Sunday, September 20, 2009

Department of State Invades Honduran Consulate in Los Angeles

The Dept of State apparently ordered the invasion of a consulate of another nation.  According to international law that is the equivelent of the US carrying out an invasion of another country since each consul is concidered that independent nations soil.  I could compare it to the Los Angeles Police coming to San Pedro Sula and invading someone's private home to carry out a police raid.  Outrageous.

Hillary Clinton has carried out an illegal act and needs to pay the piper.  She perhaps realizes this now on hindsight because she is quickly denying it happened ala ACORN style.  I guess when you screw up big time you deny just like the Nixon white house did so many years ago.  The Congress and the US public needs to call for an investigation into these acts and if Hillary Clinton directly ordered the invasion and if she did she should immediately resign and face charges for the illegal activiites that is beyond her control.  She is in control of issuing visas not in ordering the invasion of independent nations.  The only body that can order an invasion is CONGRESS and the last time I checked Hillary Clinton left her Senate position from NY to go to be the Secretary of State. 

Hillary Clinton can disagree with what has occurred in Honduras but I am a little put off by a person who acted like they were allergic to Honduras in May coming in and trying to make decisions about how we run things here.  Yes, when she was here in May with the OAS before the removal of Zelaya she traveled straight from her hotel to the meetings and never bothered to get a look around the place.  Zelaya openly made nasty statements about the US in her direction.  She quickly forgets he was making those statements to her and it doesn't matter how leftist she is she cannot erase the fact that she is an American and that is what he hates about her.  I guess she thinks she can make enemies out of friends and friends of enemies, but she is sadly mistaken.  What will occur is that now everyone will truly hate the US including a good lot of Americans that live on the exterior of the United States.  Obama and Hillary have been very busy at trying to please Chavez and Iran by making an enemy of Hondurans. Honduras has been a friend and ally of the US for more than a hundred years.  My question is how deep is Hillary's hand in the payoffs of Zelaya and why hasn't an investigation been ordered yet?


Anonymous said...

La Gringa,
Can you give us some sources for this article?
and thanks for all you do

Nora said...

Here is a link to the story in La Tribuna.

Nora said...

Sorry, I don't know how to make a clickable link. But it works if you cut and paste.

PaoloBlog said...

This is incredible! Are there any references to this in the US Press?

LaGringaSPS said...

I certainly can give can go to or and both are running stories on this situation. None of the US media seems to be paying attention even though this happened in the US.

K said...

This is potentially serious or possibly insignificant. Like many things, I expect it all depends on the details.
I have an avenue to pursue to get such material to world class expert in these matters who can sort it out and generate visibility if in fact there were violations by actions of the US Dept of State. But I'd need a clear statement from the people there in the consulate, preferable the Consul with specific detail, and hopefully somebody was smart enough to turn on their camera phone and collect visual evidence.
I can be contacted privately through my user name on youtube.

LaGringaSPS said...

Thanks K, with the latest events give me a day or two and I will be contacting you with details and any help you can offer in this situation will be greatly accepted.