Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tomorrow marks 8 years since 9-11.

I do not often talk about the United States or the politics going on in the United States on my blog because it is about life in Honduras.  Still I was born in the United States and this is one issue that I will talk about and relate it to Honduras at the same time.

It has been eight long years since perhaps the saddest day in US recent history.  Most of those who lived in the US still remember where they were at the time. I know I was in Houston driving from George Bush International on I 59 when the first plane struck.  They first reported it as a helicopter hitting the World Trade Center.  I remember thinking how in the hell can you NOT see the World Trade Center and why would a helicopter be there? I ignored it for a minute but was confused as to how that could happen....then the next one struck and they said it looked like a passenger jet.  I started to wonder if something went screwy with the towers and signals...I became a little more worried.  Then the word got out there was a hijacked plane headed to the Pentagon.  I stopped this time on the side of the road frightened.  They announced that there were at least four hijacked jets and that three had came down.  Later we would know the fourth went down in PA in a field.  I still wonder to this day if that plane was headed to the White House and assume it was with the intention of killing the president and as many others as possible. 
What is important to me now is looking back and learning from the experience.  No not bowing to the enemy but understanding why someone could hate the US so much.  I don´t think I understood until the present crisis.  It is called being uninformed and making tactical decisions that hurt others regardless of what the truth is.
So many people died that day that were innocent.  Many were from other countries. I decided to look and see how many were from Honduras.

I found this information 247 of those killed on 9-11 were Latino.
25 were from the Dominican Republic
18 from Columbia
13 from Ecuador
6 from Cuba
4 from Argentina
1 from Chile
15 from Mexico
Honduras is listed but it is not clear if the victims numbered 15 or if they just didn´t calculate the number but included them with the victims of Mexico.
I will spend this evening looking for the victims and see who was or wasn´t Honduran so I can list them here. If anyone knows this information please email it to me or list it in comments and I will add them here for remembering tomorrow.

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