Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Out today

Guys don´t worry about me..I will be out most of the day while they remove power to install the air and replace electric wires and do masive cleaning....


François Chicorée said...

Dear Summermoondancer;
I left the following message on lagringablogicito blog by mistake. Here it is:

Dear Summermoondancer;
I have been following you for quite some time on the forum and I agree almost 100% with what you're saying on every thread you comment on.
I lived in Tela for a while, I'm a French American dual citizen. I often give my 2 cents on French newspaper forums about what happened in Honduras.
You seem to be well informed and you provide insights and good links and leads. I like your global view of things.
I have a couple of questions I would like you to answer if you don't mind...
- Olancho seems to be a place where a lot of illegal traffic of first growth and protected forest takes place. Is there any documented proof of Zelaya having beneficiated from illegal timber traffic ?
- The murder of campesinos by his father in the 70's is well documented; any proof of Zelaya's involvement, beyond suspicion ?
- What do you think of "pepe" Lobo ? honestly... he seems to be some kind of a shadowy caracter too.
Thank you in advance for your answer.

LaGringaSPS said...

Thank you...for the compliments. I didn´t always think this way but things started to change for me as I started to travel outside of the US and be involved more in immigrant communities. I learned a lot that I had not learned from world history studies in the US.

Now to answer your questions.
Since Olancho is a very heavy timber area and a rain forest, first it is protected. There is some competition in the desire to sell lumber, deforestization, environmental laws, ranching, and farming as well. This causes tremendous conflict since people who have a lower education(which to be honest is true for that area) do not quite comprehend why we need to keep the trees when they need to feed their families.

Oh there is plenty of proof..the problem is that people just aren´t going to risk their lives and families to testify against him. In Olancho people lose their lives over cows and land. Entire families are murdered for just that. So not a chance that they will testify and risk their families for something that happened years ago. He did have a bad reputation though for not paying his workers. It carried through when he went into office. Teachers went 4 months without pay and had a huge protest in 2008 where they refused to work another day without was a showdown and things got real ugly and he ironically used very abusive techniques. In fact, the touted abuse reportes..are from 2008 not 2009.

Pepe is ok. He is quiet lately because his family was threatened and he is scared for them. I can´t blame him. You are certainly asking the right person there. My husband grew up next door to him and his uncle and Pepe are friends and neighbors. Pepe has some good plans and I will be posting on them here. One is his focus on education and the fact he believes that any promises have to be realistic and not empty promises like before. My understanding is he wants to do away with the abuses by teachers by passing a new law on that. Good. 29 strikes in 2 years is overboard and hurts the children in a developing country.
He also is going to work on the crime that is drowning this country. Good as well..I am listening...

I also like Elvin Santos and make no secret of that. So I will be paying attention to him as well.

Don´t expect me to be real positive about Carlos H Reyes or Cesar Ham...their behavior over the past 2 months ruined any non bias I might have had before.

François Chicorée said...

Thanks for your answer;
Pretty straightforward, as usual, that's why I like to read your comments.
Now on the other lagringa blog, Honduras94 mentions the fact that Lobo will have Oscar Alvarez as minister of public security. I remember Alvarez from the Maduro days and he had done a good job (Cobra battalion and so forth...). The only thing that I didn't like was his assertion that MS 13 was working with Al Quaeda, which turned out to be a lie. All these people tend to throw a lot of BS in the political mix to see what will stick ( and maybe get more $$$ from the US in that particular case..); I'm also thinking about the assertion of Micheletti's ex minister of justice (don't remember his name, he was canned for calling Obama a "negrito") linking Zelaya with the hundreds of pounds of cocaine on planes landing every day in Honduras, etc... (might be true, but where is the evidence ?)

I think you also mentionned the fact that Lobo planned to reinstate the death penalty. Don't you think it's a bad idea. Remember that was what triggered the massacre of this bus passengers in the outskirt of SPS ? MS 13 at work again...
I will keep reading you, here and on topix.

LaGringaSPS said...

Actually Pepe isn´t considering reinstating the death penalty at this point and yes with a failing justice system it is a bad idea.
However, he is going to institute work camps..I like that. Take away their luxuries like televions in their private rooms, hammocks, radios, and even cell phones.
MS 13 may or may not have connections to Al Qaeda, probably not, but they did have connections to a lebanese terrorist. That was true. I will have to find the story for you because we busted the Lebanese terrorist here and extradited him to the US just recently.
The drug planes and drug money also is a fact. I will do a series of how many planes were found here during his administration from Venezuela where drugs or money had been trafficked and a majority of them were landing at clandestine runways..ironically none have landed in Honduras since then..actually one tried to but I believe it crashed outside of Honduran territory. So we had planes trafficking drugs every other day from Venezuela, remove Zelaya, boom planes are gone...I don´t believe in this being just the luck of the draw...he was involved. It seems to be a way of life or accepted amongst ALBA members that trafficking cocaine is ok to do.
Sorry that I have not done any stories since day before yesterday I have been busy preparing for my husband coming home for a month and for the march today. I have about three stories I am preparing on the situation here and one of them will be on the marches from today.