Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What Actually Happened Yesterday in Las Brisas

Ok now that I have La Prensa in hand, along with Tiempo and neighborhood witnesses as to what occurred yesterday at 11:30 am when bullets pierced the air.

Our neighborhood has long been known for one that will not put up with thieves or gang members for very long. Someone gets rid of them always. The last one was a garifuna who had an affliction for stealing cell phones..he tried to rob a Pepsi truck and ended up being shot three times in the head. That ended his spill. I had dared him once to rob me but he knew evidently that I am always armed so he didn´t even come close even though I had a very expensive cell in hand. For those who live here I had a Blackberry 3120. I wasn´t worried about him getting it because it has GPS and I knew where he lived already. Others had tempted him as well but he had never taken bait he had a knack for knowing when he was being set up.

Anyhow, back to what happened yesterday.  Four individuals in a champagne colored Toyota Camry decided they were going to rob a business here in the neighborhood.  Evidently these four individuals belong to the ´resistence for Zelaya´from what I understand.  Well they were chased down by two motorcycles and shot several times. One ran into our neighborhood elementary school for refuge and one of the motorcycles went into the school after him. My understanding is one died a few hours later in the hospital and another (the one who ran through the neighborhood and no one would rescue) also died later at the hospital.  The other two I understand are also very critical.  My bets are if they survive they won´t be coming to Las Brisas to rob anyone anymore.

Americans who don´t live in Honduras would be shocked or offended by these actions, but this isn´t the US and we don´t have 9-1-1.  In Honduras we have to take care of things for ourselves because the police are sure not going to protect us.  They might arrest them, but then the perpetrators get out later and come back after you for reporting them so people take the law in their own hands because the law just doesn´t protect you.  We refuse to be taken over by gangs and theives and probably are one of the only neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula where it is safe to leave your car out of the garage and on the street at night.

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