Friday, September 18, 2009

Who is Rafael Alegria, Juan Barahona, and other protest leaders?

It came to my attention that the same names keep coming up in the protests that are small groups causing tremendous chaos in cities with the amount of vandalism that surges from the protests.  So I decided to look into the names of these leaders and who they are.

Rafael Alegria is the founder of La Via Campesina.  He is a professional protester and has been protesting anything and everything that he is paid for since he was 17 years old. 

In 1999 he and 50,000 people he organized marched against a group for world business known as Cumbre de la Organizacion Mundial.  (OMC) This occurred in Seattle, Washington between the 30th of November and the 3rd of December. He believes that an alliance against the economic system and imperialism is key.
Most Americans remember that these protests were anything but pacific, in fact, they were quite violent.

Apart from his paid for manifestations in Honduras he is now interested in marching against the climate change meetings in the United Nations.  Complaining that these environmental preventions hurt poor people.
He believes that the government should sieze landowners property and redistribute it to people who have not purchased their own land.  He doesn't tell you that land costs less than 2,000 lempiras a manzana(about 3 acres) in rural areas of Honduras and that there is plenty of available land without taking other people's land that they have worked hard to purchase.  For those who do not know the exchange rate that is a little more than $100 for three acres of land.  Yes, it can be done and people purchase their own land all of the time...other people's land that they have worked for should not be taken from them and given to someone who has not purchased that land.

In 2006 he organized a violent protest in Columbia against free trade that was broken up and then he complained about ' violent repression and extrajudicial executions as well as missing people'.  Why does this seem to be a catch phrase for this person?

In 2006, he announced that he wanted FMI(Fundo Monetario Internacional) and the World Bank out of Honduras and Latin America(how convenient to use the present crisis to try to obtain his wishes).  This man instigates invasion of private land and tells people to defend that invasion of private land that does not belong to them with guns and he has gotten rich off of being a public scandal since the age of 17 doing little else in life.

Juan Barahona is the coordinator of the Bloque Popular.  A group that is communist in nature.  They were involved in the promoting of ALBA and have been active in their insults against the United States.  In fact, he is a member of the Socialist Party of Central America. The nasty truth is he doesn't believe in Democracy at all...he believes in Cuba style communism. He also is a member of the Communist workers party. How can this person with a straight face claim to be for Democracy when they are members of such organizations?

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Anonymous said...

Where can i get those 2000 lempiras per acre land? I want some

LaGringaSPS said...

In the backwoods of Olancho, the Moskitia, Lempira, almost anywhere outside of normal society where there is little access to electricity or modern conveniences. If that is your thing there is more than sufficient land to purchase.

LaGringaSPS said...

We bought 500 manzanas of land for 1.5 million lempiras about two years ago in San Cristobal de Vallecito, Olancho.