Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Hard Is it To Define Status?

Brazil has now clarified broken relations with Honduras thus now the ten day period to clarify the status of Manuel Zelaya and their embassy in Tegucigalpa. 

Brazil's president responded in a rather childish manner that he doesn't have to define the status because he doesn't recognize Honduras.  If he doesn't recognize Honduras what the hell is his diplomats doing in a country that he does not recognize? 

I say after the ten days to hell with everyone, all bets off, invade the embassy, deport the diplomats from the country and arrest Zelaya. 

Now that might sound harsh but under arrest we are much more likely to find peace within.  In some prison in Moskitia he cannot call people to insurrection and make false claims of radiation torture and mind altering gas...all things shown to be lies and fantasy by witnesses in the embassy such as the Red Cross.

Most of us knew already that the claims were wild eyed delusional fantasy, but it helps when the Red Cross backs you up...

I was impressed when the government sent the OAS with their butting in where they do not belong diplomats back to where they came from...I wanted to stand up and shout horray....

Many think it was a mistake...I think they were right...This is a Honduras problem, not an International problem.  Zelaya is back in the country hiding like the coward he is in the embassy of Brazil. 

My understanding is that the OAS had no intention of coming to negotiate anyway...their motive for being here was to go and get Zelaya and transfer him to the US move.

Not to mention we kicked Hungary's butt today in the soccer.


Anonymous said...

Anon. 77: I alert everyone to watch the drug runner Porfirio Lobo and his misnamed "Nationalist" Party (vendepatrias) undermine the interim Liberal government hoping to get a lot of Zelaya followers to defeat the hoped-for weakened Liberals.

This graduate of the old Soviet Union Patrice Lumumba "University" (communist training school) is a very close and old friend of Zelaya. A demagogue.

Watch him try to help Zelaya by further undermining the Liberals. Their first stage was to say nothing in support of Michelleti's efforts to save Honduras from communism = really "Nationalists"! Their descredited party first as always.

Elvin Santos is a thousand times "lesser of two evils".

François Chicorée said...

I think it's time for everybody who's a US citizen to write to your US Congress representatives.
Here's is what I emailed today to the 4 US Congress people of my State:

Dear Sir/Madam,
As a Us citizen having lived in Honduras I am appalled at the way the US government is meddling into the internal affairs of this proud Central American country to reinstate a clone of Hugo Chavez.
I am an unaffiliated voter who doesn't know the party lines.
I will keep a watchful eye on the Obama administration actions regarding Honduras, and if it keeps bullying its way to alter the legitimate constitutional process of this country, I will have to cast my vote for your opponent next time, whatever seat you choose to run for.

LaGringaSPS said...

I am not going to reem him that hard now..I do not believe he is a communist and the nationalist party isn't fact Maduro did a pretty good job in cleaning up crime while he was in office.
I happen to know Pepe and we are going to have a serious heart to heart when he comes to San Pedro Sula. My husband's father is his next door neighbor. He didn't go to a communist school in Russia either...he graduated from the University of Miami in 1970. I do not know how the rumor got started that he graduated from a communist school in Russia, but it isn't true.

I do find myself irritated with his lack of position on the crisis though. Whether it is because of his knowing that he cannot lose by staying out of it...or whether it is a mistake on his part or fear. I do know his family was threatened.

LaGringaSPS said...

Francois, very well written you should pass that around the Internet as a base letter....for others to sign.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 77,

Good luck with your friend Lobo. Honduras does not need him nor his party.

As to Maduro and violent crime, this is mainly disinformation and show. The decline was insignificant. They defied him with the mass-murder attack on the bus in SPS; he was left impotent to do anything about it.

Any knowledge of 20th century Honduras history would show that that party was a sell-out institution, starting with its first (1902) president. The Liberals, despite their failings, have been more truly nationalistic.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 77.
Maduro was given Honduran citizenship by a constitutional violation by the "National" Party abetted by the Liberal Party [one of their major failings]. When he was President of the Banco Central, his legal status in Honduras was that of Residente -- Panamanian. I saw the carnet.

LaGringaSPS said...

Actually no there was no violation of the constitution that gave him is the same article of the constiution that guaranteed status to my son..who is the child of a Honduran citizen...his father.
Article 23 of the constitution says
Those who are Honduran by birth are:
Those born in Honduran territory except diplomats
Those born abroad to Honduran parents
Those born at sea or on planes belonging to Honduras
Those children found abandoned by parents in Honduran territory.

It cannot get anymore clear than that.

Oh and no it wasn't just an illusion..the massacre led to an arrest of all of the perpetrators of the bus attack.
Also, I have a home in a neighborhood that at that time was out of is no longer a dangerous neighborhood because of Maduro's actions...and while most of those here are Liberals they admit freely that thanks to Maduro we have a clean and pacific neighborhood that is relatively crime free.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 77.
Maduro's grandmother did not file the paperwork for citizenship for her daughter born outside the country.
Granting him (National Party helped by some Liberals) citizenship was one of the biggest legal outrages and scandals in Honduras since 2000.
I suppose that you deny that he was employed in the Banco Central as a resident from Panama. Strange that he "got" irregular citizenship right before they wanted to nominate him as their candidate, not years before.
Most Hondurans, not just the poorer classses, have no use for him.

LaGringaSPS said...

It doesn't matter when it is filed, the constitution states they are citizens by birth. It wasn't that much of an outrage or he would not have won.