Friday, September 11, 2009

Zelaya Cannot Behave Even in Nicaragua: New Corruption Scandal

Nicaragua had opened its doors to Zelaya for amnesty and he has stayed there in Nicaragua basically keeping our embassy under siege for his own purposes.

This is not the issue though.  What is at issue is a new accusation against him by Nicaraguan officials that he is printing their national ID cards and providing them to Hondurans to vote in the 2010 elections in NICARAGUA....fake citizenship per se.  Document fraud is how it is best known in order to throw the election Ortega´s way.
I somehow do not expect Daniel Ortega to take action against it but if it is brought out enough by those who have discovered this fraud perhaps he will be ejected from Nicaragua and brought to justice at the hands of the authorities in Honduras and then prosecuted in Nicaragua for document fraud.  Zelaya is a common citizen so he does not get diplomatic immunity protections that diplomats could expect to receive.

My problem with this is whenever a president or dictator has been ejected or left a country they always seem to find themselves on their best behavior in their host country.  Why can´t Zelaya seem to behave himself in a foreign country? If he acts this way in Nicaragua you can only imagine what we were putting up with here in Honduras. I know of no other president of any country who has ever raised this much sand about his predicament.  He readily admits he won with fraud in Honduras and says that an election must be won with fraud. So how is it that he continues to claim he was the ´elected´president if he won with fraud? He wasn´t elected he stole his way into the presidency. 

I cannot wait until elections are over and January 27 is here.  That isn´t because of Micheletti either...for my part he could stay if it were legal.  I like Micheletti just fine.  I just want Zelaya not to have any reason to continue screeching how he is the legitimate president because after January 27 no one will listen to that nonsense any longer except Fidel and Hugo.


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