying his hardes to destroy democracy in Honduras. 

Also, why haven´t one of them asked Zelaya for accountability on the money that has been spent that was given to help the poor.  Where was the help for the poor? Where did it go? Why are the poor worse than they were before the help?

The song and dance is up..we have asked, begged, and pleaded for them to listen to us...and they they are here do not let them go till they hear us out.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When All Else Fails Blame the US

This seems to be a universal bandaid for people who are looking for someone to blame their ills on.  Granted the US is at fault for their share of causing problems in foreign countries and the US has had their hands too deep in Honduras, but so has the rest of the world. 

The Zelayaistas latest mantra is that the US Congress financed the removal of Zelaya.  Of course you have to concider who this information is coming from.  Carlos Eduardo Reina who is prohibited to enter the US because he is a human trafficker.  In my opinion human traffickers are bottom feeders and close on the list to terrorists.  Of course Reina didn´t offer any proof of his accusations, he just made them.   I don´t guess he realizes that the Congress in the US doesn´t have direct access to the cash drawer in the US Treasury.  Things in the US work a bit different than they do here and he better figure out where that resolution in the US Congress was made in order to finance the removal of Zelaya, because he is a liar.

Their modus operandi is blame everyone else but yourself and certainly make sure that you blame the US, Israel, Jews, and Arabs in Honduras.  Next thing you know they will be blaming the US ex pats living here.  I was as in the dark as everyone else when he was removed, I suspected something was about to happen to Zelaya.  Who didn´t? However, I wasn´t sad when he was removed. I was in fact overjoyed and felt like it was a victory for Hondurans.

I believe what is occurring is their playing cards are quickly being used up.  They don´t have much left to do other than blame Jews and blame the US.  Zelaya and his supporters are now saying there is no environment for a dialogue.  Ok, so let´s not dialogue and just let him sit there till after elections...that works for me. 

He doesn´t want to negotiate now because he has figured out that the US Congress has his number, the OAS is no longer calling for his reinstatement, and even Arias announced that the agreement he wrote was not written in stone and that the agreements made need to be a Honduran agreement.  Insulza said the same thing.  It has taken a long time for that change to occur and lots of hurt Honduran feelings over the abandonment of us during a real crisis and the complete ignoring of our population while only hearing the side of the guilty party while leaving us without a voice....finally we are being heard.

My husband came to Honduras last month for three weeks to take a break from work and spend some time with his family...the first thing he asked me ...where are all the protests? On our way home he saw some spray painting, but no protests.  I laughed and siad did you think I was telling you a story when I said there were no serious protests or widespread ones? He admitted that he thought I was telling him that to keep him from worrying about our safety and because he knows that I don´t want to leave Honduras. He was surprised to find I was telling the truth.  He called and told everyone there that they needed to stop listening to Univision and CNN because there weren´t any protests and that everything was life as usual here.  I could not believe the level of propaganda that he said was going on there and the lack of showing the peace protests.  He said he had only saw the ones I sent him via email where people were against Zelaya being returned to power.  He said if he had not seen the pictures I showed him he would not have believed me because they were never on television and that they showed the Zelaya protesters constantly.  Wow, what a slant...njo wonder the world was against us.

As leaders and representatives have came to visit the truth has gotten out.  I want to offer a personal thank you to those in the US Congress who took the time to listen to the ex pats here and come and visit and learn for themselves what was going on.  On my part I sent letters to the Congress and Senate in my corresponding state of Georgia, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson are my senators and I want to give them a public thank you for their letters of support and their recognition of what actually occurred in Honduras.  I didn´t vote for Isakson, but I am glad he was there for us in this time of need. I further want to thank Saxby Chambliss for helping me with FEMA and the inspection happened yesterday at my house in Georgia even though I am not there to receive them...I am touched by the concern he showed for individual citizens in his area.

I believe that not much will come out of this dialogue and it really can´t become any deeper or more polarized than it is now.  I think the end solution will be elections.  The elections has been a problem solver for so many things in history and Honduras will be no different.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It is About Time Hugo Llorens Did Something Right

Hugo Llorens finally did something right.  He was clear that Radio Globo better do something about their director because he was making a fool of himself with his comments.

