Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Temporary Suspension of Curfew

For those of you who read my blog and live in Honduras there is a temporary suspension of the curfew from 10 am to 4 pm so that the population can go out and do the things that are absolutely necessary like buying groceries, going to the doctor, etc.

Later to come...El Salvador´s FMLN was behind bringing Zelaya into the country and destabilizing Honduras...I do now smell a war between the two countries and it won´t be pretty...last time the two went to war over a soccer game...and El Salvador didn´t win in fact in a week they were wonder they sent him to a different country´s embassy...they were too scared to face the music of their actions.


François Chicorée said...

Hi Lagringa,
Good to read from you again..
I thought El Salvador was one of the few countries to actually recognize the de facto gvt of Micheletti ? Was I wrong ?
I know it sounds a little corny but I want you to know that my thoughts are with you guys during these tough times.
Be safe...

n1cnac said...

i thought it was so we could put on our camisas blanco and go to a rally?

LaGringaSPS said...

No it isn´t corny at all Francois...and evidently they don´t support us...only Panama has been pretty strong in their recongition of Micheletti...

n1cnac, evidently we thought so....did you see the people who showed up today at the UN?

Pete said...

I see you've been n1cnac'd - slimy little toad who goes round invading people's blogs with facetious comments and who hasn't had an original thought in years.

Good at using what you say against you.

LG's blog had him for a few months but he disappeared - I expect he'll be back soon, though.