Friday, September 04, 2009

Evidence of the Corruption in Zelaya Presidency

During the Zelaya presidency there was more corruption than at almost any other time in Honduran history.  The removal was not only warranted it was an absolute must.  Zelaya had not provided the Congress with a budget to be approved for the year 2009 and we were already more than six months into the year when he was removed.  As a result Honduras was living on last year´s budget.  Many asked why he was doing this and why he had not made the budget.  The common question...what was he hiding?

Well audits by the Tribunal Superior of Accounting has some of the results that were released today.  It is absolutely embarrassing the abuse of power that Zelaya bent to.  It seems all along he thought that he would remain in power so there was no need to worry about audits.  If a person were to steal like this from a company they head they would go to jail for embezzlement.

In one month Zelaya spent more than 123 million lempiras for personal use.  In dollars that is over 6.5 million in one month.  Remind yourself we are speaking about the president of a country that is developing still and is far away from meeting first world expectations.  We still have people starve to death every day.  This is criminal and should merit human rights abuses. I have to question why no one is asking for us to give international courts evidence of these excesses to investigate for themselves? Just to see if we are telling the truth. 

Here are some examples of things he spent excessive funds on in one month:

Robert Meyering 77 million, no information was ever provided on what services he gave.

30,289.50 lempiras  was spent on clothing for the president

50,255 lempiras in cigars

40,000 lempiras for unauthorized sculptures

228,330 for oil paints

20,515.57 for repair of a Harley Davidson that is a personal vehicle of Mel.

869,203,062 lempiras for 40 hours of plane rental

2,316,253.43 for contracting of helicopters

100,000 lempiras for wine

2 million lempiras for assesories for Cafe his 100,000 dollar horse

1 million lempiras worth of jewelry for that horse.

None of these expenses were pre approved and none of these expenses were related to the investigation of the 4th ballot box but are different unauthorized expenses that he took on without prior approval.

I wonder is the president of the United States allowed to spend what would be 78 million dollars in a year for his personal expenses without prior authorization? Would he be allowed to repair his private vehicles at the expense of the tax payor? I doubt it in fact I know that would not be allowed and he would certainly be impeached and put in jail if he did do so.


Carla said...

Oh my, this makes me furious!! I knew he was an outright thief, but to be so flagrantly spending our taxpayers money with no conscience at all is simply incredible, and unforgivable! Wasn't he the one spouting about the abuses of the 'rich???' What an immoral, corrupt, lying hypocrite. At least the rich in Honduras are spending their own money, Zelaya was spending the money that should have been helping our poor, our children and our uneducated.

I really hope he rots away somewhere, there will be justice for him one day. He's definitely 'persona non grata' in Honduras, he's not touching a cent more of our money ever again.

LaGringaSPS said...

Yes, he was complaining yet he is worse. He claimed he was going to have a transparent government but could not even prepare the budget six months into the year so he was stealing us blind without authorization. I wonder if the poor in the bordo next door to me can afford one of the ´puros´that he buys...I know that they could feed themselves for a year off just one of the pieces of jewelry that he bought for that damned horse of his.

Anonymous said...

It is an atrocity that news like this is not getting more play and that international pressure is mounting to have Zelaya reinstated. How is it that he is fooling so many people?

Lancelot said...

knowing this I'm wondering why Mr. President Obama and Hillary Clinton
Are asking to re-install the fuc****
Guy in the presidency again and not only that they' re asking for more
Honduras restriction.

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