I wonder how they will explain themselves?

The letter above is translated as follows

Dear Esteemed Professional Torres:

I am writing to you with surprise and a lack of comprehension.  I am referring to a commentary by one of your reporters and director of News David Romero on September 25, 2009, in which Romero said that the Jews and Israelis are the ones hurting this country.  Particularly disagreeable was the admiration he offered of Adolf Hitler stating ´After all I have learned I wonder why we didn´t let Hitler accomplish his historic mission?´

Mr Villatoro the concentration camps of Hitler and the Holocaust represent one of the most embarrassing acts in human history.  How can it be that your radio has contracted a man as director of news that does not understand this?  Torture and assasinations were committed against millions of innocent people.  The commentary that Mr Romero made makes a joke of any intention he may have of solidarity with people who are marching against injustice.

I cannot help but see the irony that you and Mr Romero visited me last week looking for help after your radio station was closed by the ´defacto´(I hate this word but he used it) authorities. I have spoken clearly and I will continue to do so, that the decree that closed your station was incorrect.  Radio Globo deserves to be on air(really? after calling for murder of Jews and preaching this crap they do not deserve to be on the air...) The right to freedom of expression cannot be broken. (really so why in the US do they yank media license and radio broadcasting and television broadcasting licenses for criminal records, child support, and yes preaching that the holocaust never happened...), but at the same time you have the duty to speak truthfully and with seriousness.  Does Radio Globo accept their moral responsibility? Will you unite with me to condemn this atrocious act that has been committed on air in your radio?

I guess the Jew stuff was more than Llorens could overlook...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Deaths the Resistance Blames on Interim Government

Isis Obed Murillo Mencías 19, this young man was participating in a violent protest at the airport on July 5, 2009 and died from a gunshot wound to the head. The origin of the gunfire is unknown and the killer has not been identified.

This killing did happen during a protest, but it can be argued that he was shot either on purpose or accidentally by someone within the protest and not soldiers.

José Jacobo Euceda Perdomo 18 was shot and killed by police officer Denis Omar Montoya and an arrest warrant was issued for him. This was not a government ordered killing it was a killing because the young man was resisting arrest and how much he was resisting is unknown because there are conflicting versions. He was clearly violating the curfew and if he went for an officers gun that was involved in the arrest it is quite possible he was shot in self defense, but much is unknown and while the officer did flee in Honduras one cannot presume guilt because of fleeing because many people flee out of fear of being killed themselves by family even if the death is an accident. He was shot to death in El Carmen which is known as a very violent area in San Pedro Sula. There is a lot of gang activity and crime so clearly the police will be more tense in situations involving this area.

Wendy Elizabeth Avila 24, suffered an asthma attack evidently from a combination of events including prolonged exposure to tear gas. It is clear that she was not killed by the police. The young lady, while her death is lamentable, knew her condition was serious and that she should not put herself in a situation where her asthma might be aggravated into an attack that could endanger her life. A person is responsible for making sure that their health is protected. Tear gas is not illegal for use and the International community regards it as legitimate usage to break up riots. A combination of things probably brought on her attack and caused her demise. On the day she died it was extremely hot which is bad for asthma, she was also in a very stressful situation which can bring on serious, life threatening events in asthmatics. According to her death certificate she was not killed but died of an asthma attack that caused respiratory arrest.

Roger Iván Bados was killed on July 11 at his home by unknown assailants that knocked on the door. The assailants have not been identified and we do not know if he had personal enemies who may have taken advantage of the time frame to kill him as is common in Honduras. This death can certainly NOT be attributed as being related to political causes at this point. An investigation should be done by independent police enforcement such as from the FBI, etc.

Ramón Garcia was killed on July 12 when he was pulled off a bus by unknown individuals. He was shot by them and no one knows who they are and if this is or is not related to the crisis. I believe it should be investigated by an independent police department, but at this point it is very hasty to relate it to the political crisis.

Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador was arrested on July 24 for violating the curfew and the police say he was released a few hours later. There is no proof that he wasn´t released. He was found stabbed to death in El Paraiso but there is nothing to link this to the police or the government as an ordered killing. He was clearly there to protest but a later death similar to this one was related to a 15 year old kid with a penchant for smoking pot and being violent.

Roger Abraham Vallejo Soriano was killed by a gunshot to the head on July 31 at a protest. The resistance claims that he was shot by police, but eye witnesses say that he was trying to loot a business and that he was told by the security officer if he tried to do so that he would be shot and was subsequently shot by the security officer. This should clearly be investigated to determine who caused the death of this teacher, but if he was trying to loot a business whether shot by police or security guard it can be argued that this would be a justifiable shooting.

Martin Florencio Rivera Barrientos was killed on the 2nd of August and the resistance claims he was killed by the police, but he was NOT killed by the police. On August 3 it was determined that a 15 year old was responsible for his murder and killed Rivera when he told him that he was going to call the police because he was smoking pot. This killing did have characteristics similar to the killing in El Paraiso so perhaps it needs to be determined if this kid was also there during that killing and if he is also responsible for the other murder.

There are groups out there alleging that there are 12 deaths that are the fault of the Micheletti government or even claim that he has ordered these deaths and other reports allege some 16 deaths even others claim hundreds and blood flowing in the streets. Of course then there is reality not every death or even a small faction are related to the situation here I can see of two that can be directly attributed and neither of those can be blamed on Micheletti as ordered assassinations. I have seen absolutely no proof of any 12 deaths that were murders ordered by Micheletti or that there is substantial proof that they were related to the government. Of all of these only one can be directly contributed to a police officer and that person was resisting arrest by all accounts of the events that led up to his death. While it was probably wrong to kill him we do not know the circumstances and therefore cannot determine if the killing is justifiable or not.

Copyright rules: You are welcome to use this article as long as I am given proper credit for the origin of the article.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Interesting Adventure of Honduran Cuisine

When I came to Honduras for the first time in 1996 I was not prepared for the foods that I encountered.  I had learned Honduran cuisine lite with my husband, but not much was available in the states as to what exactly it entailed.  I mostly cooked Tex Mex for the first two years of our marriage which is the cuisine I grew up with.  I desperately wanted to learn his ethnic foods though in order to give him that since I love to cook and learn new things. 

I am a curious sort by nature and not afraid to ask many questions.  So over the years I have mastered Honduran foods and while some took awhile to get used to; I overall love the food here and it is really quite simple. 

Tonight I am making something that I learned from a friend.  Rice and Beans...yes they call it that...not the Spanish words but the English ones...why? I don´t have a clue...but it is a Garifuna recipe...and very simple and delicious.

To make Rice and Beans Honduran style.

1 pound of small Central American red beans
1 can of coconut milk
2 cups rice
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
1/2 bell pepper
1 seasoning package for red beans

Cook beans first until done preferablly in barro dump in seasoning and salt and pepper.  Take the rice, wash it in a rice colinder.  Chop onion fine, chop garlic and chop bell pepper.  Cook this in oil in the pan you use for rice.  Pour in rice, stir for a minute or two and pour in coconut milk, beans, use the bean water for better flavor till twice the height of rice add salt and pepper to taste.  Cook on low until dry.  Serve alone or as a side dish.  Delicious!

Flooding in Douglasville,Georgia

The flooding that hit Georgia two weeks ago did affect our home there.  We did not know it until Wednesday evening when my husband flew back to the states to find a disaster waiting for him.  The interior of the house is largely unaffected and he thinks the foundation is stable, but the flood waters did get into the crawl space, knocked down trees, our fence, the storm drain that runs under our driveway destroyed the driveway and is uprooted into the yard.  The people half a block from us lost their homes to the flood waters.  He said he was in shock and was left speechless when he turned onto the street to find the unthinkable...our non flood area was destroyed by the flood.  He didn´t tell me until yesterday and did not really want to tell me details because he felt I had enough to deal with...I drug all of it out of him today when a FEMA application showed up in my email via Saxby Chambliss´office because our address is smack in the area that flooded.  There is thousands of dollars in damage and it didn´t get to the interior of the house...I cannot imagine how my neighbors our collecting themselves right now....we just have exterior stuff and protecting from future rains to deal with...they have to completely rebuild.

