Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Curfew, Criminality, and the Law

As most of the world knows now...in some form or fashion Zelaya showed up at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa yesterday. A lot is being made about how he arrived without detection.

In my neighborhood several are saying that Hillary and Obama are behind it...for their political future they better pray like hell that they weren’t behind it. Destabilizing an ally is not something they want on their resume...´specially Clinton who as SoS should be a diplomat and not an agitator.

Another theory is that he was flown in on a helicopter that belongs to Brazil and snuck in. maybe more likely.

Then yet another theory is that he dressed like a woman (yuck, bleck...gag...can you imagine that sight?)

What do you think? Were Clinton and Obama behind this and now trying to wash their hands of the certain disaster? How did he get into the country? Now that he is here it is logical that he should confront the charges that await him, but he is too chicken to face his charges like a real man...instead he hides and causes chaos. What he loves most?

A curfew has been called at the national level. Yesterday at 3:30 when the curfew was announced I could already feel it coming, but had headed to the grocery store thinking I had a few hours before it would happen...boy was I wrong. Things started to get out of hand with the few criminals around the embassy in Tegus...they called it for 4 pm...Me in the middle of the grocery store. I made a mad dash for the check out line grabbing a few things on the way to the register, jumped in my car at 5 minutes till and raced home. I wasn’t the only one either...traffic was worse than I have seen it in years, but I knew short cuts...shortly thereafter we saw things unfolding in Tegucigalpa and the curfew was extended through today. We are at about 27 hours since then. If you are in your private neighborhoods and not causing uproar you can pretty much move around freely. Right now half the neighborhoods is playing soccer in front of our house and not all that concerned about the curfew. Our neighborhood is pretty resistant to this stuff...even with the picked sides.

Today I watched some of the incidents from yesterday...one stood out for me. There was a man who looked to be late 30´s early 40´s and he had a stick in hand....the police arrested him, took the stick he was threatening and hitting with and popped him up side the head with the stick he had in his possession. And the police officer said...now you know what it feels like to be hit with this stick. We were at my cousin’s house down the road and everyone busted at the seams even though it was a pretty wiring experience because they did rough him up a bit. Not a beating by far but some pushing and wack...the one wack to the head. No one can say much about that he was smacked with his own stick...one he had used to beat people minutes before.

The criminal ´resistence´broke into houses and private businesses, busted car windows, threw rocks, hit people with sticks and threatened people to feed them with no charge or else...these are certainly criminals and should certainly be removed from the streets where they are harming private people, robbing businesses, and threatening people as well as breaking into homes.

In San Pedro Sula, the barrio known as Barrio Sunseri (yes after Rodolfo Padilla Sunseri) he owns the place...had a disturbance today where many of the residents were very put off by the ´resistence´criminals breaking things in their neighborhoods and causing chaos which of course provoked the police to respond and remove them from the streets...yes there were injuries...and rightly so.

If you are obeying the law, in your home, and doing what you are supposed to you have not a thing to worry about...nothing will happen to you or your family...but if you go in the street, throw rocks, carry sticks, and make calls to violence disobeying police orders you will of course be detained and put in jail and they will hurt you if you resist. This is true in any country.

This can be easily solved...Zelaya turns himself into the police...confronts his charges with his attorney, and does like everyone else. And goes before a judge for trial. If innocent he is cleared of charges and his reputation is reintact...if he is guilty he goes to jail for the next 20-30 years...

The embassy is be treated in a harsh fashion, but no plans are in place to invade the embassy and arrest Zelaya...he has to come out sooner or later...we have time and can wait...elections are November 29...time is on our side. Not his. His clock is ticking...tick ..tock...tick...tock...so he can stay till Nov 29 as far as we are concerned.

In the meantime if the government so chooses ...not a single bean or tortilla can go in the embassy and no one can go or come to the embassy and they can cut lights and water as well...they are already playing the national anthem into the embassy ...thanks US for ideas from Gitmo...


n1cnac said...

u advocate police brutality....amazing

LaGringaSPS said...

Not normally...making him listen to the Honduran anthem cannot technically be called police brutality...and sometimes there isn´t much way to get something through to people other than knock them upside the head...seems to be the only thing that Zelaya and his coopsters understand.