Thursday, September 17, 2009

Micheletti an Honest Man or a Corrupt Polititian

Micheletti has been a career polititian since the 60´s and a businessman of conciderable success. 

I have frequently heard accusations that Micheletti is corrupt because he has been a polititan for so long.  That just does not make sense to me.  How can a person be condemned a certainly corrupt because of the amount of time that they have been a polititan?

Venezuela´s government blog classifies him as a businessman who has been able to get reelected over and over again for more than 30 years in Congress.  Is this an indictment?Certainly not.  In Chavez´accusations of Micheletti he calls him one of the old guards of the Liberal immediate reaction is, so what...this doesn´t make him corrupt. He certainly does not try to hide that he was one of the civil guards of President Ramon Villeda Morales before the coup that took Villeda out of power.  In fact, it makes it clear that he understands what is and is not a coup.

Chavez goes on to accuse Micheletti in being responsible for the attempt against one of the judges Luis Javier Santos on Sept 1, 2008.  I ask him where is the evidence.  If there were evidence against him it would have surely not been something we would forget.

He accuses him of paying off officials to remove Santos from the ballot.  That is interesting concidering he had no need to pay anyone off to remove Santos from the ballot.  Santos was vice president and resigned, if his resignation had not been accepted he would not have been allowed on the ballot because someone who has been vice president cannot obtain the office of the presidency while he is in the executive office.  That is not saying he could not run, but he had to resign first and that resignation had to be accepted.  It was accepted and that put an end to the conflict.  His resignation was about more than running for president.  Santos and Zelaya had been having conflict after conflict over corruption of Zelaya during the past year.  I don´t recall Santos ever accusing Micheletti of paying off judges or claiming to have evidence of this.  If he does he better bring it forward now.

Another radio station who calls itself part of the revolutionary government of Nicaragua takes it a step further, not only do they concider Micheletti the prime executor of the ´coup´but they concider Montealegre a thief.  In all of their accusations they do not present why they think this except that it is an intent to stop the revolutionary governments of Latin America.  That is not corruption it is trying to put a stop to the abuses of ALBA governments that have clear alliances with our enemies such as Iran.  Iran is not our friend, they hate the west and that includes Venezuela.  What is next? Is Chavez going to remove Catholicism from his midst and announce Sharia law?

Let´s take a look at who Montealegre is.  Eduardo Montealegre is from Nicaragua so he has no political power in Honduras.  So his mention of an alliance with Micheletti in corruption is hillarious to say the least. He is known as Napolean in the private sector.  He has a fortune of 5 million Euros.  He worked in the World Bank sector and is a massive success financially.  This does not make him corrupt.  It sounds to me that there is some class envy going on .

I am still waiting for this proof of corruption, but for the meantime it seems we have false accusations that cannot be proven against a man who seems to be of integrity to say the least.  He has done more to put corrupt individuals in jail than the last ten presidents have done collectively.  Among those in his list were Miguel Carrion and Marcelo Chimirri.  I think he is showing to be of a valuable reputation that this country has long needed.  Personally had I known ahead of time as with others Micheletti instead of Santos would have been on the presidential ballot and Santos would be sitting where Micheletti is now...not because Santos is corrupt, he has done his own projects against corruption, but for the meantime..this individual is very proud of what the Liberal Roberto Micheletti Baín has done for Honduras.


K said...

I watched Micheletti's 55 minute interview with Greta. I was impressed by the simple fact that this man is so humble as to do a full hour interview in a language that he has very limited competency with. And, that he did it because he knew it was of significant benefit to his country to reach out internationally by speaking in english. Most leaders are way too vain to do that in a foreign language if there's any chance they would sound inarticulate. Beyond that, you saw a man willing to be honest in his assessments. His personality totally defied the caricature of a zealot strongman created by the media. What a contrast this was to Zelaya's demonstrations of over-dramatic self-aggrandizing lectures and media stunts.
While humble, Micheletti is resolute to stand for what is right. History will be very favorable to this man.

LaGringaSPS said...

I believe that history will reflect well on him as well. He is a very humble polititian compared to most. He is not a young man and he is intent on the healing of the country as well as the rescue of Honduras from the hands of Chavez. I am with him as are most Americans and Hondurans. I am very glad that Greta did the interview.