Have any of you that read this blog dealt with FEMA before? What can I expect now that we put in the application for damage? How long will it take for them to show up and look at the property?  How will they determine the amount of damage and how long will it take for them to complete the process?  Any guidance that anyone can give me will be of this point I am at a loss for words.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Costa Rican President Never Read Honduran Constitution

Arias needs to recuse himself immediately from this crisis.  How absolutely incompetent can a person be when they have failed to even bother to read the constitution in question in the crisis and whether it was legal or not to remove Zelaya. 

To determine the legality of the issue wouldn´t you need to at least have minimal information? How embarrassing!

Then to have the audacity to offend the people of Honduras, the legislature, and the Supreme Court by calling it the worst constitution in the world.  I have to ask Arias...what precisely makes it the worst constitution? Or is that a poor and silly excuse for realizing that the Supreme Court was following the law and you were too sloppy to realize it at the time?

Honduras has one of the longest and most detailed constitutions in the world...and it is one of the most simple constitutions to understand for the common what precisely makes him think that it is just so horrible? What a slap in the face...

Arias went in with an agenda and did not care about the law, our constitution or anything other than making Hugo Chavez and Insulza happy.  He did not care what the people of Honduras wanted...he only cared about his own ego trip.

Radio Globo: Who is David Romero

Radio Globo lost their license for GOOD reason and should have lost it long ago.

In fact, I have to ask why isn´t David Romero in PRISON? That is indeed where he belongs.  He has a long criminal record and a very shady past as a terrorist.

This man raped his own ten year old daughter at his birthday party and she made an official police report in 2002 about his continued rape of her.

He made his start as a member of the communist party and founded a terrorist group in Honduras known as the People´s Revolutionary Union. 

In 1981 this group was behind the hijacking of flight 414 headed to New Orleans.

In 1988 they attacked 4 US servicemen outside a nightclub in Honduras

Overall their terrorist activities have caused 28 deaths...this is like supporting Al Qaeda folks...

Rodolfo Padilla Suseri: San Pedro Sula Mayor ineligible

There was a time when I had faith that he was an honest mayor.  However, most of that belief has been set aside with shame, anger, and grief.

Sunseri had a very good chance of winning again, but the Zelaya situation brought forth some serious scandals on part of Sunseri and showed him to not be very honest at all.  Now there are very serious charges that he is facing and he disappeared to the United States to try to avoid charges since he is a citizen of the United States.  This same citizenship is what gave many people here faith that he would not be corrupt.  He is a very wealthy man and really has very little reason to steal from the city, but he has been charged with that.  I will reserve whether he is guilty or not to the courts.  I have seen that we owe serious amounts of money to La Lima over the toll booths between the two cities.  We owe enough that they have taken control of it until it is paid.  Where did the money go? Who knows..only Sunseri can answer that and he is refusing to say a word.

He also has been charged with misuse of gas funds for personal vehicles as well as using the city vehicles for personal use, which is all illegal.  Not only was he doing it but so were all his ´friends´.  Or this is what he is charged with at this point. 

If he actually did this I would hope that he would be a man and admit to his wrongdoing and face the music for his actions.  I have little hope that he will do this since he will not even return to Honduras and face his charges in person.  Instead he hides behind mommy´s skirt in Florida. 

Had he came to face the music I might hold out hope that he is being wrongly accused, but at this point there is very little faith in me that these charges are wrong.  If I am innocent I turn myself in and fight it from there..I don´t run to another country and cry to mommy about how it is all political.  The Supreme Court is not a political institution they are apolitical.  They want him on serious charges.