Friday, September 04, 2009

Strings Attached

Today Hillary Clinton announced that the US was going to suspend the Millennium Account that is provided to Honduras for development because of the refusal to adhere to the San Jose Accord.

When I was younger I was always taught by my parents and teachers that if you are going to give something to someone that you give it freely from your heart and do not attach strings to it, because that takes away from the idea of giving it in the first place.

Will we get through this? Will this break the will of the Honduran people and government? It is not likely. This shows how little the Department of State understands Hondurans and Honduran culture. Now it is pride and resolve to not be pushed around at any cost.

There are 86 days left till Election Day and little can be done to stop that short of an invasion. However, it would require Congress in the United States to get that done and I do not see them going along with any invasion of Honduras to stop the elections from occurring.

Once elections are done there will be little left that can occur other than recognizing or not recognizing the elections. If the elections are fair and transparent then it would be wrong to not recognize the right to vote and elect your leader. I would certainly hope that Hillary Clinton is not going to continue insisting on the return of Manuel Zelaya after the 29th of November when the new president is elected. It would be obvious as to her agenda after that point.

I have noticed that many things that actually occur in Honduras during this present situation are left out of the US news. That makes me question who it is that has their news censored? Is it the United States who elects to put what they want into the news and leave out the things that are of an important nature if it is negative for their policies? Or is it Honduras who has all of their channels in tact except for Channel 36 who was attacked by an apparently adept person who took out their system. I do not agree with any attacks on media, but Channel 36 had 24 hour reporting that was mostly propaganda and apparently someone had their fill of the propaganda and decided to take things into their own hands. This is quite common in Honduras since Zelaya took office over 3 years ago it has become more common.

I have to question the motives of Clinton and the Department of State. I look at their press briefings and they do not seem to be very informed on the situation in Honduras. They certainly are not informed enough to be taking the steps that they are taking. Hillary herself admitted that the situation is complicated and the events that led up to the removal of Zelaya are quite complicated. That indicates that she is not being completely honest with the American people about the events that led to his removal.

Why would the Department of State attack Honduras you ask? Well, if you look at Hillary’s past she has a bit of a revenge fest going on at anything she deems to be right wing. However, I beg to differ that there is right wing anything here. The same party that Zelaya belongs to is who removed him from office and is who remains in power. So this isn’t a vast right wing conspiracy as she labelled the impeachment of her husband. This certainly is not the impeachment of her husband it is far more serious than that. I do not even believe it is the revenge of that situation that she has in mind. I believe it goes far deeper.

A year ago Russian and Norwegian explorers found oil off of Tela and Moskitia coasts in an area of about 150,000 square kilometres. They have determined that the oil is commercial in quantity. In fact, rumor has it that we have more oil than either Texas or Venezuela.

Obama announced recently that they would not permit exploration in Alaska. They also announced that they would induce exploration at a foreign level. That tells me they have deals in the works with Zelaya for the oil in Honduras. The present Honduran constitution prohibits the exploitation of natural resources of Honduras by foreign states. A different president also will not allow for the Us to come in and violate the constitution and there is no desire by other leaders to initiate the rewrite of the constitution to their benefit. The US often injects foreign policy to their financial interests even if it is to the detriment of democracy in another country. They have supported dictatorships as long as it was convenient for the dictatorship to be there. Obama had promised to change that type of policy in Washington, but I see he has continued the actions himself except that he has slanted it to prefer left wing dictators instead of right wing dictators.

As the US announced the new sanctions against Honduras they also announced that they were removing some of the sanctions against Cuba. I find it ironic that they are punishing Honduras for being a democracy and for making their leaders obey the law, yet they are allowing Cuban dictators to trample on the law and not require anything of them in exchange for the release of certain embargos. Why? They want to influx telecommunications interests by the US into Cuba. They want to also inject the US dollar into the Cuban economy. As I stated earlier it seems to me that Obama only changed the type of dictator that is supported and has unequally applied justice making the decisions of the US be superfluous.

How serious can a country be taken if their decisions are made based on their financial interests in the name of democracy? You cannot claim to be supporting democracy if you are insisting on installing a dictator that was breaking the law in his country and is wanted on criminal charges.

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