Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Honduras V Mexico: Aztecaso?

Honduras will be playing against Mexico in Mexico´s stadium.  Mexico has not ever lost in this stadium and Honduras has been incredible in the last two games...beating Costa Rica 4-0 in a game that sent them home not only defeated but their newspapers qualified them as simply ´embarassing´and then last week we beat Trinidad Tobago 4-1.
In the Costa Rica game we would have had another goal but the Mexican referee eliminated the goal causing an uproar and now the present growling between the two teams.
We need six more points to find ourselves in the World Cup in South Africa and it seems to be something the entire country is pushing for...the mouse that roared? I like it and it fits perfectly.

David Suazo and the two Carlos we are counting on you this time to bring the win home..4 points....just remember 4 points.
Either Honduras will be unbelievably drunk on delirium if we win or unbelievably sad if we lose...either way we are proud of Bi color.

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