Friday, September 04, 2009

Honduras Protest Against Chavez 500,000 Lift their Voices

In Honduras the largest NoMasChavez rallies came out to have their voices heard. Honduras had the largest gathering in the world.  This should be a clue to Hillary and Obama who we want in charge. Chavez speaking from Syria...yeah the terrorist country of Syria...qualified the marches as stupid and a failure.  I don´t call this a failure, but a huge success. Sounds like Chavez is in denial.
Here are some pictures.  Comments and Thoughts are welcome.


Jackie Meyer said...

Well, given the ongoing and horrible repression of the entire left-progressive tendency in Honduras, I don't think it too surprising to see such a huge crowd of the elites and their maids come out in support of the undemocratic status quo.

This isn't about Chavez, it is rightwing rearction to the fact that the people of the Americas reject US-style neoliberal capitalism and the horrendous problems that have ensued as a result of rape, wage-slavery, pollution, and general ecological pillage.

I have strong ties to Honduran indigenous groups as well as human rights and labor organizations.

Really, a majority of the population hate the two-party rightwing duoploy that is backing this coup and the harsh repression.

The elite-owned TV might present to you a different reality--but you are still suffering delusion.

Chavez is your boogie-man--but, in fact, real democracy and human rights are your enemy. Rant and rave all you want; call Obama a communist for wanting universal healthcare (like the rest of the wealthy nations in the world)--but if you stand in the way of reform in Honduras, you will be no better than the gringo pedophiles that lurk the streets of La Ceiba.

LaGringaSPS said...

Jackie,ongoing and horrible repression? Please give me details. I btw am not elite. I live in colonia Las Brisas of San Pedro Sula...check it is a middle class community not elite. I don´t live in Bella Vista, residencial Trinidad or any place like that..I live normally.
It is about Chavez. If you think this is simple right wing left wing you are confusing Honduras with the US. Communism and Socialism is not working and has never worked. Chavez isnt a success story. He is shutting down media, newspaper, and jailing people who protest against him.
You say you have strong ties to indigenous groups in Honduras. Give me details...which groups? I married into a family of indigenous so I guess that makes me have strong ties as well.
I tell you what labor groups like the teacher´s unions are doing..they are abusing children. They have been on strike 29 times since two years ago. They burned the grades for the poorest children in the country in November 2008 in protest against Zelaya. Now they are using the removal of Zelaya to protest as well...anything but educate our poorest children. Ask Eugelio Chavez why he sends his kids to private school if he is representing the teacher´s union of public schools. I send my child to public school so I can talk from experience. Can you? Do your children attend public school in Honduras?
No the majority hate outside interference and the majority do not hate the system of liberal or nationalista because 90% of the population belong to one or the other party. Very few agree with the communist UD party.
Chavez does not represent democracy or human rights. You do realize the human rights report that was issued is from 2008 which means the violator was Zelaya with his 50,000 lempiras on cigars and 1 million lempiras on jewelry for his 100,000 dollar horse Cafe...all in one month...he spent 7 million dollars in one month of tax payer money..yet we have poverty, we have schools falling down in bad repair, a post office that is in ruin, streets that look like the surface of the moon..and he is spending tax payor money at 7 millon dollars a month? Ok explain how that is benefiting the poor...I will wait with amusement..
Elite owned television...hmm I thought television and media sources were private owned and I don´t know of any poor who own any television or radio or newspaper in the entire world. Do you?
Where have I called Obama a communist for his healthcare? I haven´t...I only address Obama on his situation of intervention tactics in Honduras...I don´t live in the US so if he wants to charge you 9 trillion dollars and you aer ok with be it.
Stand in the way of reform? what reform? How does that make me a pedophile? You amuse me with your stupid accusations. I don´t live in Ceiba I live in San Pedro Sula. I have FOUR children ages, 19, 17.5,16, and 13.5. I have been married for 15 years so do not lower yourself to making false accusations against me.
My husband was born in an adobe hut with a dirt floor. He went to live with his uncle because his mother could not afford to feed him. So he was the graduated to an adobe house in Juticalpa with a cement floor, but he worked for free for 11 years on the land that he is now purchasing by working his ass off. Do not dare offend me without knowing me. You are judging what you do not comprehend.

LaGringaSPS said...

Oh and Zelaya received the lowest voter turn out in history of voting in Honduras. Elaborate for us the reform you claim that I am standing in the way of...I will be interested in your take of what reform was..or is..

La Gringa said...

You go, girl.

Whenever a comment starts out with "the ongoing and horrible repression", you can count on the fact that this person knows nothing about Honduras other than reading falsehoods on socialist blogs and regurgitating them.

There are a lot of injustices in Honduras, but to believe that Zelaya or Chavismo would be the answer also shows a lack of knowledge of the reality of Venezuela, where one group of elites has been substituted with another and real repression occurs every day.

This "La Ceiba pedophiles" seems to be the latest attempt to discredit anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with socialism. What I would like to know is if they are aware of pedophiles in La Ceiba, why don't they report them????? I certainly would.

LaGringaSPS said...

Exactly. I also was amused that she thinks these huge marches are all elites and their maids..I guess she didn´t know the average population can have maids here as well...maybe she doesn´t realize that a live in maid is paid between 2,000 lempiras and 3,000 lempiras(in SPS that is the going wage..not sure about Ceiba) However, they don´t pay food, bills, or living expenses. I wonder if she realizes that at most of those marches the majority aren´t elite, but middle class...about half of my neighborhood has carpooled to each and every march and we are not ´elite´like the Facusse, Canahuati, Maduro, and many others..but I don´t envy them..they worked for what they have and I will work for what I have and I don´t worry about whether I have what they have..I worry about what I want to obtain and the principal thing that is important to me in life is happiness and money never buys happiness. The world I grew up in and the one my husband grew up in are worlds apart. I did grow up a life of priveledge and sacrificed everything when I married my husband. I belong to the Hunt´s from the midwest..I am sure you know who I am referring to...but most of them will not talk to me because not only did I marry a foreigner, but I married one who wasn´t priveledged. I don´t worry about what they have..I worry about me.