Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tamayo Loses his Church and Naturalization

Father Tamayo last week was removed as the priest of the church in Salamá, Olancho and this week it has been announced that his Honduran citizenship has been revoked.  He was born in El Salvador so he can be deprived of his citizenship for provoking insurrection.
Tamayo has long been known as a Liberation theology priest and he was tolerated for his Environmental Movement in Olancho because this was not illegal.  Provoking insurrection (civil war) is illegal though and rightly he was deprived of his citizenship. 
He is now complaining that the church has prohibited him from participating in politics and he is refusing so I will not be surprised if he is suspended once again from his priesthood...this time probably it will be permenent. I am just waiting to see him deported to El Salvador.


Anonymous said...

Lose his Church, his church is marxism, marxism doesn't believe in GOD except as opium for the masses, he's never had any GOD on his life.

LaGringaSPS said...

Gerardo, something called Liberation Theology is what he preaches about which is not a doctrine authorized by the church evidently. He was active in the Sandinista revolution and facilitating it in some fashion and John Paul II admonished him and suspended him for it he clearly did not learn his lesson that he is a subordinate to the Church and subordinates have to obey their bosses or lose their job.